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  1. Type C was used in Heresys with alnico woofer and K700 horn from the mid sixties into the mid seventies. Type D came around the time of the advent of the ferrite woofers, quickly replaced by Type E which simply incorporated a phase change. The E2 came toward the end of the run when the K55V was replaced. I don't think the Type B was ever meant to be used officially. But some unexpected combinations seem to have come out of Klipsch due to parts shortages or special requests.
  2. IIRC the KV-2 was marketed as a center for the KG 3.5 in the late 90s. And IIRC the difference between a KV-2 and a KV-3 is slightly better low end response and efficiency.
  3. The only down side would be if you are planning on using them with other Heresys. They don't sound exactly like earlier Heresys using the K55V. And they don't sound exactly like Heresy 2s. I had earlier Heresys for the front speakers in my HT system, and ones like yours for the back at one time. The difference was enough to be noticeable to me. I wound up replacing the rears with ones that matched the fronts. OTOH others have reported that they cannot hear a difference. So, it depends on you.
  4. Uh, it clearly says KG4.5 on the label of one of them.
  5. That is a funny question from a guy in a country that doesn't even produce a $1 bill any longer.
  6. Yes, they blend seamlessly, as long as they are matched. Don't mix late Heresy with K-52K, or Heresy 2, with earlier ones. And yes, a good sub is necessary.
  7. Goo Gone should not be a problem. It is mostly petroleum distillates.
  8. Lemon oil furniture polish should remove it just fine if that is what you have. You could use mineral spirits, or even acetone. The finish has long since polymerized and is not likely to be affected by it. Use a soft cloth as recommended above. No need to use anything abrasive. FWIW lemon oil intended for furniture use is typically lemon scented mineral oil. And Goof Off products are made from a variety of things that have little resemblence to the oil from a lemon. It is all laid out in the MSDS.
  9. No, you want your surrounds to be from the same series as the mains.IMHO unless you are a very uncritical listener, you will be disappointed by the difference in timbre.
  10. EV 15WK would be original IIRC. That was a version of the 15W made to Klipsch specifications with the same impedance but lower resistance.
  11. Us it two speakers, but only one serial number? If so, sounds like the second speaker is 1975 or earlier.
  12. Red cloth surrounds were used on EV and CTS woofers used in earlier Heresys. I don't recall seeing a red surround in anything from the 80s, just black paper surrounds, but I guess anything is possible. Klipsch bought woofers from lots of sources. Other possibilites are that someone replaced the woofer with one used in an earlier Heresy, or one that was never used in a Heresy. Are there any numbers on the woofer? Got pictures or links? Are the surrounds cloth, paper or foam?
  13. Looks like ash veneer to me. I have ash cabinets in my kitchen.
  14. Sequential serial numbers don't mean a thing unless you are talking about matched veneers.
  15. Stamped would be CTS. ALNICO standards for aluminum, nickle, cobalt, the magnetic material commonly used in the day.
  16. OC Speaker lists $55 to recone "standard" stamped frame woofer, $65 for cast frame. Add $25 to recharge magnet. Prices vary. You will have to check with the reconer for the exact price. If you do recone, make sure the reconer maintains the same impedance. The early Heresys had 16 ohm voice coils, not 8 ohm. A good alternative is to replace the woofer. Bob Crites sells good replacements. If you do replace, you will also need to upgrade the crossover from Type C to Type E because the replacement woofers have 8 ohm voice coils. It only involves replacing the 1 uF capacitor with a 2 uF capacitor and changing taps on the autotransformer, and maybe switch the phase of one driver. Which woofers do you have, EV or CTS? The EV woofers have cast frames. The CTS woofers have stampled frames with a big D-shaped magnet assembly.
  17. You have either EV or CTS woofers. My 1966 Heresys have EV, 1972 CTS. I am not sure what year the change took place. In either case, OEM recone kits are no longer available. That doesn't mean they cannot be reconed, just that it will have to be done with generic parts. There is no guarantee they will sound exactly like they do now, but any differences should be slight if the job is done right. Look for a company that has been in the business for a while. On the West Coast, H Brown Soun in the Bay Area, and Orange County Speaker in SoCal are good choices. While you are at it, you might want to have the magnets recharged.
  18. Yep, the one modification I would make to them would be to replace the old motor capacitors used in the crossover. I use Solen Fastcap metallized polypropylene capacitors. Others have other preferences. You can read up on them if you do a search on "capacitors".
  19. Yep, K=1972. I have a pair from the same year. K22 CTS alnico woofer. K55V Atlas alnico midrange on aluminum K700 horn. K77 Electrovoice alnico tweeter. Type C Network. Sheet that came with them described them as 8-16 ohm speakers. If you want to see it all, just unscrew the back.
  20. Model H (Heresy) mahogany, 12 inch woofer...
  21. Well then, odds are you could buy them and flip them for a profit. The look to be in excellent shape.
  22. You can always veneer them. They will look good in oak.
  23. Yep, birch, black. Not black lacquer (glossy), but a flat black that at one time was called theater black. Looks like a good deal. No grills on decorators.
  24. Put some lemon oil on them first. You may decide not to do anything.
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