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  1. Saw722 does have ring to it. 🤔 lol
  2. Hate to part with them but having to down size.
  3. Here are more pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7k44mf32j7dwwhk/AACKmrnYtHbmiuqetZUAq5Fja?dl=0
  4. Hand Built ALK Engineering ES5800 Extreme-Slope Crossover Network ALK Engineering ES400t Extreme-Slope Crossover Network JBL 2424H-1 Compression Driver with “Baby Cheek” horn Altec 511B Mid horn Klipsch K55V Mid driver Bob Crites 15” K-33 Cast Frame Woofer Birch Back Walnut front and tops Pick-Up only Spring Texas 77388
  5. I am installing a set of rear speaker and I have to run the speaker wire through the attic along side 10 or 15 AC wires. The wire are HVAC, Dryer, Water Heater and a few wall out lets and lights. Will I get interference from the AC wire into the speakers?
  6. I have been a Klipsch junkie for over forty five years and I wanted to hear my Klipsch with the best amps possible. I noticed that Paul Klipsch used McIntosh amps to power his speakers. So I went out and purchased McIntosh amps to power my Klipsch. Man! What a great sound! I found a great deal on a McIntosh XCS200 center channel speaker and man that thing is the best sounding speaker I have ever heard!! The clarity is just unreal compared the the Klipsckorns I have as my L/R. What is McIntosh doing to there speakers that Klipsch is not? I am now in the market for new L/R front speakers....
  7. What are we talking with shipping to 77388?
  8. I ran Yamaha with my Klipsch for years and it had a really great sound until I went to McIntosh. McIntosh is a game changer!
  9. I guess no one uses a tuner any more????????
  10. I have just purchased a McIntosh MC8702 and MX121 and looking for a low cost am fm tuner that will switch on and off with the systems 12 volt trigger. I would like something that has a remote to it.
  11. I did both RWS15's Subs through them and they did a great job!
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