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  1. On 7/21/2018 at 9:31 AM, rockhound said:

    @dtel's wife - Christy what are the chances Pike county can be added to the "Local" membership level? Just curious as we are right next door to Howard county!

    I can mention this at our next Membership Services Committee meeting. I’m doubtful we will extend the local membership level as we have several lower level memberships. However,  I will bring it to the Committee’s attention. 

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  2. Denise,


    Thank you so much for posting. We hold an annual Pilgrimage to Hope, AR each year (there’s a section on this forum about Pilgrimages). In any event, Mr. Holland was actually a guest at our Pilgrimage year before last!  He actually brought his drums and treated us to a mini concert recreating the very tunes he played for Paul. He is a truly fascinating individual!  

  3. 3 hours ago, colterphoto1 said:

    Hi Christy, I've seen Roger in his Pilgrimage T and they look great, even on him!  Got any extra black 2XL in stock? I seem to always miss these gatherings due to work, gotta make the shows happen you know! 

    Leave Roger alone!  Lol. I have an order coming in this week and I should have a few extra!!!  


    I got a little behind because my mom got real sick and passed away. Services are today. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    We did a 22 hr round trip from Indiana to New Jersey  (exit 4) this past weekend to attend our niece's HS graduation, and several times during the road trip I asked my wife about the many, many RVs we saw, and passed, along the way....99% of them didn't pass either her test or my test for looks, size, and perceived comfort.  And then, when you consider the price of gas these days, I have to wonder, is it really worth it?

    Elden and I have discussed this many times. The cost of fuel...and the outrageous camping fees convinced us that it was not a viable option for us. Even with the cost of hotel rooms averaging $100 and up,  RVing just didn’t seem feasible. 


    However, a lot of folks really enjoy the whole “camping” thing, so for them it’s well worth it. 

  5. 1 minute ago, thoms_here said:

    I had to miss it this year because of medical problems!  Damn, I wish I could have gone because I couldn't attend the last one here either and I live in the state!  OK enough complaining  :)


    Do you have any shirts left in a XL?  Or any at all?


    Thank you  :)



    Have some left. Follow ordering directions and I will get one out to you next week.


    Also, we are having a work weekend in Hope, August 8-11. Looking for a few volunteers to help staff our booth at the Watermelon Festival. It is air conditioned. 

  6. Klipsch Heritage Museum Association is pleased to announce the election of officers Richard Groves-President, Jim Hunter-Curator, Kevin Harmon-1st VP, Christy Luquet-2nd VP, Denise Cooper-Secretary and Stacy Atchison-Treasure. Please join us in welcoming these officers and help support them as they strive to further the goals of the museum.

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  7. Klipsch Heritage Museum Association is pleased to welcome Travis Williamson and Richard Groves to the KHMA Board of Trustees. Ian Moore and Roy Delgado have been reelected to the board, as well. Please welcome them to their new roles guiding the Klipsch Museum of Audio History to its fullest potential.

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Speed said:

    I may have received someone else's shirt. I ordered a large, in white. Received a large in gray. If you ordered a large in gray, and got the white, we can swap if you'd like. I like the gray, and do not plan on returning it. Thanks...

    My apologies!!  I’m glad it worked out for you!  If someone else receives the white and wants a grey I’ll gladly replace it. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Seadog said:

    I am shocked and saddened.  I just now saw this thread.  I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Scott at this year's pilgrimage.  This forum and the Museum have lost a great guy.  Condolences to his family and close friends.  RIP Scott.

    It’s been almost a week now. I’m as shocked and saddened today as I was when I first received the phone call from @ssh  Continued prayers for his family and all that knew him. There is a great void. 



  10. 2 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

    Weren't you supposed to give me t shirts to bring back to hugeroost?

    His are going with the second run of shirts.  We were already in Hope when he ordered. They will ship with others, including those who didn’t show up at Pilgrimage. 

  11. Second round of tshirts are in the works. If you haven’t received/picked yours up at Pilgrimage they will be heading your way in the next ten days or so!!!


    If you would like to order one follow instructions in the original post. I will have extras. 



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  12. Once again, herein lies the problem. There really shouldn’t be “sides”. As a supposedly civilized society we should be able to reach for common goals. This is impossible for some to understand and work towards. It’s “my side” or “the other side”. I can’t decide if it’s sad or downright disgusting. 

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