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  1. So I'm using Dirac Live on the Cornwalls, and the bass sounds tight to me. I've been quite pleased with the sound but one always wonders...
  2. Yes Yes I'm in Massachusetts. Maybe someone nearby has some La Scalas that I can have a listen to as you suggest.
  3. What folks seem to be saying is that although La Scala doesn't plumb the depths, it is sufficient for many, and the bass has great tonal quality. Being a classical music fan, I don't think it would be sufficient for me. A 50hz cutoff misses the underpinnings of classical music. I guess the question is how a ported sub would blend with La Scala. The nearest Klipsch dealer is about 100 miles north, so I might have to take a day and make the trek.
  4. I've got a Monoprice 12" THX Ultra Certified sub for movies. It works well with the Cornwalls. I guess I'm having difficulty understanding how the Scalas horn loaded bass will work with a ported sub and whether I am losing the magic of the fully horn loaded speaker by going that route. And whether I'll need a sub to enjoy my music.
  5. So I have been enjoying a pair of Cornwall IIIs and am thinking of upgrading to La Scalas. I am a classical music lover and have enjoyed the Cornwalls bass, which in room measures to about 30hz. (I am running Dirac Live). I am concerned that the Scalas only go to around 50 and thus I will lose the bottom octave of my music. Is this how low the Scala will go and if so, is a subwoofer the only way to get response to 30hz? I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
  6. I spoke with Klipsch customer support today. They said that the new Heresys have the four screws attaching the woofer. I also checked out a video on the Capitol Anniversary Heresy on Youtube and that too only had four screws. So all is well.
  7. Thanks. I will call Klipsch today and see what’s up.
  8. Just got a new Heresy iii to use as a center channel between Cornwall iiis and noticed that the woofer is mounted with only four screws. Is this normal? Thanks.
  9. Give the NAD M10 a look. Lots of inputs, streaming capability (including Qobuz at hi res), and Dirac Live. Very clean and quiet digital amp.
  10. Fuirther evidence that the original poster either had a defective unit or defective setup: http://www.ultimateavmag.com/avreceivers/705outlaw/
  11. The End of the Story... I just received a check for $785 from the UPS store. I am amazed at how this has turned out and I still have the speakers, which I have begun reapairing. So to all you UPS naysayers: it does turn out OK on occasion.
  12. Thanks, guys. Too bad it didn't work like vbulletin. Oh well.
  13. Probably not the right place but it is somewhat technical in nature. Maybe I'm dumb. But is it possible to have a setting here when reading posts to just view new posts? I'd like to be taken directly to a view of posts since my last visit, but can't seem to find a switch. Thanks.
  14. ---------------- On 3/30/2005 10:50:47 AM QUiKSR20 wrote: We just purchased a 42" Sony Grand Wega LOVE IT.. But lets keep it on topic. The main choice for us in LCD or Plasma was for one the price.. Plasma was way more money and for too. I hear plasma TVS only last like 4-5 years and then there done and you have to throw them out where as the LCD the bulb can go bad and you just replace it for around $75 and your back in biz. ---------------- For the record, a plasma will last way longer tha 4 to 5 years. The half life (brightness) of a screen is like 30,000 hours. If you view tv 5 hours a day, the plasma will give you a minumum of 16 years viewing time. And the image should still be serviceable at half brightness as the contrast and brightness are jacked way too high at 0 anyway.
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