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  1. 25 minutes ago, wvu80 said:

    Give him hell!  :D


    Actually, I didn't realize you were so sick last year, and it's great to hear you are feeling better.


    But seriously, Pat wasn't mad at you.  Most of us "good 'ol boys" don't include women in our little club.  He's treating you like one of the guys, the highest respect he could show you.  The proper reply is to double down and insist he quit whining and sell you some Heresy's for fifty bucks for the lousy way he treated you.  Tears are optional but extremely effective! 

    Actually we purchased an A/V receiver from him which we are EXTREMELY pleased with. I do not need Heresies, as I have a pair of originals and HIIs, in addition to all the other Klipsch in this house, including Quintets, RB75s, two pairs of Forte IIs, a pair of Forte IIIs, MWMs/402s, Cornwall IIIs and everything in between! It’s all good. Roy calls me a cry baby...must control my tears!!!  Lol

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  2. 1 minute ago, wvu80 said:

    Wrong answer, you should be giving him crap for not bringing his stuff again!


    You're married so you should know how us guys are.  It's very much a sign of respect for him to poke fun at you in exactly that way.  If he really was upset or bothered he wouldn't have said anything at all.  He would have waited until he saw you at the Pilgrimage then spilled a drink on you and fake "apologized" with a grin on his face.  😎

    Hmmmm....no. I was very sick last year, as anyone in attendance was aware of. Apparently he didn’t realize how sick I was. I should not have even attended Pilgrimage. It took me almost two months to get over it. Pneumonia and severe allergies. I’m overly prepared this year!  

  3. 18 hours ago, dwilawyer said:

    That would be me on this set of stuff.  I can see if I can track down some volunteers (who know what they are doing) to pack rhe horn and driver for shipping.  I don't think it would be a problem, I am having someone pack up a pair of Ki-172s to send to Fla.  This is even easier.



    We will have volunteers in town that week. I’m certain they would offer assistance. 

  4. 46 minutes ago, pat_in_dfw said:

    I brought a LOT of stuff last year to sell because Christy told me "bring everything you have.  It will easily sell"....well....lol...that didn't quite happen.  I spent a ton of money bringing it all out there and only a very small number of items sold.  So this year I'm bringing only what people tell me they want and what will fit in the back of my SUV.  This is a PARTIAL list of what I have - I'll update it over the weekend when I have a chance to get out to my storage building and get a total inventory.  If you are interested in something, send me a message and let's work out the details BEFORE I bring anything out.  I do have pictures of almost everything, so if you want pics, send me a message.



    For sale:


    Klipsch Forte I  : $700

    Klipsch KG3.2 (black):  $250

    Klipsch KG3 (walnut):   $250

    Klipsch R-15M:  $125

    Infinity SM80:   $100 <These have brand new Dayton Audio woofers in them which actually improve the sound significantly.  The polycell tweeter was always the strong point of these speakers with criticism centered around the performance of the mid-bass. The Dayton woofers are much smoother and have better response than the stock Infinity woofers. >

    Infinity SM112:  $220 <BRAND NEW Infinity woofers, not refoamed, these are new>

    Advent Model 4002:  $175  <refoamed woofers>

    Technics SB-S409:   $160  <BRAND NEW tweeters, BRAND NEW midranges in both, "new" used woofers, meaning that I found a set of woofers on eBay that came out of this same cabinet that were in like new condition and put them in.  No grills>

    Realistic Mach II:  $350  <original woofer that is in good condition, did not need to refoam>

    Sterling SE300 Cathedral   : $140

    Sony SS-MF650H:   $110

    Infinity RS5:  $140 <no grills>

    Polk R30:  $110

    M&K Volkswoofer:  $180  <refoamed>

    Toby vintage:  $300 <model unknown, I brought these to Toby's offices in Ft Worth and based on evaluations they said build was between '67 and '71 based on components.  Refresh of crossover with new caps.  Toby measured all drivers and were within original spec)

    Cerwin Vega L7:  $80

    Kenwood 5 speaker set (KS-505HT center, KS-505HT surround (left and right) and JL-774 front L&R):  $200

    Realistic Solo-4:  $30

    AudioSource LS TWO outdoor:  $40

    Triad Platinum Power Sub (18” with 1000w amp):  $600  <complete restoration of amp with new output transistors and multiple other components replaced)

    Aragon 2004 MKII by Mondial (made by Krell designer):  $400

    JBL Control 2.4G On Air Wireless:  $180

    Sony SA-CT60:  $30

    Sony SS CN100:  $20

    Klipsch CF3 (single speaker):  $300 <needs some minor cosmetic finishing work done>

    JBL 2445J compression driver with horn lens:  $150

    Fender Bassman 4x100 guitar cabinet:  $250

    Ibanez IBZ10G guitar amp:   $40



    Crate GC-412TR 4x12 guitar cabinet:  $100

    JBL S38 Studio series:  $50 <single speaker, missing grill.  Awesome for center channel>

    JBL stage monitor wedges with 15”: $125 <not sure of model number>

    LG Model LHS-95PAF skinny floor towers: $50

    Concept 2.5 stereo receiver:  $300 <completely restored with all new output transistors>

    Dynaco ST-400:  $600 <200 wpc stereo power amp>


    I guess I didn’t realize you were bringing a warehouse full of stuff. My mistake obviously. 

