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  1. Sad this had to be locked. Some of you have no idea.
  2. I’m not opposed to rebuttal. Come on guys, I’ve had a few rough weeks. Please cut me some slack here. I was a victim of of sexual molestation at an early age. It’s difficult for me to remain unbiased in this situation. I’m asking other mods to step in and moderate this discussion. @Youthman, @CECAA850, @Mallette @dwilawyer
  3. Let’s keep this on topic and we can avoid a lock.
  4. I'm going to clear the air here. The OP had two profiles, which is not allowed on this forum. I banned both profiles. There was also a misunderstanding as to whether or not the OP is a dealer. I had a conversation with the OP and was informed that he is not a dealer, but that he did have two profiles, which is the reason he was banned. Duplicate accounts are not allowed due to all the confusion we have experienced in the past. I am in the process of trying to get one of his profiles reinstated, with the understanding that he is not a dealer. The final decision is up to Chad on this. I would like everyone to know this had nothing to do with Newtune and would like to congratulate him once again on an awesome purchase!
  5. Pic of actual funeral arrangement. Should be delivered already. More donations received today. Will continue to accept donations for now.
  6. Another member asked me to leave this open a while longer. Flowers have been ordered, with sentiments from the Klipsch Forum Community and Klipsch Owners Facebook group. We are very close to a $1500 cash donation to defray funeral expenses. Goal $2000. Happy to provide screenshots of donations thus far via PM. Any contribution will help reach the goal.
  7. Either he is a Klipsch dealer or is dealing in a “grey” area. His duplicate profiles are justification for being banned. Again, I spoke to the buyer via telephone offering my congratulations. He was completely unaware of any duplicate profiles or “grey” area.
  8. The guidelines are clear...for a reason. @Chad can undo the action if he doesn’t agree with my actions. Duplicate profiles are not allowed. I’m just instructed to follow the rules. Also, dealers are not allowed to advertise in Garage Sale.
  9. Yes, I’m sure they are. I spoke to the buyer and congratulated him. Duplicate profiles are not allowed on this forum.
  10. I’m happy for the buyer, but I have A LOT of questions about this transaction. We have two sellers, at least one of the “sellers” appears to be dealer. The price listed is questionable. Seems to be a real grey area in this sale.
  11. I will be closing donations at 6 am tomorrow. Funeral arrangements have been finalized.
  12. The getaway you “saw” pictured was actually an audio show conference they were attending.
  13. You’re welcome @jimjimbo This is probably one of the most difficult announcements I’ve ever had to make here.
  14. @USNRETRoy is actually in Donna, TX now. He’s been there for almost a month, dealing with his brother’s illness. Love you my friend and thank you again.
  15. Thank you for your generous contribution @mikebse2a3 It means more than you even know. Thank you to all that have contributed. The loss was very unexpected and I’m certain the family and Roy will appreciate any contributions we put together. We are never fully accepting of the passing of a loved one, but this was truly unexpected. As always, thank you all and feel free to PM me or the others mentioned above for details. Thank you @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and @Scrappydue for allowing me to post in our Facebook moderators group as donations are received. Christy
  16. dtel's wife


    I’m posting this here at the encouragement of another forum member. I would like to send my very deepest condolences to Roy Delgado, Chief Engineer for Klipsch Group, Inc. on the unexpected loss of his younger brother, Michael. I will be sending our condolences to the family in Donna, TX. If any of you would like to contribute you may do so by sending donations to Busy.bees.orders@gmail.com via PayPal. Just put ROY on your contribution. We intend to send flowers, as well as a donation to the family to assist in expenses. All contribution info is being shared with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and @Scrappydue so others are aware of what monies are being collected. I’m not tagging Roy or any of his family in this post, in the hopes that we can pull this off without notifying them. As always, feel free to PM me with any questions you may have. Christy
  17. I would like to send flowers or a plant to Roy’s parents and the remainder collected in cash funds. His brothers death was very unexpected.
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