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  1. Yeah. It was one of the Fry’s one day sales. The checkout had it for $1100 but you put the promo code 2288 in there and it dropped the price pretty much in half. They have a warehouse in Louisiana so it shipped from there and not their Cali location. I did see it at Accessories for Less for $750 and refurbed so Fry’s was cheaper and new was a no brainer which is lucky for me! 😀
  2. That Emotive looks nice! I did already receive the Yamaha from Fry's for $695. Haven't unboxed it yet. Will have to do it this weekend. Looks like my Denon AVR5803 is going used for as much as I paid for the Yammy. But the Alexa, Plex and other streaming services look prety darn good. I do have a 3TB frive that is full of FLAC files that I am hoping I can connect to the USB port and play, but I guess I need to unbox and find some You Tube vids for instruction on all that.
  3. dtel, I did think about that. I had an old B&K Ref30 that I loved. The thing is this Yamaha Aventage 1080 was on sale at Fry’s from $1100 to $700. I don’t think I could get a pre for as little as that. Sure the amp section in the Yammy will not be used but even with the beast of a Denon I have, the amp section is unused. For the price I paid for the Yamaha I not have video and audio switching with the latest sound fields. I still miss my old Pioneer DVD-A\SACD player but I do have all that music in almost every format except cassette or 8 track!
  4. Thanks for the input. I will check out this Yamaha 1080 and see how it goes. If not, back to the Denon. Love that beast of a receiver. It weighs double what the 1080 does but again, not an issue with my Parasound 2205AT. Let the testing begin!
  5. I’ve been out of the Home theater scene for the last 9 years. I was in before HDMI and was thrilled with my old Pioneer SACD\DVD player. Loved listening to DTS\SACD\DVD-A music. But all that tech has changed so dramatically. I have been using a Denon 5803 but for a year now, all source, except CD and phono, go through a Parasound DAC for 2 channel audio. So my Academy and 2 rear channels sit silent. Then along comes a sale at Frys for the Yammy 1080 $695 delivered to my door. I do have a Parasound 2205AT for 5X220 so power is covered. I’m really not intending to go 7.2 or 9.1 or any other config except for 5.1. Did I spend wisely of this or if I’m not going full bore and hooking up more speakers for ATMOS, am I just wasting my time? Sure miss those days when things were simple. But then again. If I were my current age back then would I hate the change as much? Damn kids, get off my lawn!! 😜
  6. Sorry to rehash this old thread but looking for either end caps or the feet pictured. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s have no caps. Really like the feet that raise them but that link has expired and brings up a google page with a crap ton of caps and feet to look at but nothing in the size needed. Anyone have an idea where I can find either one? Thanks in advance.
  7. That's the thing with these darnn Chorus speakers. You spend $600 then you get the Crites diaphragms and crossovers revuilt, build Port tubes(thank you Matthews), get some good wood oil on them and now you're into them for $900-1000. But damn they sound good. I bought mine to replace my LaScalas but I just can't let the Las go. Chorus are amazing but the LaScalas are amazinger. You watch, one day that will be a word too. Freaking irregardless made it into the dictionary. Sorry for the hijack. Now back to a good buy on Chorus in Tampa Bay.
  8. Southeast where? Tampa Bay Craigslist has a pair. Same dude I bought my Chorus 1's from.
  9. Oops. Didn't see your tag line! Sorry. In all fairness I didn't have them at the same time so I couldn't compare hem. I did love my 69's. They were quite the project. Pretty much brought them back from the dead cosmetically and changed out the tweeter diaphragms before having Crites rebuild my A crossovers. Also added the CT-125 tweeters. They did sing but what do I know. I thought my Cornwall 2's sounded better than my Cornwall 1's though the 1's had nothing done to them. Those I did do side by side comparisons. So so I guess I will move with both sets and try them both though I am feeling a lot more positive about the Khorns. Thank you everyone for your responses.
  10. Here is a pic of my 79 Las and 2009 Khorns. The 09 Khorns are far superior to the 1969 Khorns I had a few years back.
  11. Not a problem my friend. Lost track here for a few years but now I have freedom again like Bravehart without the kilt!
