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  1. 5 minutes ago, Zen Traveler said:

    I must have missed that day, but what lead to the demise of ANY political talk is folks getting nasty, not that they disagree....Honestly, I shake my head at some of the things grown men discuss on ANY forum and the reason regulars stay here is for the comradery, and yes the love of our Klipsch Speakers and the sound they reproduce. 

    Racism is NEVER acceptable in any form. Corporate entities can tolerate a lot of BS. Racism is not something that should ever be tolerated. The liability outweighs the common good. 

  2. 34 minutes ago, twistedcrankcammer said:




    Are you saying that if you know who had never threatened legal action that the BS section would still be gone anyway? The regular members didn't complain before it became common knowledge, nor did corporate before they came aware, so if I am missing something, please enlighten me, because from my thinking, the whole debacle can be traced to one person, no?



    Regular members complaining was never an issue that led to the demise of BS. Others finding out that BS existed did not lead to its demise. Corporate knowing about the BS section did not lead to its demise. In fact, what ULTIMATELY led to the demise was an issue that occurred prior to everyone finding out about BS. 


    Threatened legal action had NOTHING to do with BS being gone. 



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  3. 2 minutes ago, twistedcrankcammer said:






    Agreed, but the problem was the BS forum got found out about, NOT that it existed.




    The BS forum being found out about is not what led to the demise of BS. Could not be further from the truth. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, twistedcrankcammer said:





    I was a member of BS for several years as you well know. What you probably don't know is that I was a moderator on Dave's Facebook forum. In my estimation, the Facebook forum failed because it was the polar opposite of the BS forum. For your information purposes only, the BS forum was a stacked deck, with about 4 to 5 people on one side of the spectrum for every one on my side of the aisle. On Facebook, almost EVERYBODY involved was on my side of the spectrum, with only one or two on the other side of the aisle. And people got their feelings hurt with the role reversal. NO, it wasn't fair, but neither was BS, people still got ganged up on, though I wasn't so thin skinned, or maybe I'm just thick in the head like that.



    And....therein lies the problem. 



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  5. Is a nearly six pound bass not big enough?  A tour of the grounds in Indy?  Dates are dependent upon organizers’ schedules. We schedule around holidays, Klipsch corporate shows/events, factory availability, Rodney’s (Newton Lake) availability and @Chief Bonehead’s demos and sales trips. Of course, we consider the fans availability because without them there would be no Pilgrimage. 

  6. All the thanks go to you guys for showing up and supporting the Pilgrimage!  I had some awesome helpers this year who really deserve the thanks!  Evelyn, Amy and Verna really stepped up and helped tremendously!  Can’t forget @Ole Dollar and @picky for helping us out. And...to those of you that helped dtel with hanging banners, moving stuff and everything else....thank you!


    As a team....WE ROCK!!!

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  7. 2 hours ago, hugeroost said:

    Christy, just saw this, well actually carl told me, any 2x tall in white ? if not what do you have 2xT, thanks

    Place your order and include in notes what size, color, etc. I may not have them at Pilgrimage but can ship shortly thereafter. 

  8. 10 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

    Shocker!  No, I don't believe it......


    Just think, if someone that was actually authorized to produce, say, a couple of different Heritage style badges, then the "black market" and ridiculous prices on the bay might come to a screeching halt.  Nahhhhh.....

    Yes, it’s true. Klipsch is honestly working on the gear store. It’s slow going, but we are moving forward on putting gear online that fans actually want to purchase. It is my understanding that it will be ran by Klipsch and not a third party vendor. This alone is a huge step forward in my opinion. It may be a few months...but definitely stay tuned!  

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