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  1. Michael, The rooms at the Econolodge are $40.00 a night. Do they need a room for themselves, or do they need to bunk in with someone else?
  2. Dtel has managed to find the only lounge in Hope. Yep, that's right a real live bar room, serving booze. Not only did he find the bar, but it is right in the parking lot of our hotel. Seems you pay $5 and become an official member of "The Rowdy Moose". Yes, that's right. You even get an official membership card after filling out a couple of papers. And...each card carrying member is entitled to bring one guest each time he/she visits "The Rowdy Moose." $5 for a one yearmembership. They serve beer and mixed drinks and even have karaoke. One downfall, according to dtel it is country music and peavy speakers. Dtel says the barmaid isn't bad looking, I wouldn't know, I haven't been there yet. Since it is one year membership...maybe we should come to Hope again next year.[]
  3. I wish everyone could have made this trip. The forum members we have met so far are genuinely nice people and very funny. We had dinner with Dr. Who, Coytee, DoubleJ, IndyKlipschFan, Mike(the one with the numbers and letters behind his name), and some gentleman that I was not introduced to. Super bunch of people. Colter I wish you could have made the trip, but I am so happy you are keeping your commitment to the "happy couple". Don't sweat too much.
  4. You better hide quick. Trey is gathering the troops together for 6:30 am at Western Sizzlin to go break down the tent and set it up again at the farmhouse.[]
  5. So, DoubleJ have you been "sneaking" into any other rooms while we weren't watching you.[]
  6. Now I've got it figured out ,its all them paint fumes. couldnt resist[] Greg Only the best for Thebes.
  7. Has anyone else arrived in Hope yet. I am aware of Trey and Dr. Who's arrival, although I have not seen any recent posts from them.
  8. No, we do not have an address for the farmhouse. If I had an address I could have looked it up on my laptop. Dtel's job was to copy the maps from Amy. I had a momentary lapse of sanity and thought he would be able to tell if the maps were any good. You would think after 28 years of marriage to dtel I would know he can't read a map. I let him read the map one time before. Our first trip to the Smoky Mountains. We had rented a chalet and the rental company provided a map to the chalet. Following dtel's map interpretations lead me about three feet from the rooftop of a chalet on the opposite side of the mountain. That incident ocurred about 20 years ago, I thought maybe, just maybe he could handle a map for a town as small as Hope, Arkansas.[]
  9. Thebes, I just read the space opera. It was a welcome relief after looking for the "farmhouse" for two hours this evening. See post under Pilgramage....You have got to be kidding. I needed some comic relief. Wish you could be here with us Commodore! Christy
  10. The best I can do is "just past 28th Street on S. Main turn right". I wish I could do more to help. We think we found the right "farmhouse", but we are not sure because I thought it was an "old farmhouse". It actually looks new, if we found the right "farmhouse". You are welcome to follow us out there when you are ready to go.
  11. It is a priviledge to serve as a member of your crew. That is the hardest I have laughed in a long time.
  12. Dtel and I just drove around for two hours looking for the farmhouse. You would think in a litttle town like Hope and the maps we were provided that finding the farmhouse would be a walk in the park. Well, it just aint so...IOO (in our opinion) the maps to the farmhouse stink. No offense meant because we know a lot of hard work went into preparing these maps, but they suck. In the alternative, it could have been dtel's inability to read a map. I was driving, he had the map. After realizing dtel's frustrations I took over map reading, along with driving. I looked at the map numerous times before I could figure out what was going on. In fact, there was a rather large sign that said BANKCORP FARM HOUSE, and that didn't even help. And...before any of you start any rumours we have not indulged in any drugs or alcohol, YET. After the escapade of finding the farmhouse, we just might. And...when we got to the farmhouse, if it was indeed THE FARMHOUSE that we found, there was no one there. In any event, the maps are appreciated. I should note the map to the Plant is excellent. No problems with maps to the plant.
  13. dtel and I are checked in at the Econolodge. I am posting this thread from our room. The hotel looked a little rough from the outside, but the rooms are clean and equipped with a fridge. I think this is one of the older hotels is Hope. Doesn't really matter to me, I will just be hanging my hat, showering and sleeping here. We will probably go grab a bite to eat and then see if the rest of the gang needs any help.
  14. For some reason I can't get the list of cell phone names and numbers to print from my email. Any suggestions? Only the first three or four names will print. I tried adjusting the number of pages before printing and that didn't work.
  15. We will be leaving in about two hours. When we get in to town, we will let you guys know and dtel will be glad to help. Since I will be doing the driving dtel should be pretty rested/restless by the time we arrive in Hope.
  16. We are traveling from Picayune, MS to Hope. We usually take I-59 to Hattiesburg, then to Jackson, then 20 to Ruston, LA to see my youngest daughter. Going the usual way is less miles, but will take longer, because of the Hattiesburg to Jackson, MS leg of that trip, and going all the was across to Shreveport. I am originally from the Ruston area, grew up there until I was about 6 or 7. My mom then relocated back to Slidell, LA where she was originally from. Graduated from Slidell High School. I lived in Slidell, LA until I married Elden, then we (he and I) lived in St. Bernard Parish for about 10 years. I finally convinced him that life away from the "city" was much better. At that point we moved back to Slidell (which was like living in the "city") and then migrated to the Picayune area. We actually live about 12 miles N of Picayune, off Highway 43N. If it were up to me, I would live in the Tennessee/Kentucky/Georgia/Carolinas area. I love that area. IMO, you haven't eaten boiled crawfish until you have eaten crawfish boiled by someone from St. Bernard Parish. Obviously, your friends are "amateurs" if they only need one sack of crawfish for a "party". [] Dtel could darn near eat a sack by himself, no kidding. Crawfish..."now that's good eatin' Paw Paw".
  17. Thebes, As always, entertaining, very entertaining.[]
  18. I was going to suggest the same thing. We travel that route all the time. Picayune, MS to Hattiesburg, MS to Jackson, MS to Ruston, LA via I-20. We will actually be travelling through Alexandria to Shreveport on this trip, and then to 71. It actually looks like I-20 to Shreveport will be your best bet. Christy
  19. Dtel and I are first timers, so we aren't sure what we are in for.[] But...we are looking forward to the trip and meeting everyone.
  20. Thanks for the heads up.[] No wonder I couldn't get the hand drawn lines to print. So, it looks like we will be neighbors for a couple of days...
  21. Did any of you notice the hand drawn, red lines on the maps to the farmhouse and the factory don't print when you print the maps? Or is it just us?
  22. Just wanted to let you guys know that we cancelled our reservations at Best Western. I checked out www.choicehotels.com and got a room (king size bed) at the Econolodge for $3l.79 a night versus $71.99 a night at Best Western. There is a drop down box on the web site for discounts, aarp, aaa, etc. Click on Internet user it will reduce the $37.00 rate to $31.00. Econolodge has most of the same amenities as Best Western. Continental breakfast, free high speed internet, etc. You can request a fridge, microwave, etc. Econologe also has a swimming pool. I am sure Econolodge is not as "uptown" as Best Western, but changing hotels saved us $l60.00 bucks, since we will be staying four nights. So... if any of you are still looking for a room, Best Western should have one or two available now, and Econolodge definitely has rooms.
  23. I have been signed in for three or four hours now, double checking for the cell phone list. Not sure where everyone else is. If there was a party and I wasn't invited, I'm gonna be mad.
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