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  1. Receiver is sold. Heater man had actually claimed it first. Had to refund Jirachi. I’m getting this receiver shipped out tomorrow. Heater man has the tracking info. Sorry guys, we are dealing with stuff. Won’t be around for awhile. Be safe everyone
  2. Yes. I have one I can use as a center but would love to find a second
  3. If you have a single, let me know. Thanks
  4. Anyone have a set of K-22’s? pM me if you do
  5. Pats3of4


    Shipping won’t be cheap but I have the proper material
  6. Pats3of4


    Full address- you can message me if you like
  7. Pats3of4


    Its the Sonicap 2uf and 4uf caps.
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