  5. If you are planning to come out to Rodney's Thursday evening and plan to eat dinner there, please comment here and let me know. Thursday evening dinner is NOT included in your registration/meal fee. The price for dinner is dependent upon what Rodney decides to cook. Last year he prepared a rib eye steak dinner, with baked potato and salad with all the fixings. The price was $20 per person. If he decides to cook something like a spaghetti dinner with salad and fixings, it would probably be about $10 a person, $5 for children. So, comment below and let me know if you want to eat at Rodney's Thursday night and I'll let him know a head count!

  6. NEW UPDATED LIST, includes KGI employees and volunteers. Record crowd this year!  PLEASE ADVISE ME IMMEDIATELY OF ANY CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS.


    Donnie Paschall


    Shane Cooper


    Trey Cannon
    KGI, Indy


    Gayle Cannon


    Pappy III
    Scott Yocum
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Paula Yocum
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Randy Teague


    Steve Shofner
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle




    James Welsh


    Curtis Putnam


    Michael Welch
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


    Ole Dollar
    Tim Cooper
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    David Goodrich


    Mike Wish


    Judy Wish


    Kirby Smith


    Lisa Harmon
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


    Kevin Harmon
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


    Roger Gordon


    Darion Fox


    David Dutremble


    Pakmakumar Viswanathan


    Chas Lester


    Craig LeMay


    Tom Nielsen


    Jean Nielsen


    Craig Strause
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Jimmy Brown


    Eric Lewis


    Magela Lewis


    Jill Escol
    KGI, Indy


    Matt Sommers
    KGI, Indy
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History


    Tim Farrell


    Ronnie Stafford


    Brittainy Kelley
    KGI, Indy


    Michael Stevens


    Carl Peleggi


    Amy Peleggi


    Evelyn Peleggi


    Jay Jennings



    Joe Hass


    Carla Hass



    James Franck


    Denise Franck


    Chief Bonehead
    Roy Delgado
    KGI, Hope Facility
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History


    Mark Casavant
    KGI, Indy


    Richard Tate


    Theresa Tate


    Joseph J. Tumminia, Jr.


    Augustus Tumminia


    Mike Beasley
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Jason Knoblett


    Dave Miller


    James Hiatt


    Mack Garrett


    Jim Campolieto


    Lisa Campolieto


    Adrian Perez


    Daniel Perez


    Dan Nix


    Brandon Harmon


    Rae Harmon


    Stanley Likens


    Patrick Barron


    Matthew Smith
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


    Ross Yeatman


    Holly Yeatman


    Ken Schnabel


    Timmy Carter


    Joe Carter


    Jim Dawson


    Gregory Woods


    Audie Smith


    Steven Platte


    Pat Smith


    Sandy Bloodworth


    Alicia Migues


    Tory Manceaux


    Chris Johnson


    Robert Rieder


    Richard Breneman
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Linda Breneman
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Michael Griffin


    Andrea Glasgow


    Sharon Purtzer


    Roger Simmons


    Becky Hunter


    Jim Hunter
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History


    Stephen Robertson



    Rick Rigler


    Alton Pettigrew


    David Clemons


    Patsy Clemons


    Jason Williams


    Christina Williams


    Kevin McLogan


    Marie Donigan


    Glenn Mosby
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Verna Mosby
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Richard Groves
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Matt Whatley


    Chief Bonehead, Jr.
    Michael Delgado


    Roger Chase


    Grace Chase


    Genevieve Croft
    Boxx's daughter


    Will Gregg


    Wendell Perrit


    Steven Due


    Richie Smith


    Barb Smith


    Lee Booles


    Justin Kneubel


    Cory Harrison
    Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealer
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Cathi Harrison
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Isabelle Harrison
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    J.D. Harrison
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Founders Circle


    Ian Matthews
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History


    Stacey Atchison
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History


    Billy Bishop


    Erika Huskamp
    Aunt Bea





    Jerry Wilson


    Andy Barr


    Quiet Hollow


    David Redlich


    Kathleen Fowlkes


    William Willis


    Travis Williamson
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Legal Advisor
    Honorary Member


    Stephen Phillips


    Elden Luquet, Jr.
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


    dtel's wife
    Christy Luquet
    Klipsch Museum of Audio History
    Khorn Korps


  7. We have an attendee local to Bodcaw/Hope that has offered the use of three tents for camping at Rodney's. There is a one man tent, a two man tent and a four man tent available. There is no charge to use the tents and he has also offered assistance in setting them up if needed.  I love my Arkansas friends. If you would like to use one of these tents please comment below or PM me. First come, first serve.

  8. Just now, ssh said:

    Retirement is worth working for, Christy!


    Ha!  I was referring to retirement from Pilgrimage planning!!!  I agree, if dtel and I were not retired I could not possibly handle Pilgrimage planning and organizing!  I think the dream of seeing this event grow is becoming reality!

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  9. 1 minute ago, ssh said:

    It's nice to be a non-planner, Dave. Her combo was stellar and I hope they are at MAD sometime.  The Southern Food & Wine Festival with Jason Isbell & Richard Thompson is at MAD this weekend. Charlie Crockett plays at the restaurant (on the houses' Klipsch system). 


    I'm happy to see you and Dave are enjoying your retirement!  LOL

  10. 2 minutes ago, richieb said:


    --- by the time this much effort/$$$ is put into transporting these maybe put them on pallets and ship them? Not as expensive as you might think and they are to your door. I'd bet less money than the driving costs for such a trip ??

    But....not as much fun!!!

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