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  1. If you get the serial numbers from the seller, we can tell you when they were manufactured. $600 is not an unreasonable price, for a pair in good shape.

    The last pair of Forte ll's on ebay went for $700.00, including shipping. That is why we felt so fortunate to get ours at such a low price.(thanks to colterphoto a fellow Forum member)

    You definitely do not want to have them shipped, so this may be a good deal for you. Be sure to take the guy up on his offer to audition them.

    Yes ll's are better than l's. The speaker is approximately 12"deep x 17"wide x 35" high. What finish do the speakers have that you are looking at. Do not let the size worry you.

    You really need to take a ride and listen to the speakers, even if you do not buy them. I think you will love them and bring them home to Mom and she will love them. We listen to ALOT of music, I don't like "big" speakers either, but these speakers are well worth sacrificing the space.

    These speakers do not need a lot of volume to sound really good. We love them so much we will be purchasing a third pair to complete our surround sound.

    The guy selling the speakers you are looking at is a forum member.

    Shop slow...buy fast.

  2. Nextel is not the cheapest cell phone carrier around. However, IMO they have some of the best customer service available, including a Retention Department. If you have a problem that can't be resolved with Nextel Customer Care, you can ask for the Retention Department.

    Generally, the Retention Department will seek to resolve the problem quickly and compensate you if necessary. ie. extra minutes, upgraded phone, reduction in bill. I do believe they offer most, if not all of the amenities Gil has mentioned.

    There are a few things to consider when chosing a carrier.

  3. I have a question?

    How many Dtel's are there?


    Dtel's wife.

    Dtel's daughter.


    Congratulations, you have won the Grand Prize. You realized dtel's daughter was a member before dtel did. Our daughter, Amy and myself thought it would be funny to see how long it took dtel to realize she was on the forum. [;)]

    I did tell her not to embarrass her dad on the Forum, so she is kinda quiet, only posts on DVDs and Computer, but lurks on the rest of the Forum.

    We are still not sure how long it will take dtel to realize she is on here. Probably soon, since it was his idea to post this thread.[:D]

    Actually, we have three daughters, two son in laws, one son in law to be, three grandchildren, with fourth on the way,a mother-in-law, a sister, neice and her fiance.[:D]

    However, only nine of us live here. Four prior to Katrina, five more after Katrina, total of nine living here and 6 1/2 that do not live here.

  4. You may need to let us know if you prefer new or used?

    That being said. This is our personal experience. We have purchased two pairs of Forte II's in the past eight months from e-bay,(with seller recommendation from fellow forum members). First pair was purchased for about $450.00, second pair was about $350.00. Both pairs of speakers are in very good condition. We were extremely fortunate to get those prices and have the both sellers within a reasonable driving distance. We would recommend used Forte II's as a viable option.

    I am sure some of the other folks on here will also make some recommendations for you.

  5. Prior to his heart transplant and subsequent death eight months later from lung cancer dtel's dad had a aicd installed. When undergoing tests to qualify for heart transplant he was given a clean bill of health head to toe.

    Strangely enough the heart transplant was very successful, however the lung cancer, which was the cause of his death, originated in the very place the aicd had been inserted? I don't know if there is a direct correlation, just seems like there could be.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your dad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. quote user=dtel's wife

    If you allow the thread to load all the way before reading the pics will be the right size, our computer does the same thing.

    If a mountain oyster is what I have been told it is no self respecting coonass would eat a mountain oyster. These are true blue Gulf of Mexico oysters, fresh off the boat.

    The problem is that with Dial up internet service, waiting for the pictures to load can take several minutes each! The display will be adjusted after the pictures load but it takes a LOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG time to load in the first place.

    I apologize, I have asked Amy for advice on resizing on my end. I forgot what dial up was like. We upgraded to wireless about a month ago and dial up didn't even cross my mind. I am so sorry, I will try to resize before posting from now on.

    We added wireless through our telephone company and it is so much nicer. You might want to check into upgrading, the price is nominal compared to the aggravation of dial up. We were provided a modem at no charge. We have four computers all running the internet at the same time, in different rooms. One desktop and three laptops. We did have to get technical help from the service provider while installing, which was given at no charge.

  7. After Katrina and Rita are you sure it's ok to be eating them ?

    Some of the oyster beds, but not many have been declared safe. In any event, we try to refrain from eating them raw, only fried.

