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  1. Man it took a few days of partying hard in New Orleans while staying at the Bourbon-Orleans hotel for me to forget the last woman that broke up with me around '92-'93 man did I get flambayed! Wheeeeeewwwwwww!

    Nothing like a large ice cold Coca-Cola and a bowl of gumbo to take the edge off the following afternoon after yacking up breakfast in the shower. Man those were the days! Last place I remember being in was some sort of Kareoke joint with Kitty in the name. I had to beg my brother in law to stop buying me more beer since I was already holding three of them. I think the lobby staff poured us onto the elevator.

    I have been trying to encourage everyone to come to New Orleans for an informal gathering. Maybe that's the key. It worked for you.

    Dtel and I have really enjoyed going to the French Quarter the last few months. "Old enough to know better and young enough to still have a good time." [;)]

    You guys need to take a look a dtel's new signature line.[;)]

  2. Chicago (first time they performed "25 or 6 to 4" live) at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin, sittin' on a grassy hill with good friends and some cold ones, great concert, great night!

    My first live concert was Chicago also, at the Municipal Auditorium in New Orleans. Great concert!

  3. I really enjoy all of the input.

    Couple of points

    1. I did not hit on her... I complimented her looks in a what i thought was a gentlemanly way.

    IMO, complimenting a woman's looks the first time you are let out of the gate is not a "gentlemanly" thing to do, especially if she is the instructor.

    2. These were school provided email accounts, and we are both adults

    The accounts are probably monitored.

    3. The dean of students reviewed the offending email with me and saw nothing wrong with it.

    (student teacher relation was an issue but considering our age he thought it could have been handled differently by her.) he also thinks she is attractive, he said so. however he is smart enough to not write it down in an email and sigh his name then push send...

    At least he was smart enough to not write anything in an email that he wouldn't say in person.

    Anyway after sleeping on it i awoke early this morning and sent her a heart felt apology.( I doubt she reads it.)I also sent a copy along with my apology to the dean of students for wasting his time.

    She probably will read it and push "delete". He will read it, press print and place the copy in your file.

    I then dropped her class and enrolled in one on a different day and on the other side of campus, no sense rubbing salt in the raw nerve i hit by being in her class for the next 10 weeks.

    Smart, very smart. I always told my daughters, "You are in school to learn, not to win the popularity contest." And, "No matter what the teacher is always right." (Not that I necessarily believed the latter)

    Mr. McDermott i think you hit it on the head, I was stupid.

    I too think Mr. McDermott hit it on the head. However, you are getting smarter every day.

    Thanks for the all of the advice, rock on.

    No intent to insult you on this one, live and learn.

  4. David Joy was the BBQ chef. He and his family did an outstanding job. The brisket melted in your mouth! Trey, help me out with David's wife's name. She has been an employee at Klipsch for 20+ years, and she's the person who runs he hands over the speakers, feeling for the tiniest of flaws. Trey talked about her on the tour. I actually touched her hands!! Great folks!! Note their goofy son-in-law in the window...


    David Joy's wife's name is Karen. Easy for us to remember because dtel's sister's name is Karen Joy. Otherwise, you might have had to wait until Trey answered.

    Ms. Karen was a sweetheart.

    I just want to add something. I do not particularly care for fried catfish. However, that fried catfish we had on Friday night was real good.

  5. How far is Iowa from central Texas?

    My wife loves them. I have an older pair now. Would you consider shipping

    or would that be prohibitively expensive. If you have any ideas, let me know.

    My wife is currently telling me that

    "those are the most beautiful speakers I have ever seen"

    Thanks, Paul

    I have to agree with the wife on this. These are as pretty as those new walnut finish LaScalas we saw in Hope. In fact, I think these are even prettier.

    Paul, I sure hope you can get these, they are beautiful.

    Hey, dwilawyer, what happened to you? Did you ever make it to Hope? We were all on the lookout for you and wondering where you were.

  6. My wife also is NOT happy about the large monster type of speaker as our home is smaller. She doesn't understand the requirements and the need. But I will have her understanding when I get these puppies tuned up and some of her favorite vinyl playing through the tube mono blocks. Oh yeah, she will understand real quick...

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and great info!!!! I'm gonna have me some fun, fun, fun in this forum I can tell !

    I apologize for not welcoming you and your wife sooner.

    This forum is great, lots and lots of nice people here.

    Just keep reading and posting. There are some great folks on this forum with a lot of knowledge.

    Be sure to keep you wife updated on what's happening with the members on the Forum from time to time. Talk to her about the folks on here, even when isn't interested in listening. Get her to read some of the posts from time to time.

    Be sure to tell her, these speakers are beautiful pieces of furniture. They should be treated with as much respect as any other piece of furniture in the house (actually more than any other piece of furniture) The enjoyment they will bring you and your family will last for many years to come.