  12. I've actually been with the forum since it's inception. I was a constant lurker but not a frequent poster as is evidenced by my post count. I do agree to not get rid of the Khorns but the room may dictate otherwise. They are in perfect condition and from 2009. I purchased them from another forum member who lived around 50 miles away. I have enjoyed them for several years now. LaScalas are tough to give up too. I just love both sets. Not quite a Sophie's choice here but I do want the best sound from the system.
  13. Currently have a pair of 2009 Klipschorns in a 20X35 room. Lost 150lbs (wife) and am downsizing to a house with a LR of 13X22. Was going to put the Khorns on the 13' wall. Will that be good for them to breath? Or should I just use my LaScala's instead? Sad day to sell either pair but its a small price to pay.....well I digress! :-) Thanks for your assistance.
  14. I am so tempted but I think my 09's would be jealous! :and then agin, there would be a divorce too. So I guess it has its positives and negatives. :-)
  15. Daily lurker. Occasional poster. Sad thread count even though I've been here since "almost" the beginning.
  16. That's what you get posing pics from the iPad.
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I did get a lot of the glue out but even with an exacto, this is left. Maybe paint with the rustoleum I painted the tops with? Been playing non stop for a couple days. Really nice speakers.
  18. I'll take a pic tonight and post. I did peel the big pieces off. That was easy enough. It's the remainder that's between the motorboard and cabinet that's a bit unsightly.
  19. Klipschfascf4- I did pull the whole motorboard, front and back and laid the bead on the inside. It wasn't a huge bead but I put 2 55lb dumbells in lieu of a vice. So as the glue expanded and there was 110lbs on top of it, it's the glue went both inside and outside the cabinet. I also used rustoleum 7777 on the tops and they look good. Again, not perfect but pretty darn good for $200 speakers. Edroom- I have had the 30's before and loved them but sold them after I picked up a pair of pristeen Cornwall II's. I've pretty much owned the entire heritage line as well as many others. Still own a pair of '82 LaScalas and '09 Klipschorns. I will put the 20's to a listening test this weekend so I will keep you updated. Thanks all for the hints. I will try to scape off as much as I can but do feel they did turn out nice for the price I paid.
  20. So I found a pair of 20's off Craigslist around a year ago for $200. Had to meet at a neutral spot, dude was moving, blah blah. So through away good judgement and about $200 I went ahead and purchased them. To say they was then an understatement but as it turns out, was a HUGE understatement. Both front and back panels needed to be re-glued. So I took out the drivers and went ahead and did it. I definitely shortcutted the heck out of it cause I laid down a bead of gorilla glue all around the speaker. On the positive side, they don't rattle anymore. The negative side is that even though I removed most of the excess expanded glue, there is still residue on the speaker. Not so worried about the backs but it does look crappy on the front. For the most part the grill will remain on but for those times I remove the grill, is there anything that will remove the excess caught in the cracks? For $200 I can live with it but if there are any simple fixes, suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  21. That's the truth. The Bison are an arms reach away. I was suprised at how many bikers got off their bikes and walked close to them to take a picture. I guess if they're not bright enough to figure out the zoom lens on the camera????? But what a nice ride. I had a Street Glide at the time, much to my wife's dismay. Have an Ultra Classic now so the wife will be much happier on the next trip there.
  22. Thanks so much for the congrats. We loved it up there. Beautiful scenery, super friendly people. But Rushmore was worth the whole trip and those pics really brought me back there. We are going back in 2015 for the Sturgis 75th anniversary and it is one of our stops along with Custer State Park, Devils Tower, Needles HiWay, and the Badlands.
  23. Great pics. The wife and I got married at Mt. Rushmore a year and a half ago at the Sturgis Ralley. That mountain is quite spectacular.
  24. His Irish Toast was the best. Ed Sheeren actually has the song on his CD. Then the Blind Ninja Waterfall. What a show. Blind Ninja Waterfall is where he would have 2 pints of beer, shirt over his head, pour one beer into the other, stand in the Karate Kid pose, and down both pints of beer through his shirt without spilling a drop. And no, thats not what killed him.
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