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    This isn't meant to be political, but the truth is that most migrant farm workers/laborers are Latino/Hispanic immigrants (legal and illegal). With the current policies, a lot of food crops will rot in the fields because there is no one to work.
    Meat processing plants are some of the most dangerous places to work. It's going to get worse in some places before it gets better.
    A lot of our food supply in the US is handled the same way all our cheap work from China has been done.

    Seems like our citizens need to step up and make a choice. There are people who can work. It’s time we focus on our country and what can be done to recruit our citizens to work those jobs previously held by migrants.

    Again, it’s your choice because this is America. Work or don’t work. Stay home or not. Wear a mask or not. I’m not going to decide how the rest of America lives just because I’m in the vulnerable group. I’m responsible for my own health and well being. I choose not to give that authority to the government. YMMV.

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  2. People that are not showing symptoms, but are carriers will make a lot more sick and die. This is not a flu it is a worldwide pandemic.

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    You have a choice. Stay home or not. It’s really simple. I’m in the vulnerable group. I’m cautious when out in public and who I “associate” with.

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  3. Sure would hate to be shoved into a situation where I am literally forced into working in an already unsafe environment with my own health and those of my family is jeopardized just because someone wants a pork chop.

    If I am satisfied that all of the PPE

    and other details are out in place

    for our mutual protection put in first, then we'll talk about work.


    Then don’t work, this is still America. I’m sure someone would be happy to have a job. You have a choice.



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  4. Finally, something positive about the food supply:
    There really is no choice with this as the 80% reduced processing which the White House official said could happen would be the end of the country.  

    The interesting aspect of this act is that it protects the companies from possible liability lawsuits from workers possibly exposed to “unhealthy working conditions” while maintaining supplies necessary to human life.

    In the words of my favorite NFL coach Sean Peyton. “Just do your job”.

    Again, I understand the risks involved with “vulnerable groups”. I will sacrifice my well being to insure that our food chain doesn’t fall victim to a judicial system that has evolved into a “sue happy” environment.

    For those in the back, I am in the high risk category. That being said I would gladly take a position on the front line that keeps our food chain secure.

    If you haven’t read this, now may be the time.


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  5. I was told that the virus cannot survive cooking...so no need to sanitize meats. We have been washing all our veggies, and fruits for years anyway.

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    We wipe off the packaging.

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  6. the part of this virus thing that is really burning me up is the conflicting information. Wash your groceries we’re told. Brother’s dietician from hospital calls him this morning and she’s telling him, no need to wash what you purchase from grocery store, technically it can have the virus on the product but the chances of getting it that way is very low. 
    You’d think the health care industry would speak with one united voice; but that’s not the case. 
    So once again, just like AIDS back in the early 80s, one person saying one thing, another saying something totally different. 
    our minds are engaged in this grand ping pong match and it’s all getting tiring. 
    Why are so many afraid to say “I don’t know?"
    i think before you say you can’t get it from a certain thing, you’d better be right, likewise don’t say you can if you don’t know. I find “I don’t know” to be a more comforting answer than BS meant to either ease our concern or stoke the hysteria. 

    We sanitize all groceries before they get put away. It’s kind of like hiring an attorney...nobody knows your case like you do. It’s just another dollar for them.

    It’s better to be safe and wipe everything down.

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  7. Despite the Mayo Clinic expressly telling Mike Pence and his staff that they must wear a mask during a tour of the facility, VP Pence blatantly refused to wear one, even in the presence of doctors, nurses and a patient.
    As if we didn't know already, thank you VP Pence for confirming that you have absolutely no clue as to what is going on.  
    Who cares about freezers when administration officials act like this?  

    My advice to you is to refrain from making posts like this.

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  8. Lowes here has plenty in stock.

    All of our Lowe’s in this area are showing no freezer availability mid July, while our Home Depot stores are sold out.



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  9. I tried to buy a new freezer also because mine is 24 years old.  The appliance dealer I’ve known for 40 years, who belongs to an east coast buyers group, said that freezers are totally nonexistent and that some may start trickling in by summer.  
    As to the food shortage, I ask that everyone read this paper and draw your own conclusions (it will take 10 minutes).
    Please, make any comments general and stay away from politics.  What I want to know is what is being done with the millions of chickens, pigs and cows which are being “depopulated”?  It is beyond my comprehension that food is being thrown away at a time when there isn’t enough to go around.  

    Stark reality? Starvation has long been used as a weapon against humanity.

