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  1. I just bought a used Marantz SR5400 AV receiver... 6x90 watts. It's got preamp outs on all 6 channels. I've got all my sources going directly into the receiver, then L/R preamp outs -> EQ -> Sonic Super T-Amp -> Cornwalls. The receiver is directly driving the Heresy center channel & surrounds. The funny thing about this receiver is that there is no stereo + sub output option. The only way to get a signal going out the LFE-out channel with a stereo source is to use "circle surround 2" in stereo mode, but then that runs the center and surround amps as well which ruins the natural stereo imaging. My compromise on that is to have 2 seperate inputs to the sub... one coming from the LFE on the receiver (which has a signal when I'm watching dolby or dts movies) and another coming from the low pass crossover that is conveniently built into my EQ, which I switch to when I'm listening to stereo sources. It's a little ghetto, but it sounds good and whether I'm listening to stereo or dts/dolby stuff the sub volume is tied to the volume on the receiver, so I'm not having to constantly dial in the right amount of bass output. The T-Amp is obviously not the best piece of gear to be driving the corns with, but it's what I've got onhand and it is will drive them past my normal listening levels. Thanks for all your input!!! PS - be careful running pro audio gear with home audio gear. I ruined the LFE circuit that was built into my Yamaha receiver by overdriving one of the analog input circuits by turning the gain up too high on the EQ. =\
  2. 1977. I've already replaced the caps and the tweeter diaphragms too =)
  3. Well, what is your budget? And what speakers will you be powering? How big is the room, how far away do you sit, and how loud do you like it? And why do you feel you need the equalizer? budget - undecided speakers - L/R - cornwalls center - heresy rear - cambridge soundworks ensemble the room is relatively small, maybe 11x14. my head is about 7' back from the mains. i don't listen too loud most of the time unless i'm in another room. i'm currently using the eq to tone things down around 8-16Khz - my cornwalls seem excessively bright and harsh to me in that range. i also drop 100-160Hz down quite a bit because my room seems to resonate pretty heavily around there. and i also bump it up a little bit around 40Hz just because i like to feel the lows when they hit =) i've got a persian rug high on the wall behind my listening position and i have a homemade fiberglass (R13) acoustic panel directly behind my head to absorb the mid/hi frequency reflections that would be coming off that wall. the carpet is very short, almost hard, and there is no treatment at all on the ceiling, but there is a ceiling fan in the center of the ceiling.
  4. my current receiver doesn't have preamp outs =\ hmm... that's definitely something to keep in mind if i can find a decent used dts receiver.... thanks!!!
  5. hehe, yeah i thought about that too... but that would be way outside my budget
  6. just got back from target... $18 bought me a 3 way left/right/video selector box =) not pretty but it'll get the job done.
  7. I'd be ecstatic to be able to EQ my mains if I could do it on all my stereo sources instead of just one. I don't care so much about EQ'ing my center or surround channels.
  8. My current receiver (yamaha rx-v530) has VCR ins/outs but it doesn't function as a traditional tape/effects loop.... meaning, it sends L-R line level outputs to VCR-out and it will play whatever comes in on VCR-in when you select VCR as the input... ... but any modifications made by the VCR or EQ are disregarded. It's not a proper tape loop (on my yamaha anyway). -j
  9. Also, having preamp outs would be a big plus in case I ever get around to triamping my L-R speakers. I've looked on the Onkyo and HK sites and they don't mention anything about tape loops. Thanks!!!
  10. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good DTS/Dolby 5.1 receiver that has a real tape loop so I can use my equalizer with it for both analog and digital stereo sources? Thanks! -Jacob
  11. Yeah, it took a lot of fiddling, and I'm sure I'm not done yet. The pink noise generator helped a lot in balancing out the sound.
  12. I completely forgot about my Cambridge SW Ensembles. Ran some wires, hooked em up.... sounds pretty sweet. I'm sure 3 corns and heresies in back would be a lot better, but this is a helluva lot better than anything I've ever owned before =) No surprise, I've got surprise visitors tonight who decided to order pizza and stay for dinner and a movie =)
  13. Hehehe, yeah, my buddy suggested that too, but he was joking b/c he saw how small the room is. It's probably 12x15'. I'd like to do that, but it would be pretty tight, esp in the left rear corner b/c that's the front door of my house, and the door is competing for space for a decent mounting location. My friend suggested using a pair of these for surrounds: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001H6DLM/ref=nosim/102-7091663-7822529?n=172282
  14. Right now I'm using the Klipsch sub until my buddy takes it back. I've also got an Adire Shiva in a homemade box which I've been powering with a spare receiver plugged into the LFE out of my Yamaha. I'm still looking for surrounds. I'll prolly just pickup something cheap off craigslist for now.
  15. Oh yeah, and a buddy of mine bought a Klipsch 12" sub off craigslist yesterday too, but he won't have a system to use it in for a couple weeks, so it's pumping the low end for my system right now =) =) =)
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