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  1. are these still available?
  2. These are mine and i would be willing to take $2500 for them from someone here. I rarely spend time on any forums anymore and just looked here this morning to see if anyone else may be selling similar for comparison. please just respond to my number in add and ill receive that on my cell phone if interested. let me know you are on this forum also and thanks.
  3. sorry to all for not being around much. work and lots going on anymore personally. I can add pics at some point but prefer just texting pics to folks who are interested just message me... easier for me and less time. The MWM,s are in great shape too by the way. I will as soon as I can try to get some pics on here.
  4. still have these items for sale and more.....jbl 4560 bins, some EV "w" bins...nice pair if Lascalas....can text pics if interested...thanks
  5. Selling off some items as follows: B&C DCM 50 midrange drivers....$500 pr. Volti VTK 400 crossovers....$550 pr Beyma CP25 tweeters....$150 pair Wooden Edgar Tractrix horns w/tweeter mounts....$350 Klipsch MWM double bass bins w/4 k43 drivers installed....$500 or all listed Upgrade parts in a package(not MWM's) for $1500. I will send pics via text for those interested. Great sounding upgrades and I think I have these items prices very fairly. I have used these upgrades on my Klipschorns, Lascalas and other bins including MWM.s I am in Watertown NY area.....Thanks
  6. MWM's are incredible. super clean and effortless bass. I have them in my shop but I want them in my living room.....wife disagrees....for now.....I need to figure out better crossover scenario but so far they are an awful lot of fun.
  7. I hope they stay around, sometimes I wonder how anyone makes it in business these days. Anyone in the Syracuse area should stop by there....lots of Vinyl last time I was there. I believe its Shoppingtown mall they are in....correct me if I'm wrong dirtmudd.
  8. I have bought a few things from and traded with HionFi....I have no complaints. The store is refreshing to see in our area and I like to stop in every so often.
  9. yes dirtmudd these did indeed come from HionFi originally and yes I bought the MWM's that were on Syracuse Craigslist. ....you spyin on me?....I saw your location and talked really loudly to answer your questions but heard nothing in return.
  10. These are mine, I listed them here several months ago only with different top end and crossovers. I decided to put them back to close to factory form. I am using the other top end and crossovers with some MWM's I recently bought.
  11. They are a fantastic loudspeaker, I have some electrostatics I'm playing with and several horn projects in my shop to work on. Not excited to sell them but have other ventures to try. Sorry for poor pics by the way, ill fix that if I get a chance. Can text better pics too if interested. Thanks.
  12. Selling my modded Khorns, volti crossovers, B&C dcm 50 mid drivers, PRV polyimide tweeters, Crites cast woofers, Edgar tractrix midrange horns. Original tops including drivers and k400 horns come with. I'm located between Watertown and Clayton NY in the town of Pamela. Thanks
  13. I sold the academy to a member here and our us no longer available. Thanks
  14. Have a nice academy for sale in garage sale section with pics fyi
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