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  1. Just trying to thin the herd. I have a collection of speakers and am trying to sell some of them.
  2. For sale single Klipsch Heresy III Black. Used as a center channel. Four months old purchased brand new from an authorized dealer. Asking $700 plus shipping. Unit is in perfect condition. Original box and manual.
  3. I have a pair of Klipsch Cornwall III in East Indian rosewood for sale. They are 7 months old and are in perfect condition. Purchased from an authorized dealer. Original box and manual. Asking $2,500. Buyer to arrange shipping. Due to the size, I would prefer local pickup. Location: Plymouth, Massachusetts.
  4. They would need to totally change the Heresy if they used the same mid horn as the CW IV mid horn would not fit (but you already knew that). I guess given the configuration, the Heresy III is the best center to use with the CW III.
  5. I'm using the CW IIIs along with a Heresy III (center channel) in a home theater. I am finding the timbre match excellent and the front soundstage seamless. I'm wondering if the match between the Heresy III and the Cornwall IV will be as good. And if not, is one relegated to going to three CW IVs if one wants a seamless front stage?
  6. So I'm using Dirac Live on the Cornwalls, and the bass sounds tight to me. I've been quite pleased with the sound but one always wonders...
  7. Yes Yes I'm in Massachusetts. Maybe someone nearby has some La Scalas that I can have a listen to as you suggest.
  8. What folks seem to be saying is that although La Scala doesn't plumb the depths, it is sufficient for many, and the bass has great tonal quality. Being a classical music fan, I don't think it would be sufficient for me. A 50hz cutoff misses the underpinnings of classical music. I guess the question is how a ported sub would blend with La Scala. The nearest Klipsch dealer is about 100 miles north, so I might have to take a day and make the trek.
  9. I've got a Monoprice 12" THX Ultra Certified sub for movies. It works well with the Cornwalls. I guess I'm having difficulty understanding how the Scalas horn loaded bass will work with a ported sub and whether I am losing the magic of the fully horn loaded speaker by going that route. And whether I'll need a sub to enjoy my music.
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