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  1. Amy, Just to let you know I won't be able to make it. Thanks, James
  2. That would be a personal choice, I would think... I don't use Foobar but do use Exact Audio Copy and I use Artist, Album format. So the artists cd's are all in one folder and filed alphabetically. It might not be the best but that's what I do. James
  3. I really haven't had too much time listen to both. As I stated I just started re-ripping my cd's to FLAC, so I only have a hand full at the moment. I'll try this week to listen to a few cd's in both formats and get back to you. I play my music thru Winamp and I don't think there is any conversion that is needed to play FLAC files. I purchased a 4 gb Sansa Clip +, plus a 8 gb micro sd card for it, and RockBoxed it, FLAC and WAV files can also be played on that. Unless I am missing something that these players are doing that I don't know about, there is no conversion needed. Well truth be told I started to rip in WAV format then I was almost done, 150-200 cd's left, and notice that FLAC files wouldn't take up as much room as WV files so that is what started my re-ripping journey. Since I have the WAV files no need to get rid of them. I currently have a 1TB External HD and that should be almost full when I'm done, as I also have photographs on the HD. I will then get another external HD and copy this one so I will have identical drives. One will get used and one will not and both will get updated as needed. James
  4. I do. I started to rip all my cd's to WAV and now I'm going back thru and ripping them to FLAC. In the end I will have WAV and FLAC files, might be over doing it but it doesn't matter. I still have about 150- 200 cd's to rip into WAV format, that will be the entire collection, and I just started on the FLAC part. I hope to be done this year........ hope to at least..... James
  5. yea I rip with EAC and play files thru Winamp, haven't had any problems yet. fingers crossed.... James
  6. I use Exact Audio Copy to rip my cd's to flac, to an external HD. James
  7. Well I started with wav files and now I'm doing to entire collection again to flac files using Exact Audio Copy. My wav total isn't completed, still have 150 to 200 cd's and is 6,655 files, 254 gb on a 1 TB HD. Man, I think I'm going to need a new HD..... I still hope to be done this year with both..... my gf will bet against that.... James
  8. What brand, model and how old are the chairs? I've had mine for 3 years or so and never any problems. Well one major problem, I seem to fall asleep easier in them. James
  9. I have to agree with Ben........ The sooner the better to know when/if it's going to happen also... As my gf and I would love to make it again. James
  10. Nice picks Dave. I picked up a Samsung LN-55C650 last week from Fry's Electronics for $1300. My cousin and I went to pick it up, saved $120 and a few days by doing this. I'm looking at getting either of the new Oppo Blu-ray players, the 93 or 95, after the new year. Now I also have to pick up a new pre-amp as the Outlaw 950 doesn't have HDMI and it just took a crap out on me. It doesn't even power on so for the moment I'm just using the TV speakers. James
  11. mid-December I'm placing my order for Jimi Hendrix Blues on vinyl plus a few other items including the Spin Clean record cleaner. James
  12. Thanks Rich_Guy for the link. I'll be on the look out for your write up when you get some time with it. At the moment I'm looking to purchase a new TV, man so many decisions. Then after the new year I'll be on the hunt to purchase the preamp. I have been reading up on the items that people suggested and have been keeping my eye on the prices. If something comes along before I purchase my TV then my TV will be the one that gets pushed back a bit. James
  13. Happy B-Day Roger..... [<)] I hope you didn't play your music too loud... James
  14. Congrats on the 1000, also nice meeting you. Now get back to work, you need to hit that 2000 mark soon. James
  15. Some times the easy way just passes right on by. Let us know how everything worked out and which ones you pick up. James
  16. Youth, I know you said this is for computer use but do you have anywhere around you to go and listen to a few brands of headphones. Take a mp3 or cell phone with music that you know on it and take it to the store to plug in and listen for yourself. I know it might be hard to find every brand but maybe ones that you were already thinking about. James
  17. If you do, pick up a pair for me too.......... [] James
  18. Hey Youth, I didn't even see this thread but I did post in the other one. James
  19. I've only had a few pairs of good headphones, first pair was Senn PX-100 then Grado SR60i. I have to say the Grado's were a lot better, like your current pair they are open air design and very comfortable, to me, I wear them at work and can last all day without any worries. You can look around, msrp is $79 but the bay might have them cheaper. James
  20. See I told you I didn't know what I was talking about..... [:#] James
  21. I may be wrong but here is my understanding... Yes Yes Yes Now I believe you can run directly from the blu-ray to the tv to get the 1080p signal James
  22. CECAA850, Thanks for the feedback. That's my plan, to get something that I will spend some money on but never have to worry about it. That's what happen with my current Outlaw, I purchased used and still provided me with worry free enjoyment, well until the upgrade bug bits again. James
  23. Jrod, Thanks for the information. Yes I do run RF-83's, along with the same Outlaw 750. I will have to take a look at the 6.9 also then. My setup is used everyday, from regular TV, movies and music so it's good that you really like your similar setup. James
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