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  1. I have two subs Synergy black level sub 100 subwoofer (brand new) sw 308 powered subwoofer 8 years young my power source is denon avr 3500h in my main living area I have an integra amp in my bedroom Thanks in advance
  2. I recently purchased a set of synergy f 300 and they arrived without speaker grills. I ordered from a secondary site. They are working on sending me a set of grills. If they can not is there any place to buy a set of grills for this?
  3. Ok, you have reiterated my belief... I am going to power them, the kitchen speakers and the outside with my pma 500 (anyone have a comment on that piece of denon???) and just use the bose for casual listening...
  4. Hi, I have a pair of 1986 kg4 these have the passive sub, horn tweeter and two midrange that i have a dilemma with.. I know they are great but, my wife hates them and my 1986 denon pma 500 pre amp and wants something smaller like the bose 321... how good are the kg4 are they worth fighting with the marriage or do i give in?? i am half joking but, want to be told they are old and worn out or they are great please help
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