    As some of you know I’m very good friends with a chicken grower in AR. He has six chicken houses and a contract with Tyson to grow. I spoke to him yesterday. He said the normal turnaround after chickens leave his farm is 17-22 days. During that time they clean and disinfect the chicken houses to prepare for the next delivery of chicks. He was advised a couple of days ago that his next delivery would be 22-25 days. Interestingly enough he also said that under the terms of his contract with Tyson he will get paid whether or not he “grows” the chickens. Meaning, if they don’t deliver the chicks to him, he still gets paid.

    One other note of interest is that Tyson supplies all the chicks, as well as all the feed for the chickens.

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  10. A very interesting article in Scientific American. An emergency room doc was considering the death rates for covid19 as compared to the annual influenza deaths. He started wondering where ‘all’ these flu deaths were? Obviously we see covid19 deaths galore. They are documented, seen and unfortunately very real. But he had never experienced flu deaths in numbers anywhere near the volume reported by the CDC. So he investigated. It turns out that annual flu statistics reported by the CDC are estimates, not real hard numbers. In actuality the true number of flu deaths on death certificates is much, much lower ranging from 3,500 to 15,500 per year. The CDC extrapolates their statistics based on formulas. So when we attempt to compare covid19 data to flu data we are comparing apples to oranges. Covid19 cases and deaths are actual hard numbers while the flu cases and deaths are derived values.
    The other side of this coin is that science is working to find the same statistical formulas for covid19. We know the hard patient data for covid19 but do not yet know how that translates into the unseen data. We have seen reports of some of this research.........   those trying to learn the numbers of infected as opposed to the numbers tested positive. But as yet we do not have that information clear.
    So - for the time being when attempts are made to compare covid19 to the flu use the flu data that compares........   it is not a 65,000 influenza death rate. That is a derived value. The actual top end reported death rate for the flu is 15,500 for one season. For covid19 this number is 55,000 in 7 weeks. That is pretty stark and sobering.

    While I appreciate your continued posts and contributions in the CV19 issues I respectfully submit the following. Almost all deaths are being classified as CV19 at this time.

    I am in the “vulnerable group”. Our family has undertaken extreme measures to keep me safe during this time.

    That being said if I fall victim to CV19 it is highly possible my death would be categorized “CV19”. Rightfully so.

    I’m not going to die any time soon from COPD (brought on by exposure to mold and mildew post Katrina). However, the probability that if I contract CV19 I will die is pretty high. In my opinion, my cause of death (if that happens) is CV19.

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    When all you have is your image, that's what you do, "farm" out your name.

    Point is that if you are labeled as a loser there is really no sense in “farming” out your name. If you are a loser as suggested who would want to use your name?

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    Hmm, fix the economy? A 4 time bankruptcy loser. The 5 bank CEO's involved with those bankruptcies said he didn't know how much money was going out verses how much money coming in. They did recommend that he farm out his name to make money. All of this information is  available on an older  PBS documentary.

    This is laughable. He’s such a loser that he can “farm” out his name. What kind of insanity is that? Where is Psychology Today when you need them? Too darn funny.

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  13. Not quite: from Politico on 3/31 (and numerous other sources):

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, revealed on Tuesday that the White House coronavirus task force is seriously considering guidance that Americans wear masks to help thwart the rapid spread of COVID-19.


    But the country’s top infectious disease expert also acknowledged that such a directive has been complicated by the nationwide dearth of personal protective equipment.


    “The idea of getting a much more broad, community-wide use of masks outside of the health care setting is under very active discussion at the task force. The CDC group is looking at that very carefully,” Fauci told CNN.


    “The thing that has inhibited that a bit is to make sure that we don’t take away the supply of masks from the health care workers who need them,” he continued. “But once we get in a situation where we have enough masks, I believe there will be some very serious consideration about more broadening this recommendation of using masks.”


    And don't forget the Taskforce includes 21 other individuals. 

    Not sure what you mean by “not quite”. There was no recommendation from Fauci to wear masks up until a few weeks ago. In fact, at one point he was advising against it.

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  14. Perhaps to live to fight another day in order to work from the inside to prevent a complete train wreck and I don’t recall that he was that late in recommending PPE.  If he called BS, he would’ve been gone.  It’s well known that within the Trump circle, advisors have to tread lightly to soothe Trump’s ego in order to be effective eventually where it matters. 

    How do you know these things? You have some kind of “insider” knowledge or did you draw these conclusions based on what you’ve read and heard. I’m just curious.

    Fauci was that late in recommending masks. He didn’t recommend them until the last week or two.

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  15. Well really not political.... He seems to be the one who wants to save the day and plays down any other possible contributions.  So not political just one sided.
    He has the knowledge though wants to make sure that we follow the old guidelines and time lines, with no real urgency, you know like lives are in the balance.
    Annoying to watch.

    So, you have drawn these conclusions from watching the Task Force briefings or no?

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