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  1. We,ll be heading out on our last leg of our trip in a few hours, leaving Pigeon Forge for home in CA. It's been a fun time visiting my aunt, uncle and cousin, but we're all pretty pooped. Coytee, you've got some pretty country out this way!

    Thanks, everyone, for making this whole trip so much fun for myself, Cathy and the girls, especially Trey, Dee, and Tony.

    I'm expecting good weather and good flights out of Knoxville, through (the afore mentioned dreaded[;)]) Houston, and into SFO. I'll check in when we get back to La Casa de fini.



    We all look forward to your update and input on the Pilgramage. I am sure as always, it will be entertaining. Have a safe/non-delayed trip.

  2. Larry,

    You did an excellent job documenting our "adventures".

    The "little camera" you were carrying around took excellent pictures.

    "Thanks for the memories".

    The brochures are beautiful. Looks like the folks at Klipsch heard your "cries" when you were in Indy last year.

    IMO, your assessment of the speakers in the listening room was right on.

    The Heresy's were mighty impressive. We are considering purchasing a pair for dtel's workshop. They are definitely on our list.

    Great work!

  3. To DTEL and DTEL's WIFE:

    Given your recent complementary acquisition of said Cornwall III's, it becomes immediately apparent that the room required delegates a "force-out" of exisiting equipment. As your humble servant, I am moved to inquire about the orphaning of your also "recently acquired" but nonetheless "no longer required" Forte I's. Willing to travel, and thanks much for your time.

    (Afterthought - if I would have introduced myself to them at the listening session, I might have had a better shot at these. STUPID STUPID STUPID!)


    Dtel and I have been discussing the speaker arrangement most of today and think we finally have it resolved. We do have one Forte II that is currently not in the mix. Not sure what dtel's intentions are for the one Forte II.

    Three Forte II's left front, front center, right front...two forte I's for rears. That will take care of surround sound now for all the movie freaks in our house. Two brand spankin new Cornwall III's(thanks again to the very generous Klipsch organization) for 2 channel...for now. Notice the "for now" statement. This arrangement is subject to change at a moment's notice.

    I also regret that we did not get to meet you and several others. I look forward to the next gathering...so little time...so many faces...so many friends...

    I was listening to Joe Walsh's "Life's Been Good" a little while ago and I thought geez "Life is good." It was made a little better after spending time with all you guys this weekend.

    By the way Chris, what are you looking for one or a pair.

  4. My petition is not a complaint or criticism. It is a semi- humorous attempt to try to arrange future get togethers in Hope

    Once again, my sarcastic humor is lost in translation. Anyone care to help me triamp my Bose speakers?@!#$%&*

    The reason I even mention it is that it was mentioned at Hope that there would possibly not be future gatherings in Hope. The goofy petition was my attempt to energize the troops to encourage future events there.

    So, Amy, obviously we would appreciate anything, but please consider future ones in Hope.

    Hey doc, don't be so uptight.[;)] Amy's sense of humor is like the rest of ours'. She was kidding. It's all good.

  5. But man, the attorney's fees can get pretty steep sometimes, you know how them there lawyer types can be.

    I'll work on a new on.

    PS, Dtel's Wife, keep us informed on how the new speakers are comin, and you know that you are goin to have to get pics put up as they become available.


    If the fees are too steep, you may want to reconsider the services you are offering in return (if I recall your attorney is also your wife)[;)]

    You guys will get an update minute by minute on the new Cornwall's, from pickup/delivery to the welcome home party to the installation.

    We have been sitting in our "listening room" trying to decide how to fit them on the "Wall of Klipsch".

    We are thrilled. These Cornwall III's will be a welcome addition to our 2 pairs of Forte II's and our newly purchase pair of Forte I's.

    Let's see that makes eight Klipsch speakers, how cool is that?[H][<:o)][8][D] [ip] What a wonderful gift![G]

  6. I think you guys will do what we offer and like it


    Amy how could we not like it.[;)]

    Klipsch has done such a good job. We read the reviews (raves) about the trip to Indy last year, that's what made us go to Hope. It's all about the food, fun and fellow forum members.

    For those of you that don't know, we were supposed to make the "informal trip" to Hope last year (it was the weekend of dtel's birthday), but we got sidetracked by some woman named "Katrina".

    This trip to Hope made up for our loss.

    Besides, someone said the night life in Indy is great![;)]

  7. Coytee,

    I didn't realize you were a "pyro". I am sure dtel shared some of his "pyro" stories with you.

    He's a genuine, certified, pyromaniac. We have neighbors that actually join in the pyro projects. We call dtel and his two buddies "The Three Amigos". They all own Kabotas and assist one another with their "burning projects".

    I will try to get a pic of them in the next few days and post it for you guys.

  8. What a great story, thank you for sharing Christy. Donna is a very nice lady.

    After you posted about how you sought out Barbara for Jay, it touched me very much, and I felt I had to send it up the flag pole. I'm glad to see it made it's way back to her personally.