    We have two pairs of Forte II's, one pair of Forte's, DIY sub woofer and two brand new Cornwall III's on the way courtesy of Klipsch. (My husband won the Cornwall III's during the recent Pilgramage to Hope.) That's nine speakers in our living room and I for one couldn't be happier with "the monsters".[H]

    Klipsch is a great company, that produces great speakers and you have invested your company's time wisely.


  7. Yes, your comments on heart and mind do make sense. But "heart" is not necessarily an impulsive or primary feeling.

    Sometimes, listening to your heart over your mind can be a good thing. Not always, but sometimes.

    Men tend to be "logical" which is also a good thing. However, being "logical" all the time can become very boring. Do this make any sense?

    "Women tend to be "impulsive" or "primary". " I assume you mean "knee jerk reaction". Women are not necessarily impulsive, just because we make some decisions based on "heart". IMO, women actually take heart and mind into most decisions.

    Thus a woman is always changing her mind?

    Again "(well for the first 7 years anyhow...). So you let your guard down and found your "soul mate" for the first seven years?

    "Is it better to have loved than to never have known love?" I know that sounds real corny. How would you know what you are missing if you never had it? Maybe, just maybe what you had with your ex was " a very small piece of the pie."

    Did you really have what you thought you had? My biggest emotional pitfalls have come when I thought I knew what to expect from someone. Sometimes it is better to accept what you have, be thankful for it everyday and if you do lose it, try to get "it" back. And I don't mean "it" in the literal sense.

    I hope this makes sense to you guys, because it is real important that you rise up from the ashes and grab a hold of the life you deserve.

  8. Yes Christy, but some of us have been 'least expecting it' for quite some time now! [:^)]



    There is some one out there for each of us. Sometimes, we look too hard for it, sometimes we just look the other way when it does come along.

    I believe with everything I have that "everything goes full circle". If you love, you will be loved in return. If you hate, hate will come to you in return. If you are an honest person, you will be treated honestly. And on and on.

    There are exceptions to every rule, however I do not believe love is one of those exceptions. In order to be loved, you have to love yourself. That is the main reason, I told you guys to quit beating up on yourselves. Damn, these girls you all are talking about could not possibly have a clue about love. I have read every post on this thread and I have read other posts that you guys have written.

    A person's writing tells alot about who they are. I consider myself to be a good judge of character. In most cases, when I form an opinion of someone, it proves out in the long run. After reading most of the posts you guys have written for over two years it is obvious the women you have been associating with don't have a clue about a good guy. And to tell you truth, I don't think they could even buy a clue.

    In fact, IMO these women don't deserve a clue. You guys are too good for this kind of BS treatment.

    Networking is part of the answer, however you guys have got to stop being so hard on yourselves. I can see the looks on your faces without even seeing you.

    Get yourselves in gear, start working on making yourself happy again, and love will come, "when you least expect it."

  9. Okay, okay...so I'll admit it...I was never a huge fan of the Beatles. Not that I don't like their music, I just wasn't a huge fan.

    Or is it that you guys are just so good at "Name That Tune" and "What movie is the line from" Amy, you always seem to get the movie lines. I knew you were big on movies, but geez, I didn't realize how big of a movie fan you really were.

    Formica, I for one find it refreshing that a gentleman such as yourself is willing to share your heartaches and thoughts with us.

    IMO, most of us consider it a priviledge to be trusted by another member willing to share their feelings. From reading your posts is it easy to see how much of a gentlemen you are.

    Most women will tell you one of the greatest difficulties in a relationship is lack of communication from the man they are with.

    Generally, women readily discuss their feelings(their heart), on the other hand men try to ignore their feelings(their heart) and listen to their head. I can tell you most women genuinely appreciate being with a man that is willing to talk about his feelings.

    I, along with a few others on this forum truly believe you will find your soul mate. Your soul mate will come along when you least expect it.

  10. I have refinished furniture several times, as well as staining new furniture that dtel has built. Ocassionally I have had to mix two or more stains to match the original color, or to achieve a match to existing furniture.

    Sometimes you can blend two or more stains to achieve the coloration you are looking for. However, I have always "tested" the mixed stains on scrap pieces of wood from the building project.

    During the Pilgramage to Hope we were told the walnut currently in stock is from a new supplier. I would assume the various veneers are not always purchased from the same manufacturer. IMO, this practice is to assure some of the nicest veneers are used on the Heritage line.

    Maybe the same manufacturer supplied the wood for all of your speakers. Check the dates and see if they are close.

    It is possible someone at Klipsch could answer this question.

    Or if you are really not happy with the finish, read some of the past posts on this Forum regarding refinishing. There are many threads that discuss the various processes. Most of the refinishing threads would likely be in the past pages. You can also search the forum for the topics.

    I hope this helps.

  11. Oh, Boy. I remember when it was:


    Hope, Ark.

    PRospect 7-3395


    Dr. Bill,

    Are you telling your age? [;)]

    My husband still remembers his telephone number from age 5 or 6, Whitehall (WH)7211.

    I love stories like these.

    My daughters who are 27, 26 and 25 don't remember a time when remote controls didn't exist. They asked, "How did you change the station? What a riot...


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