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  1. The DVD is Sounstage Presents-Steve Winwood. It is the strangest thing. We purchased the concert DVD from Best Buy probably before Christmas, we played it and it "froze". We exchanged the DVD last week at Best Buy and the new one is doing the same thing.

    Maybe these DVD's were in a shipment that was part of a bad "run". If no one else has encountered this problem we may just need to wait a couple of months, see if a new shipment comes in and exchange it at that time. Best Buy will exchange the DVDs, but not issue a refund.

  2. In the last two years we have purchased three CDs, the rest of our music is in DVD concert format. The three CDs we purchased and the reasons purchased: George Thorogood-Thirty Years of Rock, will probably never be released on DVD. Los Lonely Boys- theDVD came out two weeks later(how were we to know) Van Morrison-Moondance, will probably never be released on DVD. Got a couple of CDs for gifts for Christmas, however I don't think we will be purchasing many.

  3. The Wiggles lasted with the grandkids for a short time. They did enjoy "Dorothy the Dinosaur". You know D O R O T H Y, Dorothy the Dinosaur! It was so funny because kids aren't real coordinated at two and their speech is about as bad. I didn't enjoy the Wiggles, but watching the grandchildren watch the Wiggles, dance with the Wiggles and sing with the Wiggles was hilarious.

    Amy, enjoy it while you stlll have the chance, they grow up so fast.

    I missed out on a lot when my girls were younger, because I worked a 9-5, which actually was a 6-6 by the time I got them to daycare/school, went to work, picked them up and got home again. Then it was books, baths, dinner and bed.

    When Buddy, the oldest grandchild was born I couldn't wait for him to say "maw-maw". Well, he learned how to say it and I hear it about sixty times a day. Not that I am complaining, but sometimes he says "maw-maw" just to say it.

    Oh yes, Ninja Turtles will soon appear on the scene also.

  4. Amy says get all the dtels to sign up[;)]

    Seriously, audio was a hobby of dtel's prior to our marriage twenty seven years ago. Our three girls were raised with music playing on a daily basis.

    Our five year old grandson has slept [|-)]through more music than most of us have ever listened to, beginning with birth. He got so excited when we got the new Synergy speakers. When we upgraded to the Forte II's you would have thought he was getting Christmas presents.[:o] When we got the second pair of Forte II's he thought they were for his birthday. [<:o)]

    How could all the dtels not be Klipsch fanatics.

    Another thing, gigging the frogs isn't the fun part, it's the adventure itself.

    I do not like snakes, so that does put a damper on the whole adventure, but short of that, I am game for anything.

    I like the bbq and hanging out idea too, not much of a country club type myself. Just looking forward to meeting everyone.

  5. Moon,

    I thought only women thought like that i.e. she did the deed with him, he was with her before me etc., etc., etc.

    Took me a long time to come to this conclusion. As a matter of fact it took twenty years for me to come to this conclusion. I don't care who he was with before, because he's with me now. I do realize twenty years is a long time to learn how to cope with the situation, but heck it's better than never. Needless to say the last seven years of marriage have been happier than the first twenty.

    Don't let something like that keep you from attending her class reunion. You should be proud to walk in with her on your arm. She's with you now and I would assume the "football fling" was a good while back, if we are talking class reunions now.

    In keeping with your request to keep it clean...dtel's favorite saying is "reach up around your neck and get a grip." [;)] Seriously, show the "football" dude what he is missing out on and show her the good time she deserves at the high school reunion.

    As a side note...Every class reunion I ever attended sucked.

  6. My sister-in-law lives in Long Beach. Their home was about one mile from the beach. They did not experience a total loss and were able to move back into their home last week.

    Again, we that live in this area understand completely the devastation you and your family have experienced. It is heart wrenching for all of us every day to see the destruction still remaining.

    Videos and photographs can not possibly reveal the devastation this region has witnessed courtesy of Hurricane Katrina. Living in this area, witnessing Hurricane Betsy at five years of age and Hurricane Camille in my early teens did not prepare me for the utter devastation of Katrina.

    The damage along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is so different from the damage in the New Orleans area, yet both areas were virtually obliterated from the face of the Earth. When visiting my mother-in-law's home in St. Bernard Parish, I actually thought tumbleweed would come rolling through the streets, just like in the old western movies when there was a deserted town.

    Driving through my hometown of Slidell, Louisiana almost two weeks after the storm left me crying for the losses of so many. Dtel's aunt's home in Slidell had seven feet of water. Eight weeks after Katrina many residents in Slidell still had not returned to their homes.

    At one point, I found myself feeling guilty that my home was intact when so many others had lost everything. I didn't fully understand why our home was spared until dtel's mom, who is seventy one years old, his sister, niece and nephew came to live with us. I now know why we were spared the devastation.

    Cluless, again my deepest heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your family.

    BTW, I also have all of my negatives (27 years accumulation) stored in one plastic container, in a hurried evacuation I would simply grab the negative box and run.

  7. Cluless,

    We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Dtel's mother and sister now reside with us courtesy of Hurricane Katrina. His niece and her fiance also reside with us courtesy of Katrina. My sister in law had a few cds with photos, most were print, she lost everyone of them. The few cds appear to be fine.

    We also evacuated our home for Katrina. We are about 45 miles northeast of New Orleans. I had all of our photographs in three large plastic containers. They went into the vehicle before our suitcases were put in.

    We were fortunate to have a home to come home to, and a home to offer our family. I hope your family is doing well.

  8. A more appropriate statement would be "women control 88% of home decorating". That is actually the conflict here, not the purchase itself, but the way it looks.

    Most of our friends don't have time to make snide comments when they come to our home. They are too busy listening to the awesome sound those "boxes" produce.

    Women need to get over it. The perfect house and perfect little speakers. Why not enjoy life, instead of worrying about what some friend might say.

    If you don't like the way the speakers look in my house don't bother coming back might be an appropriate response. That is, unless you truly value their opinion and want to subject yourself to the rude, unsoliticited comments.

  9. The two bodies of the miners have been recovered.

    West Virginia Governor Manchin announces three new pieces of legislation being introduced in WV Monday.

    First...will provide Rapid Response Rescue Teams

    Second...will provide GPS devices for each miner

    Third...will provide updated ventillation and secured oxygen stations in mines

    Lastly, please remember the fourteen that have lost their lives while providing each and every one of us with something that makes our everyday lives more enjoyable.

  10. My daughter and I were just discussing this very issue this morning!!!

    It is our opinion, that Klipsch should produce speakers for automobiles. That would take the company to whole new level.

    It would be great if this idea could catch on.

  11. Congratulations on newly purchased Forte II's. I hope some of our members will give you some suggestions on which way to go.

    If I read your profile correctly you have been a member for over a year. Looks like you have been doing your homework.

    Let us know more about your speakers and what kind of deal you got, unless I missed that info in another thread.

    Congratulations you are an official Klipsch speaker owner. Enjoy.

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