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  1. 1 minute ago, CECAA850 said:

    That's going to be tough as there's going to be a mass exodus of help at sunrise on Sunday.

    My thoughts exactly.  That's why I am leaning towards renting a few chairs...but they have to come from Texarkana and that doesn't come cheap.  Still working on this project.  These are all the things that take a little bit of my time.  Also, I was told by someone that Super8 is now quoting $69.95 per night....so that's something else I have to check into.

  2. 17 minutes ago, CECAA850 said:

    Looks like 118 confirmed?  Not bad.  Got enough tables and chairs at Rodneys?

    This is another detail I'm working on.  Wondering if we shouldn't borrow some from the plant or if I just shouldn't rent some????  UUUGGGHHH!!!!


    If we borrow them from the plant we would have to return them Sunday morning or first thing Monday morning!!!!

  3. This list is comprised of Klipsch Community Forum attendees, Klipsch Owner's Facebook group, KGI attendees and volunteers that will be attending.  Some of the attendees are on both Facebook and the Klipsch Forum.  If I was given a Klipsch Community Forum name it is shown.  This is an up to date list, if your name is not on this list and you registered to attend, please PM me immediately.


    Trey and Gayle Cannon

    Pappy III-Scott and Paul Yocum

    Randy Teague

    Donnie Paschall

    Shane Cooper

    ssh-Steve Shofner

    jimjimbo-James Welsh

    Curtis Putnam

    USNRET-Michael Welch

    Ole Dollar-Tim Cooper

    Seadog-David Goodrich

    rivervalleymgb-Mike and Judy Wish

    kirby-Kirby Smith

    Kevin and Lisa Harmon

    Dtel and Dtel's wife-Elden and Christy Luquet

    twistedcrankcammer-Roger Gordon

    Darion Fox

    David Dutremble

    Padmakumar Viswanathan

    Chas Lester

    Craig LeMay

    Newtune-Tom and Jean Nielsen

    cstrau-Craig Strause

    hogwylde-Jimmy Brown (not able to attend)

    babadono-Eric and Magela Lewis

    Jirachi-Joe Hass and Carla Hass

    CECAA850-Carl and Evelyn Pileggi and daughter Amy

    Jill Escol

    Matt Sommers

    Tim Farrell

    Brittainy Kelley

    Fuzzy-Ronnie Stafford

    Youthman-Michael Stevens

    Jay Jennings

    Shopman-James and Denise Franck

    Roy Delgado

    Mark Casavant

    ricktate-Richard and Theresa Tate

    JJT-Joseph Tumminia, Jr. and Augustus Tumminia

    Mikebse2ae-Michael Beasley

    Knoblett76-Jason Knoblett, Dave Miller, James Hiatt

    Mack Garrett

    jmccamp54-James and Lisa Campolieto

    Adrian Perez

    Daniel Perez

    Dan Nix

    Rae and Brandon Harmon

    Stanley Likens

    Patrick Barron

    MSSSmithgi-Matthew Smith

    Opus-Ross and Holly Yeatman

    Ken6432-Ken Schnaebel

    carters3334-Timothy and Joe Carter

    Jim Dawson

    sdoow-Gregory Woods

    audie-Audie Smith

    klipsch-Steven Platte

    WPS-Pat Smith

    Sandy Bloodworth

    Alicia Migues

    Tory Manceaux

    Christy Johnson

    Robert Rieder

    richieb-Richard and Linda Breneman

    Michael Griffin

    Andrea Glasgow

    Sharon Purtzer

    Roger Simmons

    Jim Hunter

    Becky Hunter

    Stephen Robertson

    cody_mack-Rick Rigler

    wavfile44k-Alton Pettigrew

    kane1971-David and Patsy Clemons

    SemperFiAg08- Jason and Christina Williams

    Kevin McLogan

    Marie Donigan

    Picky-Glenn and Verna Mosby

    Richard Groves

    Matt Whatley

    Michael Delgado

    IndyKlipschFan-Roger and Grace Chase

    Maccagirl83-Genevieve Croft and Will Gregg

    Wendell Perrit

    ScrappyDue-Steven Due

    Nitrofan-Richie and Barb Smith

    Lee Booles

    Justin Kneubel

    MetropolisLakeOutfitters-Cory and Cathi Harrison, JD Harrison, Isabelle Harrison and Kevin Hancock

    Aunt Bea


    Dave Mallette


    seti-Ian Matthews and Stacey Atchinson

    HDBR Builder

    Quiet Hollow


  4. 1 minute ago, CECAA850 said:

    We're still planning on being there Wed noonish.  Just let us know where you need us and what you want us to do.  PM, Text or call.  You have all my info.  There'll be 3 of us.

    I will be taking you up on this offer!!!

  5. See above...and yes...I have three schedules that I need to merge into one easy to read format for an itinerary.  Looks like we will breaking into at least six groups at the factory and we have added an additional "stop" on the tour and increased the main listening room time in the front of the plant to one hour.  


    I want to encourage all of you to consider joining the Klipsch Museum of Audio History.  We have several levels of membership available and we will be holding an important election at Pilgrimage.  Not to mention the sale we are going to be posting soon.




    It's not for lack of trying on this end.  It's a daunting task....I'm slowly getting there.  

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  6. Let's see!  It may be quiet around here, but where I am it's been pretty dang busy.


    Made the last trip to Hope/Bodcaw AR this week to semi-finalize the plans.   Got a chance to see the "makeover" to the lab listening room and see the set up for the "Heritage Inspired" leg of the plant tour.  Did not make it to the listening room in the front of the plant.  Did get a chance to speak with the "powers at be" at the Hope plant to make sure we were "on target".  Met with Rodney to discuss Thursday night dinner for early attendees and some discussion on the menu plans for Friday and Saturday.


     It looks like we will break last year's attendance record.  It's hard to believe that we have gone from 12 or 13 attendees to possibly over 100 attendees.  Of course, these numbers include corporate attendees and some volunteers that I have recruited in various capacities.  I'm still going to need some assistance in Hope/Bodcaw and will be posting to find out who is getting in when.   I have been up since 5:00 am this morning doing nothing but working on the Master List of Attendees and tshirt orders.


    Did book a live band for four hours which came highly recommended.  They are more like a wedding/party band and the sample set list they sent looks pretty good...although no Iron Maiden for @Chief bonehead  Chief Bonehead did say if he got enough "drinks" in him he might play a number on the drums with the band!


    I did run into a small "snag" with the desserts this year due to some unforeseen circumstances, but I've worked that situation out.  We now have a "Dessert Team".  Worked out ideas for desserts with them.


    Trying to get lanyards and badge holders ordered and get the Master List to the print shop to get the badges printed, then of course they have to be assembled.   Ordering the tshirts this week to get them over to the screen printer.  Last call for tshirts will be this Friday.  Organizing the tshirts for delivery is a feat in itself...you can ask those that helped me with this last year.


    Last, but not least still working on trying to get some "swag" for everyone....not sure how successful I'm going to be on that task!

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