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  1. What kind of folder structure do you use for foobar20000, eg. album, artist?

    That would be a personal choice, I would think...

    I don't use Foobar but do use Exact Audio Copy and I use Artist, Album format. So the artists cd's are all in one folder and filed alphabetically. It might not be the best but that's what I do.


  2. So, what is your opinion on what the difference is?

    I really haven't had too much time listen to both. As I stated I just started re-ripping my cd's to FLAC, so I only have a hand full at the moment. I'll try this week to listen to a few cd's in both formats and get back to you.

    There has been discussion on conversion when playing back FLAC that is not needed on WAV

    I play my music thru Winamp and I don't think there is any conversion that is needed to play FLAC files. I purchased a 4 gb Sansa Clip +, plus a 8 gb micro sd card for it, and RockBoxed it, FLAC and WAV files can also be played on that. Unless I am missing something that these players are doing that I don't know about, there is no conversion needed.

    Why would you want both formats?

    Well truth be told I started to rip in WAV format then I was almost done, 150-200 cd's left, and notice that FLAC files wouldn't take up as much room as WV files so that is what started my re-ripping journey. Since I have the WAV files no need to get rid of them.

    I currently have a 1TB External HD and that should be almost full when I'm done, as I also have photographs on the HD. I will then get another external HD and copy this one so I will have identical drives. One will get used and one will not and both will get updated as needed.


  3. I do. I started to rip all my cd's to WAV and now I'm going back thru and ripping them to FLAC. In the end I will have WAV and FLAC files, might be over doing it but it doesn't matter.

    I still have about 150- 200 cd's to rip into WAV format, that will be the entire collection, and I just started on the FLAC part. I hope to be done this year........ hope to at least.....


  4. Nice picks Dave.

    I picked up a Samsung LN-55C650 last week from Fry's Electronics for $1300. My cousin and I went to pick it up, saved $120 and a few days by doing this. I'm looking at getting either of the new Oppo Blu-ray players, the 93 or 95, after the new year.

    Now I also have to pick up a new pre-amp as the Outlaw 950 doesn't have HDMI and it just took a crap out on me. It doesn't even power on so for the moment I'm just using the TV speakers.


  5. Thanks Rich_Guy for the link. I'll be on the look out for your write up when you get some time with it.

    At the moment I'm looking to purchase a new TV, man so many decisions. Then after the new year I'll be on the hunt to purchase the preamp. I have been reading up on the items that people suggested and have been keeping my eye on the prices. If something comes along before I purchase my TV then my TV will be the one that gets pushed back a bit.


  6. Youth,

    I know you said this is for computer use but do you have anywhere around you to go and listen to a few brands of headphones. Take a mp3 or cell phone with music that you know on it and take it to the store to plug in and listen for yourself. I know it might be hard to find every brand but maybe ones that you were already thinking about.


  7. I may be wrong but here is my understanding...

    would I end up getting a video signal of 1080p/60Hz on the TV because of the reciever?


    Would the reciever be a bottle neck?


    Does my question make any since?


    Now I believe you can run directly from the blu-ray to the tv to get the 1080p signal


  8. CECAA850,

    Thanks for the feedback. That's my plan, to get something that I will spend some money on but never have to worry about it. That's what happen with my current Outlaw, I purchased used and still provided me with worry free enjoyment, well until the upgrade bug bits again.


  9. Jrod,

    Thanks for the information. Yes I do run RF-83's, along with the same Outlaw 750.

    I will have to take a look at the 6.9 also then. My setup is used everyday, from regular TV, movies and music so it's good that you really like your similar setup.


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