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  1. That’s what I call him. El Don. Either that or sir!!

    It’s Elden, unless you are Chief Bonehead.

    He’s affectionately referred to as Elrod when we are in Arkansas. Someone up there gave him that nickname and it’s kind of stuck!!!!

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  2. Our deepest condolences to Ritchie Smith aka Nitrofan on the very sudden passing of his wife Barb.


    Barb was an avid Klipsch fan and wholeheartedly supported Richie’s love of Klipsch. Barb grew up

    In Springhill, AR so she was very familiar with the Klipsch brand.


    Barb will be missed by all who knew and loved her, including her husband, children and grandchildren. Barb, you will be missed at future Klipsch events. May you Rest In Peace by sweet friend.



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    Any contact with Kecia?

    I hope to speak with her today. Ron, Dave’s longtime friend aka Lonelobo is putting us in touch. Things are very fluid so I have been speaking to Ron. I lost Kecia’s number when my last phone died.

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  4. As of yesterday no definite arrangements have been made. As soon as I am notified of arrangements I will post comment here.

    My friendship with Dave dates back 16 years. I met him at a Pilgrimage within weeks of his daughter, Jennings passing. We bonded instantly and became close friends.

    I can not express how much I will miss him. With all of his oddities, he was truly an honorable, loving, compassionate man. I know from our many conversations that Dave is now with the Great Physician and his suffering is over.

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    I had a few emails with Dave in the early part of this year. I felt like be had slipped his anchor and not able to set a proper course. 
    I'll miss him, for sure, and prayers will be lifted up to the one he knew, for him and all his family.
    I'm having a hard time with this.

    I think your feelings were accurate. I’m having a hard time with this as well. I considered him to be a good friend.

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  6. It is with great sadness that I announce the death of Dave Mallette. I’m so saddened by his loss. Will post link to obituary shortly.



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  7. Very sad times, really makes me ponder my own mortality. He will be greatly missed
    RIP old friend , say hi to PWK in audio heaven for all of us

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    I feel this way very often, especially when called upon to handle matters like this for our Klipsch friends. So many people we’ve met and grown very fond of...seeing them once or twice a year.

    I’m honored to call each of you my friend.

    Losses like this are difficult at best.

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  8. Memorial arrangements.

    Memorial service will be held Friday, March 12th at 1 PM at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, 4124 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas 75219 in the sanctuary.

    All attendees will be required to wear masks and follow existing COVID-19 guidelines.

    Service will be live streamed at: https://pcpc.org/live/memorial-services

    A reception to follow at Warwick Melrose Hotel Ballroom at 3015 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas 75219.

    In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, AR.

    www.klipschmuseum.org/donations or ministry of your choice.

    **All donations to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History will be dedicated to the building fund for the Feild House per discussions with the family.

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  9. Interesting story from his sister:

    Sitting in Kirby’s pandemic office and remembering all that he was. Just want to give a little insight. When the pandemic hit he moved from a highrise in downtown Dallas to his garage. His obsession with Klipsch speakers started in high school , and upon graduation from college they wanted to hire him. Kirby didn’t want to move to Hope, but that didn’t stop his love. When he wanted to begin teaching his boys about money he did it through the buying and selling of speakers. He has been all over the country and sent everyone he knows scouting for speakers. Stephanie finally put her foot down and moved him to the garage, with only a few left in the house. He was always trying to gift everyone with a set of Klipsch speakers. So the man cave began as he continued to teach his boys about music and finances. During this last year he conducted business all over the US from this space always making time to jam for awhile in between. I thought it was perfect for Stephanie to suggest donations to the Klipsch Museum. This garage tells a lot about many things that brought him joy.

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  10. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of long time Klipsch fan and forum member Kirby Smith. Many of you had the opportunity to meet him personally at past Pilgrimage events.


    Kirby passed away Friday 3/5/21 after a skiing accident at Big Sky in Montana. Kirby was 60 years old. Kirby died from blunt force trauma suffered during the accident. He was wearing a helmet.


    His family has requested that in lieu of flowers donations be made to the Klipsch Museum of Audio History. We are honored that his family has chosen our organization to receive these proceeds. These donations will be directed to our building fund per discussions with his family.


    I will attempt to post details on his memorial service later today.



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  11. I’ve remained quiet in a lot of this. I have a few things to say. After 42 years of being married to DTEL I can say with complete confidence that if he gets angry about something it’s usually justified.

    As far as posts being arbitrary, all of us have other careers, jobs, businesses and personal responsibilities. There is absolutely no way we can moderate every single post. Trust me, I tried.

    This forum is not a democracy. It is wholly and owned and controlled by Klipsch. The moderators here serve at their pleasure, with no compensation whatsoever. If you are unhappy with the way one or more of us moderate please feel free to contact Chad with your complaints or suggestions. He’s our boss.

    Better yet, if you feel you can assist with moderating please feel free to PM one of us. We will be happy to discuss the duties and responsibilities that come along with the “title”

    For those of you that don’t realize it, we hide a lot of threads, even more comments to try to keep a topic on course. It becomes increasingly difficult when one or more of us can be here in a daily basis. It’s like herding cats. We turn our backs and well, y’all become feral. It’s really ridiculous.

    Each of us have our shortcomings when it comes to moderation. For example, I don’t catch some of the sly innuendos that some of you use regarding politics and insults. I just don’t operate on that level. Therefore I dibt always catch those types of posts. That’s why generally we moderate as a group. No one is ever put on moderated posts or banned without a thorough vetting between moderators.

    Bottom line is that you are grown *ss men doing grown *ss things, try acting like it. Follow the few simple rules.

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  12. Interrupting your regularly scheduled program. There is an active shooter reported at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi TX. Our very own [mention]USNRET [/mention] is employed at that facility. Prayers for all.

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