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  1. I can’t link to the original WaPo article but here is another report.  I know the Salon is left leaning but .........
    An interesting article in Psychology Today:

    Both are left leaning. Just browsed through them. Ugghhh.

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  2. i will admit that i have watched zero press conferences. Even if i had, not being a doctor with training in this area, i wouldn’t know if Fauci was being factual. I’d give him the benefit the doubt because he knows more about it than i do -- but i’d be hoping that he is right not knowing that he is right. 
    Honestly, i gave up watching the news long ago -- i think each (for profit) network is talking to their target audience and trying to lead them to the conclusion that they want the listener to arrive at. Can’t recall the organization is that ranks each media outlet annually. Last I saw they had the AP and Reuters as the most accurate and least biased. They had CNN and Fox as equally biased; but gave a slight edge to CNN for accuracy, although they concluded that both presented their stories in a manner that led viewers toward a conclusion. 
    i find it a shame that we’re at the point of having to question everything. Politics sucks hard -- why do people embrace it so strongly? 

    It’s not just doctors at the Task Force press conferences. There are a wide range of attendees. Information is always better first hand, that way you can draw your own conclusions. Otherwise you are left to wallow through the BS being pushed by the media.

    Fauci has fishtailed on several issues including but not limited to the use of masks.

    In fact, I’ve even watched Cuomo’s press conferences. Watched him whine and complain about what he needed/wanted. Saw Trump step up and give him everything he “needed/wanted”. Then I heard Cuomo try to rip Trump apart for not giving him what he needed/wanted. Guess what,
    it had been delivered and Cuomo was clueless that it was already in the state’s possession. It’s disgusting.

    The reason people care or should care is because there is a long standing plot to convert this country to Socialism at best, Communism at worst. Folks need to pay attention and I mean really pay attention. They also need to realize that it is a privilege to vote and that privilege is slowly being taken away.

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  3. Are you saying that Fauci profited somehow?

    Follow the money. I guarantee you the trail leads to Fauci and a few others involved.

    Honestly, look at what political leaders are trying to grab power in certain states, look at how certain leaders have padded the stimulus bills with their special interests...in fact holding the money hostage until they got what they wanted for their special interests. Look who keeps pushing the panic and fear. Yes, we should be concerned, but the media has pandered to the left and once again created so much decisiveness people can’t think logically. Look who wants to “reimagine” society. Look who said they were willing to crash the economy to get Trump out if office. I could go on and on but it’s probably pointless. Until people really start thinking and researching for their self it’s repeating the same thing expecting a different outcome. Hmmmm...the definition of insanity.

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  4. If Trump is following the money, it is not bc he means to. He has his faults, and a lot of them, but he has proven too many times that is is not swayed by money or pressure. 
    Fauci is the one in the know. He knew from  the start that masks would help and distancing was key. 

    Exactly. Fauci is the one that is the expert. That’s why Trump brought him on board for the Task Force. Trump isn’t stupid. He may be crass, rude and obnoxious but he isn’t stupid. He’s figuring it all out.

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  5. What I’ve seen from Fauci has been consistent, factual, and apolitical.  Not so from Trump - just rambling word salads, phoney gas-lighting self-congratulation, shifting blame, attacks on the press, and maybe worst of all, no compassion for the afflicted.

    Really? I guess we have not been watching the same Daily Task Force briefings.

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  6. Darn Fauchi was instrumental in giving that wuhan institute of virology millions in recent years.
    He's got to go!

    I guess some folks glanced over this and the other sources reporting this. Fauci was the Director at the time 3.7 million dollars was dispersed to the lab in Wuhan and others during the Obama administration . $700,000 was donated under Trump’s administration. Notice that Trump pulled the plug on anymore funds to WHO until this tale can be unraveled. FOLLOW THE MONEY

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  7. Christy, please don’t think that I’m trolling here.  Over the years on this forum, we’ve shared some laughs and I’ve known you to be an intelligent and compassionate person but I have to respectfully question comments like the one above.  I think your comment would be dead on accurate if applied to Trump.  Would you trust Trump over Fauci??

    A resounding YES! Follow the money.

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  8. Just watched 60 minutes tonight about the Canadian corporation called Bludot which predicted in December where the covid 19 will hit with deadly accuracy. Canad was prepared at that time for the covid 19 and California got on the Bludot bandwagon later on.

    I think some Canadians may not agree with you.

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  9. I'm not using hindsight. My Dad is a Medical Technologist. I grew up in a house learning about germs. 
    When they said masks weren't needed, I called bullshit.  When they said it wasn't airborne (transferable via aerosolization through breathing and talking), I called bullshit on that too. 
    Was the Spanish Flu/H1N1 a conspiracy too, you know, just to take out the young people?
    I'm saying they wasted almost six weeks. There is no way the likes of Fauci, Redfield, and Birx didn't know what was going to happen. Just like now, the experts are saying one thing, the politicians are saying something else.  

    I don’t believe you are correct in the aerosolization timeline. I know dental offices were among the earliest ordered to close, at least in our region.

    As far as masks go, there was a lot of concern on people making it worse, a false sense of security. In addition to concerns over “hoarding” of supplies needed by the medical
    professionals and first responders. First responders are still without PPE is some cases. I mean, look at the toilet paper hoarding as an example.

    I don’t trust Fauci and haven’t since the beginning. Follow the money.

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  10. Just curious.  Are you implying that you trust sources like Next News Network (sic) over what you call “mainstream” media?

    I don’t trust any of them. I did, in fact read the Snopes article cited. Very biased IMO.

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  11. My COVID-19 bachelorhood will soon come to an end.  My beloved mother-in-law passed peacefully sometime after 3:00 am.  She was 96 in February.  That her daughters could be with her to ease the process was a blessing.

    I’m sorry to hear of her passing. Our condolences. I know it’s been difficult for everyone. It is a blessing that she had her daughters with her. May she now Rest In Peace.

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  12. And the reason is one which you may not like, if you actually look into it---people like you and I were not meant to really choose.

    It has served us well. Could you imagine the voter fraud if we went to “popular vote”. It would make the “hanging chads” debacle minuscule in comparison. Or better yet, let’s open up mail in votes. That ought to work out really well!

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  13. So funny how the left loved him when they were clamoring for donations and interviews for three decades. Then without permission of the deep state he runs for president and now everybody hates The Art of the Deal. Hilariously hypocritical.

    Therein lies the real problem. “Deep State”.

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  14. Exactly. I read all sides but believe the one that seems to be a real reflection on how things end up working over time. CNN = disinfomation and agenda driven lies to support the downfall of the constitution and people like Rush and Trump are on Jeffersons side. I want America for my children not a luke warm version of socialism and ever declining freedoms and standards of living. I do not need a nanny and I don't want to dictate how my neighbors live but I also don't want them in my business.

    The downfall of the Constitution and the thought of Socialism are pretty scary to me.

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    Apparently, depending on the moron genius in the White House seems to work well for you.

    Listening to what is said by ALL parties on the Task Force is serving me well. Thank you for the vote of confidence.

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    You might want to refer to your post on the task force daily briefings for the answer.

    Taking posts out of context again. Read them both. What I said is pretty clear. No need to put a “spin” on my words.

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