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  1. we need to trick people into telling us their annual income and then make them send us lowly guys some so we can even out and then everyone can live happily ever after.......or until a wall comes tumbling down.
  2. took my speakers apart. put them back together and had these parts left over. threw them away. don't need them and now my speakers sound soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. my job here is done.
  3. some people are only happy when others are just as miserable as they are. elitist i think.....
  4. well you are in NY. no wonder.......but be a patriot and send me some. no need to send to the govt to send to me, just send straight to me. and oh, by the way, you need to work a little harder next year. i need a boat. thanks.
  5. wealth envy is just a such a terrible thing thing to see. brainwashing: DONE.
  6. that is cool! but you forgot one......can you read it now trey?
  7. can't read huh? let me scramble the letters....
  8. hmmmm....a 2 and half month baby. that explains tons!!
  9. bad spellers like me, have no problem reading this........
  10. I love my Klipsch Library Home Theater listed below and wonder if you think I should consider Dean's modification on my RF-7s/RC-7? hey tdkamerica, good to hear from you. i don't if deano actually changes the values of the schematic. i think he uses pricey parts for the upgrade to the networks. take care, roy
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