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  1. Pen_man, I know it has been a long time, do you still have the B-2 Thanks
  2. The CF-3’s are no longer for sale. thanks for all the replies and may God Bless.
  3. Hi Kip. Glad that was you. I made about 6 Belle clones before. All of them sounded great. I still love my Klipschorns and my center channel Belle. I made some Speakerlab K's in 1987 and they sounded just like real K-horns. Of course I used quality drivers and made my own crossover. It can be done. I'm thinking about replacing my Mcintosh XR19's with LaScalas to then have an all horn loaded home theater. I hope you get a wild hair soon. Lol
  4. Hello Avguytx. Are you Tony Candela's friend. I know your name if you are, but for privacy sake won't mention it here. I like the Belle clones you made. Very nice indeed. I think that you even came to my house once. Happiness always. MG
  5. I am selling a set of Klipsch Epic CF-3 version 1. They are the Black Satin version. The bothersome plastic feet are not complete, but I have modified the spikes and fastened some new feet that are level, strong and look nice. The Klipsch emblems are missing. The drivers are all original and sound as they should Very light scratches on cabinets and they offer a handsome appearance. Price is $600.00 firm. You may purchase a brand new Klipsch K-1030-KN replacement woofer for an extra $165.00. I live in Cabot, AR.
  6. In search of a Yamaha B-2 Vertical Field Effect Transistor amplifier. Will consider any condition working or not.
  7. Hello HarrO. I could use one. Still got it? Happiness always, Earsonly
  8. It seems that there are hurt feelings flying all over the place concerning the crossover issue. I do agree that there are measurements and THEN there are more measurements! I think that the final judge should be how the speaker sounds. I have some very fine Yamaha NS-1000's. Drive them with a nice amplifier and I think that many will agree that they are quite nice and accurate sounding. I also have 2 sets of Klipschorns. One evening I decided to settle down for some really serious listening. I put something of every kind of format. I was really expecting the Klipschorns (AK-3's) to really get trounced by the Perfectly accurate NS-1000's with the Beryllium Drivers. Well guess what? The Klipschorns sounded quite accurate as compared to the NS-1000's. I did this to simply see just how accurate the Klipschorns were. I have had so much high end gear and I know what I like. My point is, as a measured system, Klipsch is clearly in the mix with the so called Icons. I once had a drummer come over and auditioned an amplifier I was going to sell him. He heard the Klipschorns and couldn't believe the accuracy of the percussion. My hat is off to the engineers at Klipsch for being able to compete with some of the other very fine accurate measuring speakers. They sound very good and measure very good. My Klipschorns might not measure so great, but they sound very accurate. I hope that everyone can get back to the bliss of the music and leave the graphs and scopes at work and not bring them home. Happiness to all. EarsOnly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Klipschorns, Yamaha NS-1000's, Cornwalls, Heresys RC-7 EPI 1000 towers Mcintosh, Carver Tripaths, Yamaha V-fets (B-1's and B-2's) Pink Triangle Pioneer Elite Etc, etc,etc...
  9. Thanks Daddy Dee. Congrats on the RF-7's. It couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow. Maybe we can hook up sometime and exchange tastes on music. Happiness always, Bill
  10. Thank you for bringing your children with you. They were a joy to be around. They were already asking the right questions and it showed how intelligent they are. I really liked the way one of your sons said, "Oohh" when Mark stopped playing a demo in the sound room. As a father of seven myself, I could very well appreciate what a fine father you are to your children. We had a blast and it was a pleasure to have met all of you. Happiness always, Bill and Bette and Jesse
  11. Wow, what a great Pilgrimage! Thanks to Me Loves Klipschorns for giving people a chance to hear them unchained. Thanks to Dtel and Dtel's wife for all the fun. Congrats on the Cornwall iii"s. A Giant thanks to Amy, Trey, Steve,Jim and Mark and Joy! It surely is a FAMILY event at Klipsch. The whole thing was a lifetime event. We arrived home safe and turned on the K-horns and jammed. Maybe someone will get a shot at the 60th anniversary Klipschorns. Kudos to the people that traveled from so far away. Happiness to all and may GOD Bless.
  12. Hello Amy and the rest of happy yall happy Klipsch owners. I plan on coming too, along with my wife and son. Can't wait, it's been years since I've been to the plant. Earsonly 87 Klipschorns, 86 Cornwall II's Heresy II's Heresy's,Mcintosh 2205's Yamaha B-1 and B-2, Klipsch RC-3 and Yamaha NS1000 Pioneer Elite PDM-900 and Dv-09 for theater.
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