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  1. David and family,

    Dtel and I have three daughters also. Our first born and middle daughter are 16 months apart, and our middle and youngest daughter are 12 months apart. Your daughters appear to be about the same age spread. Our daughters are now 24, 25 and 26, and have blessed us with three grandchildren.

    I have the utmost respect for you and your wife. I can not imagine how difficult this must be for you and your family.

    Seeing the picture of your girls reminds me how blessed we are to have raised three daughters with no major health complications. The stress and heartache you are now enduring is surely the most difficult you have experienced in your lifetime. I pray that God embrace you in His loving arms and comfort you and your family in your time of need.

  2. I asked because everyone has said there is not much to do in Hope. The farmhouse for the mixer on Friday night is great. I thought since the farmhouse is so reasonable and everyone is "lugging" gear already, maybe we should consider the farmhouse for Saturday night also. We could all go out for dinner Saturday night and head back to the farmhouse since it seems a favorite of everyone's. That way, the "shindig" won't bother those country folks up that way if we decide to go "into the wee hours".

  3. can anyone tell me the value of a pair of 1977 k-horns in mint condition?

    Are you looking to buy or sell? Just wondering, because we have been thinking about buying a pair if price is reasonable and location is close.

  4. Oregon to Hope would be a heck of a drive for the no-fly m00n.

    It would be good to get him to one of these Pilgramiges.

    C'mon m00n, try to make it this year!!!


    I am sure Moon has some vacation time due him. I mean he does work for one of the best companies around [;)]. He could come to Hope, hang out with all of us, and use the rest of the time recover.[<:o)]

  5. The DVD is Sounstage Presents-Steve Winwood. It is the strangest thing. We purchased the concert DVD from Best Buy probably before Christmas, we played it and it "froze". We exchanged the DVD last week at Best Buy and the new one is doing the same thing.

    Maybe these DVD's were in a shipment that was part of a bad "run". If no one else has encountered this problem we may just need to wait a couple of months, see if a new shipment comes in and exchange it at that time. Best Buy will exchange the DVDs, but not issue a refund.

  6. In the last two years we have purchased three CDs, the rest of our music is in DVD concert format. The three CDs we purchased and the reasons purchased: George Thorogood-Thirty Years of Rock, will probably never be released on DVD. Los Lonely Boys- theDVD came out two weeks later(how were we to know) Van Morrison-Moondance, will probably never be released on DVD. Got a couple of CDs for gifts for Christmas, however I don't think we will be purchasing many.

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