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  1. Hogfan, I was in the same situation a few years back and went through a series of upgrades before sticking with Chorus II's. I used my Quartets for 2 channel listening for music and movies for over 10 years. Then I wanted the HT thing and got a new Yamaha receiver, an Academy and RS35 surrounds. That wasn't good enough so, I upgraded the Quartets' and Academy's xovers with Popbumper's upgrades. Still wanted more so I got Chorus II's to replace the Quartets as mains. And I've been happy with this setup of 4years now. The first time I hooked up the Chorus', my first thought was the music surrounded me. The sound stage of the Chorus' is so much bigger and forward compared to the Quartets. For an HT setup since you are already using 3 Quartets, you can keep the one as the center and move the other 2 as surrounds. Chorus II's will fit seemlessly in the setup.
  2. 1/4" - 20. I use OmniMount's 10.0 brackets for mine.
  3. I have this setup for my 2 channel listening. It's a very good match. Even with the volume about half way up on the Eico, it's pretty loud to me. Sadly though, my Eico has been out of commission for a couple of months. I'm just starting to look into getting it fixed.
  4. Thanks Amy for the quick reply and fix. I placed my order yesterday. I'll definitely post a write up after I get some time with them. Right now I'm using some $30 sony ear plugs with my ipod but I have some $200 over the ear headphones that I use with recording gear at home. I'm looking forward to hearing what these produce.
  5. Thanks for the heads up on these!! I was holding out on buying Klipsch headphones and waiting for these based on the feedback on this forum. Question though - on the product page it says free ground shipping, but going through the checkout, shipping is still being added when I select Fedex ground. Any thoughts???
  6. I have a timeshare that I used to exchange in RCI. It's been about 8 years since I was a member with them cause I've been mainly using the timeshare or allowing other family to use it. I used RCI twice in the past to exchange my timeshare to go elsewhere. But I had a pretty decent experience with them. Aside from the yearly fee, I think there was another fee once you reserve at another timeshare. If you plan on exchanging your timeshare, you need to put your timeshare in their pool fairly early - I want to say a year but don't hold me to that - before it's actually available - in your case week 50. But the reservation process was pretty easy, and when I was looking at places to go a while back - they do have a wide variety. The have a color ranking for comparing timeshares - Red is the highest and can be exchanged for any other color. I think it goes yellow then blue after that. You can only exchange for the same or lower color. If you want to exchange up, you probably have to pay more money for that - but I'm not 100% sure on that either. I did a quick look at www.rci.com and it seems like you can get to the resort info there without being a member. Hope that helps. Carlo
  7. Now that the holiday's have passed, the wife is pushing harder to get these sold. I'll try them here one more time, then try ebay or craigslist in a couple of weeks. So my black ChorusII's in good condition are still available. I'm located in Elk Grove Village, IL and still asking $650 obo. Local pickup only. The dent in the radiator is fixed thanks to theplummer. Here's the link to my original post with pics: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/829431.aspx
  8. Thanks for the tip for fixing the radiator. I just did it and it worked like a charm. I would have never thought of that. Cheers.
  9. I finally got around to taking some pictures of these Chorus II speakers. And I just noticed that while it was stored in the garage, my kid got to one of the passive radiators and dented it. But that doesn't affect the sound of it. I should also mention that this is for local pickup only. I don't want to risk shipping these.
  10. Hi all, I'm putting up my black pair of Chorus II for sale. I've been using them as my surrounds in the last couple of months. But I had to move them out of the family into the garage over the holiday/weekend cause we hosted Thanksgiving dinner. This made me realize that my family room is just too small to have these as surrounds. And I would just hate to have another set of speakers just laying around unused. I'm the second owner of these. They are sequentially numbered. On one, there's bigger chip but I think with some care it can be fixed. But overall they look very nice and sound great. I'll try to post pictures of them later tonight. I'm located in Elk Grove Village, IL. I'm asking $650 for these, but I'll entertain a reasonable offer. Thanks, Carlo
  11. You can use something like the Niles DPS-1 switch for around $85. Russound also makes some selector switches but they are more expensive.
  12. I saw this yesterday on ebay. I'd pick them up if he puts a BIN in that $500-700 price range.
  13. I didn't realize that the Blue Berry was in that price range. I looked at those a few months back (before my wife agreed to my current budget) and probably thought back then that they were out of my price range. I have auditioned a Kailyn push pull integrated amp and the Cary 300SE at home with my Chorus' and Quartets. I must admit that I agree that the SET amps are best suited for certain types of music and the sound stage is unbelievable. And I can see why people of different rigs for different types of music. But on a budget for now and no room yet for multiple systems, I'm looking for the best overall amp - which makes me still undecided between solid state and tubes (most likely PP). My current listening room is 20x12. I listen to classical, jazz, disco, new age, rock - pretty much the whole gambit of genres. I listen at a soft to moderate levels, on occasion I'll crank it on a song I really like. For instance, when I was auditioning the Cary 300SE this past weekend, I had the gain on my Bellari phono stage only 1/3 the way up and I thought that was more than enough volume. So I think a low wattage amp will suit me just fine if need be. I have been scouring Audiogon as well as some local hifi shop sites for the last couple of months. I was hoping that if the response to using the aux would have been positive, I would have been more inclined to buy new. But it looks like I need to rethink this and keep looking at my options. Thanks again for the input. Carlo
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