    In the same email, I encouraged everyone copied to be sure to browse this section of the forum to see how much this event means to all of you. Among the responses I received was the word "goosebumps."

    Good stuff. [:D]

    I am just thankful that the Thank You made it to the person this pilgrimage. Thanks again Christy for sending my praise for her work on my new speakers for me. Amy also you deserve reconition again for giving me daily updates on where my speakers were [:)]

    I think that everyone that owns Klipsch Speakers that have a person who signed off on them should write a thank you letter!

    Also I may be forgetting to thank the other people who made my speaker that did not sign off but none the less made my speaker, Thank You.

    I can't believe you suggested the thank you letter idea. I have been thinking along the lines of writing a letter and "adopt a plant employee recognition campaign". I wasn't sure how to coordinate the effort.

    I don't think just the person that signs the inspection stickers should receive a letter, because there are only about five people qualified for that position.

    Some type of general effort on our parts, where the letters could be posted in the breakroom.

    Or, maybe Amy could ask the office staff in Hope to solicit names to share and we could make sure everyone on the list gets a letter.

    Or, we(the forum members)could write individual letters to the plant employees as a whole. I am not sure how it could be done.

    Or, an email account could be set up at the factory for our letters to go to and Ms. Donna or a plant employee could check and distribute the letters each day.

    The more letters we can send the better.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions?

  9. Okay, here's the scoop on our new Cornwall III's.

    For those of you who don't know yet (I really think the word travelled fast) dtel was/we were the winner of a set of Cornwall III's at this year's Pilgramage in Hope.

    Monday we visited the factory, as instructed. Of course, Ms. Donna Garner the person we needed to speak to was at lunch. Once again, the Klipsch reputation for service and quality just shined through. Five minutes after leaving the plant we received a telephone call from Ms. Donna.

    Ms. Donna called to see what finish we wanted on our new speakers. Everything we heard about the new walnut veneer, made our decision very easy. All the folks at the plant had spoken about the beautiful walnut veneer and we saw it first hand. Beautiful stuff.

    After getting all of the "order" stuff out of the way, I told Ms. Donna how much we all appreciated the Pilgramage being held in Hope. I explained our(the forum members) fascination, addiction, mental illness toward everything Klipsch, especially the Hope factory and the quality of the speakers produced in Hope. I continued to talk about the employees of the factory and the lack of recognition those folks receive.

    Ms. Donna and spoke of the events surrounding Ms. Barbara Miller. Ms. Donna said Barbara was shocked. She told me a copy of a post on the forum was printed and given to Ms. Barbara. I think our Pilgramage is the talk of the factory. These folks are honored that we recognize their hard work and dedication.

    Okay, here's the real scoop...at that point I told Ms. Donna that dtel and I were overwhelmed that Klipsch could be so generous. I also spoke of our desire to give some credit back to the employees, so they would know their work does not go unnoticed.

    I told Ms. Donna that one of our fellow forum members had suggested we request each worker on the line sign the back of the speaker. Well, I was heartbroken, when she told me the backs of the speakers are painted black. I suggested a plain piece of white paper, with the appropriate signatures would be fine, we could tape it to the back. I told her we just wanted to let those folks in that factory know how much they mean to us.

    Ms. Donna told me, "Don't worry, I will get the signatures and do something appropriate for those speakers, this will mean a lot to the employees here at the factory. How cool is that? Is that not Klipsch's style. Talk about customer service.

    My step dad once made a comment, "I will treat you so many ways, you are bound to like one of them." That came to mind while I was writing this post.

    The Klipsch organization has treated us so well, and most of you know I am not just talking about the Cornwall III's. I do not know another company on the face of this planet that treats its fans/customers as good as Klipsch has treated all of us this past weekend.

    We were not aware prizes would be awarded at the Pilgramage, let alone the magnitude of the prizes. Daddy Dee, I am sure will agree, was as shocked as we were.

    Now for the real kicker. After telling Ms. Donna how much we appreciated the Klipsch organization and her help, she told me, "I promise you, you will have the one of the most beautiful pair of Cornwall's to ever come out of this factory. I will personally see them down the line."

    Ms. Donna said she would keep us updated on the progress of the speakers.

    We will photograph the big event minute by minute.

    Dtel and I are discussing a possible weekend trip to Hope to pick the "new ones" up. Everything we have read about shipping leads us to believe this may be the best option. If our speakers were damaged how could we possibly even say a thing. Klipsch has been too good to us.

  10. Trey and DrWho and the others whose names I don't know did a remarkable job on the sound of the live bands. It was clear as a bell . I see alot of live bands in clubs and none of them sound that good. BRAVO guys great work!

    As most of you know dtel and I have had the opportunity to hear a lot of live bands in the last two months or so and we couldn't agree more with seti.

    Dr. Who, you did a great job, which required a tremendous amount of your time and energy. We are so glad you still had time to rub elbows with Jim and the others. We couldn't think of a more deserving guy.

