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  1. DBX for sale $50 PLUS SHIPPING DBX 1BX good working condition cord chafed taped up. used it on subwoofer for more dynamics have 2 horn subs now
  2. pair abs horns FOR SALE $60 plus shipping lower 48 only 11" x 17" ABS 2" Bolt-On Long Throw Horn 90° x 40 with Adapters For 1 3/8" Screw-On Driver To A 2"
  3. Don't remember who I bought from or type La Scala crossover they sound good. I have 3 different sets crossovers .
  5. Are SF-1 Floorstanding Speakers fused?
  6. IndyKlipschFan I don't know how you came to this conclusion out of the littel bit I wrote? Let get some facts straight. I have a receipt and it states it was a HD box so Comcast was well aware it was and the service rep and the district manager admitted they knew it was. I did not order this box I did not ask for this box and other than scanning through channels I didn’t use the HD channels. Comcast told me to return the Box and I said I am not going to waist my gas and my time and effort for a mistake you knowingly made you pick it up. Now what was I to do return the box, which they did not have an exchange for because they didn’t have in stock? I never gave this box another thought until they sent me a bill. Now IndyKlipschFan Don't get mad... But you passed judgment with out getting all the facts is this what a good Christian does?. Karma is a wild thing. Be honest with yourself, did you jump to conclusion with out getting the rest of the story. I for one, could not have slept very good knowing I passed judgment with out getting all the facts. Look at yourself in the mirror do you have sandals on and can you walk on water? You feel good teaching your kids this way too? To take advantage of a situation, with your holy than now attitude when you know deep down it is wrong or immoral?
  7. Has anybody thought about a pyramid scheme to get these giant company monopolies's attention? I see my wife get dozens of e-mails about jokes, pictures, and etcetera. There is a list of hundreds of e-mailers who sent them. If you send your dissatisfaction on to ten friends, and they send it on to ten friends, so on and so forth. Maybe you will have a mass exodus at one time from a company like Comcast, where they do any thing they please. I had a digital cable box installed approximately 2 years ago. At the time the installer only had a HD box on the truck, so he is installed that box, I said I didn't care as long as I would not get an extra charge. Well, 2 years later I get an extra charge of $6 a month on my bill. I called Comcast, and they say, you have HD box and. you should be getting charged. Even after telling them the story about my conversation with their installer, and arguing with them, they say you have HD box you should be getting charged. I said listen this was your mistake not mine, and then you add a charge to my bill with out any notification. I have to waste my leisure time to call to straighten you people out for a mistake your service department made. I said I didn't ask for a HD box. Her response was, she would have an installer up to take it out. So now, I have to hang around on a Saturday for them to show up, another inconvenience. I said you people are aggravating me now, I asked for my service to be put down to the bare minimum. I cut $20 off my bill, so it cost them. I then called a manager with no satisfaction. Six months ago my cable went out, my wife called Comcast and said they would fix it. They offered a free upgrade with the same channels we already had plus additional channels. My wife told her, I don't want to loose any the channels my husband likes, they said no you will have all plus more. Well guess what, my favorite channels were missing. My wife calls them back, and tell her we can't get our old package back. They told her you would have to upgrade to the sports package for an additional charge. My wife went off on them, but it didn't matter, we had to pay extra to get back what I want and what I didn't want.
  8. I tried this service sounded very good. http://mgn.musicgiants.com/Service.aspx
  9. Do your homework before you spend your money. I have included links to what I think will help solve your problem. Please look and read through them and jot down notes that you think are pertinent to your problem. I had basement rooms in the past and it was a lot of work to get good sound out of them I attribute that to room dimensions low ceiling. It is always easier to get good sound when you start of with ideal room dimensions. Ideal dimension are not always possible so you have to compensate with room treatments .It sounds to me your sitting in a null this is just my assumption with the little information you gave about your room. I think your on the right track as far as bass traps read about bass traps in this link http://www.ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html The other thing I think is pertinent to your problem is the 38% rule read link. http://www.realtraps.com/art_room-setup.htm The other thing I tried your diappolito stacked configuration I didnt like it to because it causes a blurred point source and bloated bass. Well here is bunch of links a lot of good reading easy to understand and I like the approach Ethan Winer takes on room Acoustics. http://www.ethanwiner.com/acoustics.html http://www.realtraps.com/art_room-setup.htm'>http://www.realtraps.com/art_room-setup.htm http://www.realtraps.com/videos.htm'>http://www.realtraps.com/videos.htm http://www.realtraps.com/
  10. Vintage pair of Klipsch LaScala stage performance main speakers. Heavy-duty fiberglass reinforced cabinets with metal edging on all edges and corners and four heavy-duty casters on the bottom of each cabinet. Each cabinet also has the original Klipsch 18" woofer and 2" driver horns in excellent working condition. Local pickup required. http://delaware.craigslist.org/msg/388443494.html
  11. Thank you Craig that is what I wanted to Know I will probably go that route.
  12. Recommend narrow footprint tower horn speakers depth of speaker can not be more than 15" driven by low powered integrated tube amp,like Scott 299B or Sophia Baby 10 watts per channel. Has any one tried this set up? I want to put some Hi Quality sound in dining room.
  13. I tried a Scott 299b and 299c on Heresy's I was amazed with the sound out off the 299b. I would try and find a nice 299b I think you will be surprised.
  14. Bob I think this is pretty close to what your looking for. http://www.mcmaster.com/ Part #95630A460 I guess you might be using them for inductor coil hold downs? Take A look around yourself a lot of stuff on this site.
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