    Even before the storms, fully cooking oysters was the recommendation.

  8. Well, it would either cure him or kill him, that's for sure.


    P.S. - You can't see me in the picture, but I'm under the one on the right side. If you look close, you can see me frantically waving a bag of chips, trying to get someone's attention!!

    I don't want to kill him or cure him, just fulfill his fantasy. You may not want to let anyone know you are even in that picture.[;)]

  9. He deserves it. Here's a pair of babes I think you can hook him up with. Let me know if you need their contact info.

    Not exactly what we had in mind. Is that what you mean by "I do all my own stunts." [;)] We don't even want a picture of those stunts, dtel says he may not be able to do any "stunts" for a week after viewing that pic.

  10. Please make the photos smaller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those Rocky mountian oysters? Yep, ate em.

    If you allow the thread to load all the way before reading the pics will be the right size, our computer does the same thing.

    If a mountain oyster is what I have been told it is no self respecting coonass would eat a mountain oyster. These are true blue Gulf of Mexico oysters, fresh off the boat.

  11. Do you guys think I don't know about this? [:o] This is one of man's greatest fantasies. Since it is man's biggest fantasy I am seriously considering arranging this for dtel. I think he deserves it.

    Do you think he deserves it? [:D]

    Is it really a man's #1 fantasy? This poll excludes you guys from Montana with your sheep. [;)]

  12. I have talked to Michael in the last few days and he is doing fine. He does still read here on a daily basis. I am hoping to see him back in full swing here soon. I guess we will have to wait for all the women to quit chasing him so he will have time for us.

    As far as posting on the Bose forum, I don't think that would work out. He would get banned for recommending Klipsch to everyone. Just think, if Michael got rid of his Klipsch speaker collection he could put a few thousand pair of Blose in thier place.

    On a more serious note, Jeff, thank you for asking, it means a lot. Here's a hug for you Michael.[{]

  13. I have suffered with sciatica nerve damage for almost four years now. I have not seen a physician for the condition. In my case it is very obvious that it is sciatica nerve. The first symptom was a sensation of pulled muscles in my buttocks. That pain subsequently traveled down my legs, both legs at one point. I could not move from the sofa without assistance for almost two weeks. After the two week rest the pain became bearable.

    Dtel and I have a landscaping company, we do all the work ourselves, mainly custom built homes. This is very demanding. For the longest time dtel insisted that exercise would solve the problem, however after researching this particular condition it became apparent that complete rest was the only temporary relief.

    IMO your particular condition would dictate what therapy would be most beneficial. In my case exercise actually made the problem worse.

    I live with chronic pain in my lower back, buttocks and right leg. There are times that I actually "freeze" in the position I am standing in and have to attempt to move another direction.

    I have not taken any narcotics or muscle relaxers so I can not comment on their effectiveness. I would not want to be dependent on narcotics, I would rather deal with the pain. There is a hand held massager at Walmart that sells for about twenty bucks. It is light weight, with a longer handle that is flexible. This may be one way to alleviate some of the pain. Unfortunately, massaging would only alleviate pain that is muscular in nature.

    An acquaintance of ours recently had back surgery after years of suffering (I am not sure of the exact nature of his problem). I had a lengthy discussion with him about three months ago regarding his surgery. He told me he should have allowed the doctors to operate years ago. He can not do what he could before the back injuries (which accumulated over numerous years) but, he was no longer in pain.

    As far as Lyrica, I am going to ask my physician about it.

  14. Most of you are aware that several of our forum members have been experiencing some trying times in thier lives. Please remember these folks and take the time to offer words of encouragement whenever appropriate.

    I am sure I speak for most of us when I say, "We wish you all a speedy recovery, rather you are suffering from the loss of a loved one or fighting personal battles. You are missed and we are anxiously awaiting for your return."

    Again, our forum members are sadly missed when they no longer grace our presence with their posts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery in your lives.

  15. I read this thread when it was first posted. I thought the author of that article was some type of lunatic. I couldn't figure out what the article was doing on this forum. I am still not sure why it's here...and I still think the author is crazy.

    I think people who drive cars with the bass booming have some hidden desire to p**s 40-somethings off. However, since we live in a very rural area this is usually not a problem. In our local town the police tend to "look out" for "loud cars".

    Music is the common language among all people, how can it be "too much"? Ditto what Daddy Dee wrote and I'll add most of the programming on TV stinks.

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