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  1. Payment received to busy.bees.orders@gmail.com Thank you @Schu Sure do wish you could attend Pilgrimage!
  2. Everyone loved the old school font so we went with a design that we could incorporate the font into!
  3. Shirts are Gildan brand ultra heavy cotton. Silkscreen. These are limited edition! Colors available:copper, black, white All sizes youth through adult XL are $20.00 each Sizes 2XL-5XL are $22.00 each Tall sizes are $25.00 each (copper not available in tall sizes) $5.00 shipping per shirt or you can pick up at Pilgrimage. $3.00 shipping each additional shirt NOTE: THESE WILL NOT SHIP UNTIL 4/15/19 as these are limited edition/special order. Or....you can pick up at Pilgrimage with no shipping. You can order via Paypal. Be sure to include. Your forum name, color choice and sizes in your notes. Paypal address for payment is: busy.bees.orders@gmail.com If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Christy
  4. Master Attendee List is updated. PM me if you have registered and do not see your name!
  5. @CECAA850 the attendance numbers are definitely higher at this point than in previous years. We are certain a lot of folks are still not aware of the dates yet. We are expecting a record number of attendees this year based on the registered attendees thus far. In addition, a lot of folks have said they are attending but have not yet registered. We may extend early registration through March 1, just to make sure we accommodate everyone that has said they are attending and those that aren't aware of the dates yet. We hate leaving anyone out!
  6. Attendee list updated. PM me if you have registered and do not see your name.\
  7. List is updated. Please pm me if you have registered and do not see your name!
  8. Same here. We've never had any problems travelling through or AROUND Birmingham!
  9. Take the bypass through Birmingham. The bypasses were in good condition the last time we drove there and it's much easier and quicker than driving through Birmingham.
  10. List will be updated today. If I liked on your post, I received payment.
  11. I tagged Jim Hunter because the OP was asking about finishes, age, etc. I didn't realize all of you "smart" folks had already answered his questions!
  12. Would also suggest that you talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters. He's an authorized Klipsch dealer and also sells other equipment!
  13. Master Attendee List has been updated. PM me if you have registered and do not see your name!
  14. Sure do hope you can make it to Pilgrimage. We do have several forum members that are not able to attend but contribute. So...Thank you!
  15. Will be posting Pilgrimage tshirts tonight or tomorrow. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History also has tshirts listed on eBay.
  16. Love them both for different reasons. I always say the Cornwall IIIs have a "warm sound". The Forte IIIs are a bit brighter! That being said I would get in touch with @MetropolisLakeOutfitters aka Cory Harrison in the Klipsch Owner's Facebook group aka Batman! 😂 He's a certified Heritage dealer and can offer you excellent advice and service....and his pricing is difficult to beat.
  17. Damn skippy. If you're out....I'm out @Chief bonehead!!!!
  18. David Dutremble Kevin Harmon Lisa Harmon dtel (Elden Luquet) dtel's wife (Christy Luquet) Dan Nix windashine (Mike Carroll) Rob Shanahan Glenn Mosby (Picky) Verna Mosby (Picky's wife) William Mosby (Picky's son) Dan Stoner Damon McDonald Tory Manceaux Alicia Migues Craig Strause (CStrau) Rita Strause Ray McGhee (total comfort) Peggy McGhee David Goodrich (Seadog) Annie Goodrich (Seadog's wife) Marcel Bergeron Lady of Maurice (Ros Bergeron) Rhys Greaser Candace Bell Gabe Bell Haedyn Greaser Fisher Greaser Clyde Whiting Becky Whiting Steve Shofner (ssh) Brandon Harmon (2dbmore) Rae Harmon Jim Welsh (jimjimbo) Randy Pike Debbie Pike Sandy Bloodworth DaveA (Dave Ault) Brandon O'Bryant Rachel O'Bryant David Clemons (David) Amanda Powell (Batgirl) Jon Powell (David Clemons son in law (Chief pain in the neck) Steven Due (Scrappydue) Danielle (Scrappydue's wife) Richie Smith (Nitrofan) Barb Smith (Nitrofan's wife) Joe Hass (jirachi) John Hass Tony Olmstead Barbie Pecoraro Surprise guest Surprise guest Jerry Wilson Jr. (rockhound) Pete Houtz (Pete H) Carl Pileggi (CECAA850) Evelyn (CECAA850's wife) Amy (CECAA850's daughter) Paul Biglane Stanley Likens David Redlich Pat Smith (WPS) David Mallett (Mallett) Jay Jennings Wendell Perritt Steven Platte (klipsch) Michael Beasley (mikebse2a3) Tom Nielsen (Newtune) Jeannie Nielsen (Newtune's wife) Larry Bentsen (Scallywagger77) Judy Bentsen (Scallywagger77's wife) Andy Barr (HDBRbuilder) Donnie Paschall Shane Cooper Justin Kneubel Lee Booles Big Owl (Allen Carney) Steviebob (Stephen Blood) Twistedcrankcammer (Roger Gordon) Twistedcrankcammer's wife (Rhonda) wavfile44k (Alton Pettigrew) David Frazey Rafael Soldan Jason Reed kirby (Kirby Smith) Richard Groves (guywithwine) Michael Groves (guywithwine's son) Matt Sommers (KGI) Jason Crouch (KGI) Bob Cleveland (MenloBob) Melissa Bertke-Heslin (KGI) John and Jess (Guests of total comfort) William Willis (Trippigs) Ole Dollar (Tim Cooper) Denise Cooper (Ole Dollar's wife) Lyle Hiorns (Rivernuggets) Dean Schaetzel Nick Savage (Savagebeast85) Matt Garrett Paul Raffaele (Classic Album Sundays, New York Chapter) Barbie Bertisch (Classic Album Sundays, New York Chapter) Jason Knoblett (Knoby76) Stephen Knoblett Mark Bonnell Scott Steele Babadono (Eric Lewis) Magela Lewis Michael Griffin Andrea Stuart-Glasgow Rogelio Delgado, Jr. Michael Delgado Jim Hunter Jerry Jones Dori Ball Mark Casavant John Casavant Trey Cannon Gayle Cannon Roger Chase (IndyKlipschFan) Grace Chase Eric Farque Ron Rose (Klipsch86) Tammie Rose Corey Rose Marvin Moses II Patrick Barron Greg Davis (Davis) Gary Troutman (GaryT) Alyce Troutman John Mellady (Schlogg78) Genevieve Croft (Maccagirl83, Boxx's daughter) Will Croft Cory Harrison (MetropolisLakeOutfitters aka Batman) Cathi Harrison J.D. Harrison Isabelle Harrison Steve Gold Sharon Purtzer Roger Simmons Michael Ray (Thaddeus Smith) Paul Redman II (MeLovesKhorns) Amanda Redman Travis Williamson Paula Yocum Lauren Yocum White Austin White Atalie White Emmie White Julianna Scott White Melissa Yocum Corey Hickson Harper Annette Hickson Madison Murphy Suzanne Murphy Pam Griffin Stacey Atchison Ian Matthews (SETI) Jimmy Brown (hogwylde) Tisha Derek Meller Michael Burrato
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