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  1. Well, it would either cure him or kill him, that's for sure.


    P.S. - You can't see me in the picture, but I'm under the one on the right side. If you look close, you can see me frantically waving a bag of chips, trying to get someone's attention!!

    I don't want to kill him or cure him, just fulfill his fantasy. You may not want to let anyone know you are even in that picture.[;)]

  2. He deserves it. Here's a pair of babes I think you can hook him up with. Let me know if you need their contact info.

    Not exactly what we had in mind. Is that what you mean by "I do all my own stunts." [;)] We don't even want a picture of those stunts, dtel says he may not be able to do any "stunts" for a week after viewing that pic.

  3. Please make the photos smaller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those Rocky mountian oysters? Yep, ate em.

    If you allow the thread to load all the way before reading the pics will be the right size, our computer does the same thing.

    If a mountain oyster is what I have been told it is no self respecting coonass would eat a mountain oyster. These are true blue Gulf of Mexico oysters, fresh off the boat.

  4. Do you guys think I don't know about this? [:o] This is one of man's greatest fantasies. Since it is man's biggest fantasy I am seriously considering arranging this for dtel. I think he deserves it.

    Do you think he deserves it? [:D]

    Is it really a man's #1 fantasy? This poll excludes you guys from Montana with your sheep. [;)]

  5. I have talked to Michael in the last few days and he is doing fine. He does still read here on a daily basis. I am hoping to see him back in full swing here soon. I guess we will have to wait for all the women to quit chasing him so he will have time for us.

    As far as posting on the Bose forum, I don't think that would work out. He would get banned for recommending Klipsch to everyone. Just think, if Michael got rid of his Klipsch speaker collection he could put a few thousand pair of Blose in thier place.

    On a more serious note, Jeff, thank you for asking, it means a lot. Here's a hug for you Michael.[{]

  6. I have suffered with sciatica nerve damage for almost four years now. I have not seen a physician for the condition. In my case it is very obvious that it is sciatica nerve. The first symptom was a sensation of pulled muscles in my buttocks. That pain subsequently traveled down my legs, both legs at one point. I could not move from the sofa without assistance for almost two weeks. After the two week rest the pain became bearable.

    Dtel and I have a landscaping company, we do all the work ourselves, mainly custom built homes. This is very demanding. For the longest time dtel insisted that exercise would solve the problem, however after researching this particular condition it became apparent that complete rest was the only temporary relief.

    IMO your particular condition would dictate what therapy would be most beneficial. In my case exercise actually made the problem worse.

    I live with chronic pain in my lower back, buttocks and right leg. There are times that I actually "freeze" in the position I am standing in and have to attempt to move another direction.

    I have not taken any narcotics or muscle relaxers so I can not comment on their effectiveness. I would not want to be dependent on narcotics, I would rather deal with the pain. There is a hand held massager at Walmart that sells for about twenty bucks. It is light weight, with a longer handle that is flexible. This may be one way to alleviate some of the pain. Unfortunately, massaging would only alleviate pain that is muscular in nature.

    An acquaintance of ours recently had back surgery after years of suffering (I am not sure of the exact nature of his problem). I had a lengthy discussion with him about three months ago regarding his surgery. He told me he should have allowed the doctors to operate years ago. He can not do what he could before the back injuries (which accumulated over numerous years) but, he was no longer in pain.

    As far as Lyrica, I am going to ask my physician about it.

  7. Most of you are aware that several of our forum members have been experiencing some trying times in thier lives. Please remember these folks and take the time to offer words of encouragement whenever appropriate.

    I am sure I speak for most of us when I say, "We wish you all a speedy recovery, rather you are suffering from the loss of a loved one or fighting personal battles. You are missed and we are anxiously awaiting for your return."

    Again, our forum members are sadly missed when they no longer grace our presence with their posts. Best wishes for a speedy recovery in your lives.

  8. I read this thread when it was first posted. I thought the author of that article was some type of lunatic. I couldn't figure out what the article was doing on this forum. I am still not sure why it's here...and I still think the author is crazy.

    I think people who drive cars with the bass booming have some hidden desire to p**s 40-somethings off. However, since we live in a very rural area this is usually not a problem. In our local town the police tend to "look out" for "loud cars".

    Music is the common language among all people, how can it be "too much"? Ditto what Daddy Dee wrote and I'll add most of the programming on TV stinks.

  9. Early morning reports say a "mine superintendent" overheard the miscommunication between rescuers and Command Post, called family members in the church and the news spread from there.

    I admire the company for taking the time to verify the deaths and not cause any further grief for the families. Of course, most of the news organizations are whining about the three hour delay for the company to correct the information.

    Again, I commend the rescue workers. Mining is dangerous enough, but rescuing and/or recovering trapped miners, that's real heroes.

  10. Over 50% of the power produced in this country comes from coal. Many of us are enjoying the amenities in life at the expense of these and others who have dedicated themselves to this industry. The average years "on the job experience" of this group was twenty three years. The amount of time they have spent on the job certainly contributed to their survival.

    Bravo to the rescue crews, what a brave group they are.

    And yes, it is bittersweet...one family mourning is one too many.

  11. I agree on your comments. The performances are just different enough from Hell Freezes Over to make it a worthwhile disc to get.

    I hope to see them if/when there is a Farewell II tour. I haven't seen them perform live yet. YET!

    I agree totally. We own both videos and continue to view both of them on a regular basis.

    Don Henley hinted around about a Farewell II tour.

    We saw them live "Hell Freezes Over". They are great performers.

    My favorite song on Farewell I is "All She Wants to do is Dance". During that song, Glenn Frey has a difficult time deciding if he wants to play music or dance. It's very obvious these guys are really enjoying themselves.

  12. We watched this movie last night. I am not a big fan of movies, would rather listen to music, however this one was worth watching. Very very funny, good story line. Not suitable for young children.

  13. There is great wisdom in learning to listen and just keeping quiet.

    When we think we have it rough, it's a good idea to see what else is going on around you.



    It is good to see your input on this post today and sounding so positive. You and Josh remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Elden and Christy

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