    Klipsch should be proud to have someone like you come on board. You not only have the intellectual ability, you also are a wonderful person. We are so glad to have the opportunity to meet you.

  11. Paul,

    It was really great to meet you and your sons. Like Michael said I am sure something good will be coming your way.

    Thank you for joining our family. We sure are glad you found us in time to make the Pilgramage.

    Maybe next year the wife and other two sons can make it. Make sure your wife hears the threads where the other wives opinions of the Pilgramage are noted.

    Your sons are true gentlemen, just like you.

    P.S. Thanks for bringing the Khorns along for the trip!

  12. We just got home. We are still reeling from all the events of the past few days. There is so much to post, but we are exhausted from all the excitement, and I don't mean just about our new Cornwall III's.

    We want to thank everyone again, Trey, Klipsch employees and forum members for such a great time. We could not have asked for better people to spend time with.

    Trey and Klipsch outdid theirselves with this event, and my feelings regarding the folks that are a part of this forum are even more positive after this trip.

    I will sit down in the morning and post a detailed story of our experiences, including the new Cornwall III's.

    I will give you guys a hint, we visited the plant today and could not have asked for a warmer reception.

    I want to make sure that I mention everyone and everything when I write tomorrow. Our brains are still foggy and the reality of owning new Cornwall III's has not quite set in yet.

  13. Hey Eldon, congrats and all- but I'm afraid that the gang is keeping the sad truth from you. Those CWIII's will be a terrible timbre match to your all-forte setup. So you might as well pass them on up here to the Cornwall King (that would be your's truly) [;)]

    But seriously- how is it that these door prizes always go to the most loyal and humble Forum members who are true lovers of the classic Klipsch sound. I mean, Picky, then Daddy Dee, now Dtels- once again the words come so easily- couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of folks. You winners are in very good company.

    So do you have the finish of choice picked out yet? Figured out where these will integrate into your system? (ahem- allow me to give a hint- MAINS!)

    Wish I could have been there, not just to see the look on your faces, but to meet you both- and all your kin- your group must have held a record for largest contingency ever at a Klipsch gathering. AH- that's how they did it- they stuffed the ballot box!


    Actually Michael, dtel and I were the only two from the "dtel gang" that made it to Hope.

    However, I don't know that we can say the same about next year!

    We are in Little Rock tonight and will be back in Hope tomorrow to check on our new Cornwall III's.[H]

  14. We are still in shock.

    As most of you know, we have truly enjoyed this trip. Everyone, and I do mean everyone with Klipsch has been so generous. The time we have spent in Hope with the forum members and employees of Klipsch has been so rewarding for both of us.

    The forum members have supported us during our families losses from Katrina, the graduation of our oldest daughter from nursing school, the marriage of our middle daughter, and the birth of two of our grandchildren.

    The members have answered question after question relentlessly. We can not thank you guys enough for sharing your time with us. You accepted us and we became part of the "forum family".

    The employees of Klipsch we had the good fortune to meet this weekend were no less than outstanding. Jim and Roy took great interest in our forum members and spent numerous hours sharing information with anyone that wanted to talk "shop". The factory employees were genuinely happy to see us and made it a point to thank us for coming. Can you imagine that?

    There are no words to adequately thank Trey for the time he has put into this Pilgramage. It was obvious to us that a lot of thought and time went into the planning. The Pilgramage was held without a hitch. A special thanks to everyone that worked with Trey in the background to pull this off.

    Stephen, Mark and the rest of the Klipsch family a big thanks goes out to all of you. If I omitted thanking anyone my apologies.

    Last but not least...The Cornwall III's...what can we say? We were thrilled when we received the BS buttons. We thought we had something when we were given the buttons? Then, we thought okay a t-shirt would be way cool. Man would we like a t-shirt.

    Instead we are being given a brand new pair of Cornwall III's!!! How great is that. It is more than we could even have hoped for. A BRAND NEW PAIR OF CORNWALL III'S. I am not aware of any company that treats its forum members as well Klipsch does.

    We enjoyed the trip immensely even before the Cornwall III's. In answer to your question, we will be spending a few days in Arkansas and will pick up our new Cornwall III's in a couple of days from the factory and bring them home ourselves. Do you really think we would trust our new babies to UPS or any of the other "shipping companies".

    It is now 2:00 a.m, but I can assure you we will be making many more posts regarding our Cornwall III's. (doesn't that sound cool, "our Cornwall III's)

    Thank you Klipsch for your generosity. Not just for the speakers, but for the entire Pilgramage.

  15. There's a restaurant across the street from Pat O'brians with a small outdoor area in front that has great crawfish etouffe'.

    I was wondering if you had ever been down this way Meagain. Listen up, I am the only female representative of this forum at The Pilgramage! Us girls are going to have to have a discussion about this issue soon!

    I will give my final opinion on The Pilgramage after tonight!

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