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  1. The latest French study, which looked at the study the President referred to, says Hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics is of no effect.
    "However, a study just published in a French medical journal provides new evidence that hydroxychloroquine does not appear to help the immune system clear the coronavirus from the body. The study comes on the heels of two others – one in France and one in China – that reported some benefits in the combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for COVID-19 patients who didn’t have severe symptoms of the virus."
    Science indeed.
    Which is why our number one physician/scientist wants to wait for the gold standard, randomized studies with placebo.
    The first French study was on people with "mild" symptoms.
    The side effects of hydroxychloroquine are potentially deadly, you need to be on an ECG and closely monitored in a hospital. If you are a heart patient you might not be suitable. 
    Here.is the latest study.

    Really strange. Rudy said he took a drastic turn for the better when he was given hydroxychloroquine. Coincidence???

    I don’t recall anyone saying it helps the immune system “clear” the virus.

    Or just another play on words?

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  2. This is an important topic. I’m unlocking it, hoping I’m doing the right thing.

    Leave politics out. Sad part is that you guys are pretty smart. Use your brains to help. This is not the time for division. We are all in this together, whether you like it or not.

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  3. I’m asking nicely, one last time. This thread is for Rudy and his recovery. Take anything else regarding CV19 to the other thread.

    Keep politics out of it.

    Warning points, suspensions and being banned are all in the table for those that don’t follow the Terms of Service.

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  4. BTW: this is a thread for Rudy.  I actually recommend the Corona thread for political statements...
    Thanks again to the individual that started this thread.  It was a nice thought and I hope it helps Rudy to recover more quickly.

    Y’all would be wise to follow Chris’s advice. That being said no politics. I don’t want to be forced to
    lock either thread.

    Keep this thread about Rudy and his progress.

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  5. Puhleeze stop attempting to equate covid19 to any flu except the 1918 flu. Why? Because those 2 events have one big thing in common - ZERO human immunity to a lethal virus.
    During a normal flu season hospitals do not get buried in critically sick peoples. Sure a lot of people get sick but it is spread out spatially and over time. A regular flu season is manageable. Yes influenza kills but covid19 is shown to be 15X more fatal and that’s with the best care possible.
    Hopefully covid19 will ONLY kill less than 100,000. That will happen ONLY if America keeps itself shut-in and sequestered for whatever length of time is needed to stifle this bug.

    This! Yes, please.

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    Who was the other affected forum member? I recall a passing comment where you mentioned two known cases here, but Rudy is the only that's been on my radar.

    The other affected member was MeLovesKhorns aka Paul Redman and his wife. They were both released from quarantine about a week ago and are back on the front lines of the COVID battle.

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  7. Forget the toilet paper, you can always take a shower -- or buy tissue paper. I noticed that yesterday when I was shopping. No TP, but tons of Kleenex. 
    I loaded up on important stuff. Coffee and chocolate.

    Haha! It was a joke. We are good on TP!

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  8. The moderators and Chad are watching this thread. Like Chad said “tread lightly”. It would be a shame to get this thread locked...and the next one on this topic. Even worse would be having to ban someone.

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  9. Warning ! A recommendation from our (France) Minister of Health = It is recommended not to take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen, as it could mask the symptoms of Covid19. Cortisone and ibuprofen could worsen the disease and the patients who took ibuprofen arrived at the hospital in worse condition than others, especially young people under 50/60 years of age. In case of fever you can take paracetamol.

    Thank you for sharing this!!!

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  10. There is an attendee list for the SWAG in the Master SWAG thread.  I'd put a link here but it's been frowned upon and would probably get deleted like other links I've posted.  I haven't seen a list for the Pilgrimage.  Maybe it will be easier to compile now and you can make an informed decision about going to both or one or the other.

    It’s not that easy. Looks like most people are still coming to the “fan gathering” but I’m bombarded with phone calls, texts, messages and emails. For the record, I haven’t deleted any links.

    This isn’t about SWAG.

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