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  1. A couple points of interest. Flu season deaths are generally accounted for during October thru March. That being said CV19 deaths have been counted for two months. CV19 is much more contagious than flu. Do you think mitigation has not curbed the number of deaths?

    Your right to run free does not supersede my right to be safe when I need to be in public.

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  2. But yet you haven't deleted the posts or warned or banned the posters....I guess that says something.

    We would hope they are intelligent enough to consider the post as a warning. Today isn’t the day to push buttons. We are sure everyone knows what that means.


    Moderators are not in the “cleaning” business. We are over warning people. That only leaves one or two options. We are sure folks are smart enough to figure out what those are. Locking the thread or banning the offenders. It’s the same folks...over and over and over!


    Now, y’all can knock it off.



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  3. There are too numerous income iniquities in America to roster. Suffice it to say that $billions are spent on topical medical oils and otc joint juice fix-ems. So ‘big’ pharm informing prospective consumers of products which may actually benefit them is pretty tame in my book. But big pharm is most certainly seeking cures which they also charge big $$$ for. Big $$$ is what most people seek. Some sell real estate and make huge $$$$$ for not-a-whole-lot. Others make medicines that actually function. But there’s no conspiracy to cheat Americans from cures in favor of perpetual treatments. Really.

    While I respect your posts and generally agree with most of what you say...I totally disagree with your last sentence here. In my opinion there is a conspiracy. There is much more money to be made in perpetual drug therapy than a cure. Always....follow the money.

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    My suggestion is to purchase the 2020 version of the Old Farmers Almanac. It is split into geographic zones and has all kind of information on what, how and when to plant. You should be able to grow almost anything at your elevation given decent soil and varmint control. 

    I can not possibly agree more with this advice. I did this one year. Followed the Farmer’s Almanac all the way down to when to plant. No weeds, greatest abundance of crops ever. [mention]USNRET [/mention] I would be happy to help you. Raised beds are great.

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  5. None to be had? 
    Didn't put one out the past two years due to family medical problems. I bought all I needed to eat at the local farmer's market.
    Putting out a larger one than I typically do, this year. Usually only tomato and banana peppers. This year, I'm going all in. Bought a 5' tiller for the tractor. Wow, what a difference.  

    May have to order online. We have been doing pick up only for groceries, drive thru for meds. Sanitizing everything as it’s unloaded. Really don’t want to go in the local feed store (or any store) and they (feed stores) aren’t doing curb side pick up.

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  6. I planted my garlic last October. Thinking of digging out and establishing a vegetable garden in the back yard this spring. The prior generation all put in Victory Gardens during WWII.

    [mention]dtel [/mention] planted tomatoes, eggplant and a lone strawberry plant. I really would like to plant some cucumbers and green beans, but we don’t have the seeds.

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  7. Don’t think I’d be this fatalistic. If you’re in somewhat good health odds are still very much in your favor. You could need some fluids or a little O2 and antibiotics and you’d be good to go. Stay home and forego those simple things and it might be curtains. BTW I abhor hospitals but they are not places to go to die. Just obey and be vigilant. Make sure the meds they administer are correct and in correct dosages. And above all else if you’ve got a lot to live for - fight like hell to live.

    I’m not in good health I have COPD brought on by mold and mildew after Katrina. Yes I have a lot to live for, but I refuse to die alone.



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  8.   Thank you for applying for a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan with XXXXX XXXXXXX. Bank. Below is an overview of the next steps with regard to your application.  
    1. Once we have all of your information, the Small Business Administration (SBA) requires us to verify the accuracy of your application. That means that we must review your payroll calculations and all documentation that you submitted, and certify that your loan request is based on accurate numbers and calculated correctly. This takes time, and we appreciate your patience.
    2. After we verify the accuracy of your loan request, the next step is for us to submit your PPP application to the SBA through their system, E-Tran. All customers for whom we have received an E-Tran approval from the SBA will receive a notification to that effect at the end of the day. Due to the volume, we are not able to reach out individually as each approval is received. If you get to this point and decide that you want to cancel your application for any reason, please email XXXXXXX XXXXX with your request. 
    3. Once we receive the E-Tran approval and we have a complete application with all required supporting documentation, our PPP/SBA system will send you the SBA note and borrower final application to sign. This is the key step. Please remember that, as a condition to the PPP loan, you must certify in your PPP application that current economic uncertainty makes your PPP loan request necessary to support your ongoing operations. In other words, if a PPP loan is not necessary to support your ongoing operations as a result of the current economic uncertainty, you are not eligible for a PPP loan. 
    4. Once you sign your note, you can expect that funding will be forthcoming. If you have a XXXXXX XXXXX Bank checking account, we will deposit the funds into the checking account or use ACH. Please note that, at this time, the U.S. SBA has not released the SBA note to the banking community. We hope to receive that today, April 7, 2020, but we will not fund approved loans until we have received the note from the SBA. 
    We know you are eager to have your application approved and the funding in your account. Please bear with us as we work through the extraordinary amount of loan applications we have received over the past few days. We will continue to update our XXXXXXXXX page and will post to our social channels (FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn) with the latest information. 
    Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

    This sounds “promising”????

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