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  1. CECAA, Could you please expand a bit more on the difference in sound between a tapped horn and infinite baffle? I am currently looking for some sub woofage for my system, and I would like to go with one of these two options. Which would you say has the "cleaner" sound? Which is capable of going lower? Louder? Does one require more eq than the other? What about placement issues? My IB would have to be in the back of my room, about 20' from my mains (La Scalas), and about 10-12 feet behind the listening position. Would this result in poor integration with my mains? Sorry to hit you with all of these questions, its just that you are one of few that I have found that has heard both. Owners of both of these type subs usually sing the praises of their particular setup, but most have only compared to a traditional box sub. Thanks
  2. Really looking forward to hearing what you have to say about their sound. It would also be very interesting to hear about how they compare to the K402 setups that are popular on this site. Sounds like the prices are similar and both offer a significant upgrade over the stock Klipsch top-end.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, how much do they charge for the Oris horns? I have never been able to find a listed price on the internet, so I always just assumed they were too expensive for my taste. It is a setup that has always intrigued me (150hz all the way up with one driver). It seems like it would capture many of the best elements of horn speakers and single-driver setups while avoiding their worst drawbacks.
  4. Or buy them both, swap the good parts into the pretty cabs, and then sell the beat up stockers. Best of both worlds.
  5. Agreed. I am just now completing a La Scala re-finish job. Took me almost two years' worth of free time. I'm very happy with the results, and I got them for a song ($300), but it was a major ordeal to get them looking good again.
  6. Have any of you been to see Roger Waters on his recent tour? I saw The Wall last night in Raleigh, and IT...WAS....AWESOME!!! Being a child of the '80's, I was too young to have seen Pink Floyd together. However, they have always been one of those bands that I wish I could have had the chance to go see perform. Well, seeing Roger Waters perform his iconic album on stage last night is probably the closest I'll ever get to a real Pink Floyd show. The sound was excellent (for a rock concert), the lights, projections and theatrics are unlike anything I've ever seen. It was a totally immersive experience and it really re-defines what a concert can be (at least for me). If you enjoy Pink Floyd and can make it to one of these shows DO IT!!
  7. Very sad to see him go. I got to see him play at Merlefest about five years ago. Watching a blind octogenarian pick bluegrass tunes from his youth in the NC mountains was a very moving experience. It was almost spiritual in a way. The man embodied everything that is pure, simple and good in humanity. I bet he and Earl Scruggs are picking a few tunes together as I write this.
  8. How would you compare the sound to a traditional volume pot or stepped attenuator?
  9. Beautiful music and a beautiful story. Thank you very much for posting that.
  10. Do you have any way of measuring the frequency response? I would love to know how low the bass response goes with the scaled down cabinet. The stock scalas are good for ~60 hz or so; I would guess that these drop off somewhere around 100hz, but it would be cool to see some measurements. Great job by the way!
  11. I have a Carver C-1 that I have been using for about 10 years. I bought it for about $150 on Ebay. One of the amplifier outputs has gone bad in one channel, but it has two and the other one still works fine. It has MC and MM phono stages, which is nice. It also has lots of features like the Sonic Holography circuits, dual tone controls (R and L channels), tape loops etc. I don't ever use any of these features. As far as the sound quality goes, it sounds fine to me, but its the only preamp I've ever owned. I plan on replacing it with a tube preamp to match my tube power amp in the near future.
  12. I just bought a Thorens TD190 on the bay. It is one of their newer models, and some say it is not up to par with their classic offerings. However, for the $175 I paid for it, I am very happy with the sound (new retail is like $699). It is significanly nicer than the $100 specials that you see at Best Buy. It is well made and looks great. I will eventually upgrade the cartridge and get a nice tube phono stage. It will probably be a long time before I feel the need to upgrade tables. I grew up listening to CD's, and this is my first turntable. I really enjoy the smooth, analog sound, and I have had a ball buying new and used vinyl for cheap at thrift stores and record stores. Just make sure you buy something decent, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.
  13. I have considered tri-amping, but that adds the cost of a pricier active crossover and another tube amplifier (would like to do tubes on top and SS for the bass), which kinda blows my budget. As far as I know, the only way to time align by tri-amping is digitally, which is what I'm looking to avoid. I am building my own top hat enclosure(s), and will have the ability to physically align mids and tweeters. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the 500uH inductor should roll off the K55 around 4500ish, and the 4uF cap should bring the tweeters in around the same spot. I just don't know how closely the levels will match between them without an autoformer. If the tweeters do not output enough sound, I suppose I will be forced to triamp (or use the autoformers). Again, any experience or advice is appreciated.
  14. I have been brainstorming about how to bi-amp a set of La Scalas that I have been restoring and was wondering if anyone has ever come up with a crossover specifically for the mid to high section. What I had in mind was to use a 2-way active between the bass bin and top hat, and then to build a seperate crossover to cross between the K55 and the CT125s I'm using (say a 500uH coil and a 4uF cap). I know the traditional advice is to biamp and then use the high section of the stock crossover to cross between the mids and highs, but I was hoping to simplify this. In the interest of removing as many components from the signal path as possible, I'd like to see if I can cross between the mids and highs with simply a cap and coil (thus removing the autoformers, etc.). I can level match between the bass and mid/high using the active, but how different will the efficiency be between the mids and highs? I know the K55 is more efficient, but is it not also 16ohm while the tweeter is 8ohm? Shouldn't that give the tweet a 3dB boost and get the levels pretty close? I originally planned on using a miniDSP (and may still), but just recently got big into vinyl for the first time, so I'm trying to come up with an analogue solution. Any and all advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Lee
  15. Good to know. You have made me even more excited to get one! Thank you for your insight.
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