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  1. Any input?
  2. I am going to be in the Hope on 3/10/17 and was wondering if the museum would be open and if I could get a walk through of the factory floor?
  3. I have two RSW-15's and one has stopped working. I saw ad for Edwards Electronics that said they would replace known as bad quality parts, some electrolytic capacitors also will be replaced, for $150.00 each. Does anybody have any feed back on Edwards Electronics before I dish out $150.00 plus shipping?
  4. Looks like my trip turned into a flight. But might be able to come in time the Hope Gathering .
  5. Its the only time I can get off work......
  6. I will be coming to Hope on 5/27/16 and was wondering what is open to see and do? Is there a place I should check in at? Can I see them build speakers? Can I see the history museum?
  7. I had the opportunity to hang out with Gary Shinall for an afternoon and he was a amazing guy. I am just sorry I didn't go by more offend, because we both live in Spring Tx.
  8. Haaaa.... Ok if you say so???
  9. Thank you USNRET! That's all I am looking for!
  10. djk. You seem a bit confused. Yes There are no horns in a sub. Just a quarter Smaller. If you want to know about what I build check out my photo bucket (wrench722)
  11. I will be using it at 4 ohms. The University design is too big!
  12. Planning on building just the bass bin to 3/4 scale with 12" and use them as HT subs with SA1000 amp's.
  13. I will take for the $250.00 shipped.
  14. Which one has the better sounding bass? I have been over this forum and the internet and can not find a straight answer.
  15. Here are the specs on the 165HRX3, (http://www.focal-america.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/165KRX3_Spec.pdf) I purchased two sets of Focal 165 KRX3 (Set for front and set for back) but found the crossovers that came with them were not flexible so I went with the Audison Bit One Processor. I am using the 6" for my mid/bass and is being pushed with two JL Audio HD 600 dridged to 300watts for each 6". That uses four of the eight channels in the Bit One and the other four is for the highs. That is why I am hooking the tweeter and the 3" mid together and they are being pushed by one JL Audio HD 600 and 150 watts per channel. For the bass I have two JL Audio 12W6 and being pushed by 2 JL Audio HD750's and is set up on Audiocontrol Matrix manual crossovers. I have been tuning by ear but I want to hear from others to see if I am headed in right direction or something I might have missed. My thinking is: when I hooked the tweeter and the mid together to act as my highs, because I don't have enough channels to separate and cross them separately. So if I cross the frequency say 1000Hz to 20,000Hz in the Bit One then wouldn't I want to put a resister on the tweeter so it don't get all 1000Hz to 20,000Hz.