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  1. Just now, jimjimbo said:

    I too would very much like to hear a pair of Jubes at the factory in a decent listening area.

    I am fairly positive this will happen. See update shortly!  I’m getting so excited about all of the improvements/upgrades in Hope!  Everyone that knows me is aware that Hope in near and dear to my heart. Through all of our efforts, Indy has taken notice. I’m truly overwhelmed at the investment they are making to improve our Pilgrimage experience. I listened to all of you, reported what I heard and they are listening. 


    Even though our portion of the Pilgrimage budget was substantially reduced, the improvements, including gear and furnishings that are being invested in the Hope facility are worth it. 


    High attevdance is critical to future Pilgrimages and I am pleased with our registration numbers at this point. Hoping to see a huge influx in attendees in the next two weeks. Deadline for $60 registration is April 15, 2018. Registration fees increase slightly after that date to accommodate last minute expenses and planning accordingly. 

  2. 5 hours ago, dirtmudd said:

    what are you doing ...being up so

    early .....or your just being late...


    have some morning coffee....

    Had friends from Bodcaw/Hope come in last night. We hadn’t seen them in a while.  They are leaving on their first cruise today and we are driving them to the port.  Yea, were up until about 5 am!  

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  3. 3 hours ago, WillyBob said:



    I got kicked out of the scouts for refusing to wear a uniform


    @dtel's wife


     that looks like work, to me.  Fish that size stop being cleaned and more butchering

    If he got bass, cats and perch ... are there brim/bluegill? Or are perch bluegill? Bet they are.



    Check this out. Also caught at Rodney’s two or three days ago. 



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