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  1. I would suggest you consider working very closely with the builder's association once the project is complete. The state licensing agency responsible for contractors could prove very helpful. I would recommend you work on getting any documentation you may have in order. Documentation, witnesses and a time line will prove invaluable in your quest to "expose" these guys.

    I would also suggest you consult with an attorney (maybe you have a friend/attorney that would help you out). You could have the attorney review any actions you wish to take. Especially those in writing. Even the truth, if not absolutely backed up by witnesses or documentation could prove costly to you.

    In any event, I would take the "risk" and expose these guys. If you let them get away with this others will suffer the horrors that you have. I am really surprised there is no criminal element to everything that has happened with your house.

    Since Hurricane Katrina a common criminal charge being pursued in this area is "theft by misrepresentation". Because you have a written contract this could be considered entirely civil. I would recommend consulting with your local authorities. If I understand all this correctly you have been paying the mortgage on this house for over a year now? This situation may be considered "theft by misrepresentation" because of the money you have spent and conversations etc. you may have had with the builder regarding completion.

    A demand letter for extra expenses you have incurred may be an appropriate course of action. In any event, see if you can "rustle up" an attorney for advice and make your move(s) as soon as construction is final.

  2. I was going to suggest contacting the local and state builder's association, as well as any other associations the contractor may hold membership in.

    I was also going to recommend that you contact the contractor's licensing board for your state. This is generally the quickest way to get something resolved.

    The third option, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. At least your complaint will be documented and the builder will have to satisfy your complaints, or the complaint will remain as "unsatisfactorily resolved".

    I hope the builder has accepted responsibility for the deck and the cost of the deck. I would at least consider a 4x4 deck. 3x3 is extremely small and could actually be dangerous, especially if you have small children.

    Last but not least, if you have "taken title" to the property, you should be able to "pull a building permit" for a deck yourself. I am not sure about the laws in your particular state. Most laws heavily favor the homeowner. The trim carpenter that worked on your house may be able to the job for you.

  3. We got home late last night.

    What a treat, it snowed all day Saturday, but cleared up for us to be able to drive home on Sunday.

    Had a great trip, two of our daughters, three of our grandchildren, our niece, and "dtel's daughter's" fiance went with us. The grandchildren love the mountains, this is the third trip to the Smokies for the 4 and 5 year old and the second trip for the 3 year old. It is so wonderful to hear their reactions.

    The snow in the higher elevations was loose powder about a foot and half deep. We actually had to pack the snow to be able to use the sleds. We found one area that we could slide down without sleds. A steep short slope. Talk about fun. The four year old granddaughter is a dare devil. She jumped right on the hill, slid down spinning, ended up sliding face first for about thirty feet. She climbed right back up the hill and went again.

    We played in the snow for three days and on the way home took the kids on a cave tour. Racoon Mountain Cave in Chattanooga, TN. We have toured a few caves, but this by far was one of the best. The live formations in this cave are superb. It is one of the top rated caves in the United States. Our five year old grandson really liked the tour guide, she was only sixteen years old and related very well to the kids.

    All in all, a wonderful trip to my favorite place to visit.

  4. Gary,

    All the weather reports indicated 3 feet + in the upper most elevations? The area we usually sled is a hill right beside a vehicle pullover about 1/4 mile from Newfoundland Gap in the Smokies.

    One report said 41" at Mounte Leconte!!!![H] Stays lots colder at the top as much as 10 to 15 cooler. And our hill is under the trees!!![;)] So the snow melts a little slower.

    You are right, we are going to head out about 6:00p.m. tomorrow evening.[*]

  5. I was so excited when I saw this thread. No snow here, so what are we gonna do...drive almost eleven hours to play in the snow. We are leaving Wednesday, heading to the Smokies to play with the grandkids and our "grown" kids in the snow.

    Dtel thinks I am crazy. The first thing you see when you open our attic...snow disks...they stay close at hand... I LOVE the snow and try to go to the Smokies every chance I can. I usually have to drag Dtel screaming. He says we have a picture of every overlook in TN [:o] And his point is....

    Imagine snow disks in South Mississippi[:o] Will take some pics, suppose to be almost four feet of snow at Mt. LeConte.

    Moon, catch a plane and meet us....[;)]

  6. For any of you that are not familiar with fire ants I would strongly recommend that you bring some Benadyrl along for the trip. Most "yankees" and maybe some others have not developed a tolerance for fire ants and they can cause a serious allergic reaction.

    Another suggestion Trey, there are some granular fire ant treatments available that work very well. A local feed store would be able to assist in that area, if you care to check it out.

  7. It appears Ms. Dtel was right on the money for Saturday at the Farmhouse again, nice call[;)]

    Thank you very much set![H]

    I will do my drinking on Friday night as my two little knaves (3 & 5) will be wearing me out out Fathers day that Sunday so I don't want to be doing that with a hang over so put me on dez driver alert for Saturday also[:D]

    Maybe we should designate drivers prior to arrival in Hope?

  8. Don't worry, I will have the whole new "sharing" law figured out by then, including, but not limited to, loopholes that fit our situation. There is usually always a good one if you are having a "charitable event."


    We live in a dry county also. In our area, if the "event" is a private party, the "dry county" law doesn't apply. Just a thought, as afar as loopholes go.[;)]

  9. We may end up using the farmhouse for Sat night as well, If that turns out to be the case, you could set up camp in the back yard.


    In another thread, I think it is entitled "Saturday Night" this was offered up as a suggestion. It seems everyone is very happy with the "farmhouse" idea. It is apparently far enough "out of the way" that we wouldn't bother anyone and it would be safe in the event of a "rain out".

  10. Picky,

    When our girls were younger we kept the volume low. When Buddy, our grandson who is now 5 came along we "cranked the volume up" whether it was music or a movie. Buddy stays sound asleep, even when the volume is "rattling the windows". It's all in what they get used to. So...our advice..."turn up the volume."

  11. Okay dudes and dudettes,

    Just took a rough count from the previous thread and we have approximately seventy five t-shirt requests. If any of you have not already posted your wants...sizes, colors etc. please try and get around to posting this weekend. Jeff, you posted but did not mention whether you were interested in shirts or not. Also, I noticed a few familiar faces had not posted at all. Try and let me know so I can let Amy know how many are interested and see if Klipsch will place the orders for the store, or if we can do the t-shirt thing on our own.

  12. Come on gang! I am trying to sell Amy on selling t-shirts. A lot of you have not responded to the questions. If you want us to have any chance of Amy even considering this you might want to post. I am thinking for real good quality shirts we would probably be in the $25-$35 range. If we can post 10 pages on Nostalgia TV, surely we can five pages on Klipsch shirt orders. I think if we can get close to 75 or 100 shirts, she may, just may consider it. If not we will try to get permission to get the logos and produce them ourselves.

    Multiple colors are an option if you would like to purchase multiple shirts.

  13. Woo-Hoo! Our son informed us last night that he and his wife are expecting their second child to arrive in early October. Our little 4-year old grandson will have a new brother or sister to be a big brother to. The irony is that our son and his sister are 4 years apart, too. This is wonderful news for us all: A bright spot in a year that started off with a pretty dim outlook for our family. This is a blessing. -Glenn

    Congrats Picky! Our three girls are 24, 25 and 26. Each one has a child, they are 5, 4 and 3.

    And yes, we have been saying we would have had grandkids first if only we had known.

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