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  1. Don't know what you mean by cheap but take a look at. Racks and Stands Stands and Mounts Ever think about making something yourself? That might just be the best cost effective way of getting the perfect stands. James
  2. I am, I have the Oppo 980 and 981. Just let me know when and which one you would like to listen to or even borrow, if you want. James
  3. Run the Audyssey program and it will setup your speakers for you. Plus you might want to put this in the "Home Theater" section to get more answers. James
  4. When you reply to a post at the top click on the "Options" tab. Then click on the "Add/Update" button, from there search for the picture, doing it this way you will be able to post only one picture. After you found the picture make sure you scroll over and click the "Save" button, scroll all the way to the right in order to see it. After that just click the "Post" button and the picture should appear. James
  5. Wow, sorry. I didn't know that you were having troubles with just listening to them. I'm sure if you call Customer Services they can help you out. I have a pair of the Custom 3 that I use with my Blackberry and they are great. I haven't tried any of the other Klipsch headphones. Hope you can get them worked out. James
  6. I guess to really depends on how early the next morning... [] James
  7. Welcome to the forum. While I don't have XL 23 and never heard them before I will try to help you out. Can it be a setting issue with the Marantz, did you rerun the M.R.A.C. setup? From the looks of the Marantz it looks like it would be a fine piece to the XL 23. Maybe run the M.R.A.C. setup and manually adjust it to your liking. The best receiver is the one that sounds the best to you. Everyone doesn't have to same taste in music so that is a personal preference. Some members have like Marantz, Yamaha, Denon but at the same time those that liked one brand there are others that didn't care it them also. It really is hit and miss when trying to fine that perfect receiver. James
  8. Hello and Welcome to the forum... Sorry to hear about the troubles with your new headphones. As listed in the description for compatibility, yes the controls only work with Apple products. James
  9. No matter what it is still comparing apples to grapes, not the same design and overall function. They are two totally different speakers. James
  10. The object is to point to speakers to your listening location, usually a single seat called the sweet spot. In this location you would want to speakers at an angle that they would intersect just past your head. That is why they're named Cornwall, as they can be placed into a CORNER or just on a flat WALL. Now you should hear more bottom end if placed into the corners but only you can decide if it is enough or YOU need a sub. People have different rooms and different likes so whatever you like run with it and enjoy. James
  11. I have to agree, it sounds like you already made up your mind about which one you like best. Don't think about it any more and just move forward with your decision. James
  12. If the name of the place was Simply Stereo in Hoffman Estates, that place rocks. I walked out of a place closer to me and went there and was treated 1000 times better as soon as I walked in. They are the ones that I ordered my RF-83 setup from and if by chance I buy any new Heritage speakers it will be from them. James
  13. Great to hear that you really enjoyed them... James
  14. On the pop out where you browse to find the picture, to see the "Save" button you will have to scroll or slide the bottom bar over to the right, in that same window. James
  15. Klipsch no longer builds Vertical Cornwalls. Attached is the history of each Heritage speakers and gives you the date codes to determine build date. James KLIPSCH HERITAGE TYPES Codes Forum.pdf KLIPSCH HERITAGE TYPES Codes Forum.pdf
  16. Dang, that's one HEAVY CD. Dave ...and much more difficult to play in the Car! Dennie Not really, just suspend the tt from the roof of the car, easy and done.... [] James
  17. Then in fact they are 1987 Cornwalls II. To add pictures to your post click on the "Options" tab at the top, then click on the "Add/Update". Click on the "Browse" and find the picture, using this method you can only post one picture per post, then make sure you scroll over and hit "Save". Don't try to preview the post as the picture will not show up, just post it and it should appear. James
  18. Thanks, that's what I was thinking... Congrats on the pickup... James
  19. Looking to pick one of these up, has anyone found a better price then the list MSRP of $79.99? Thanks, James
  20. I believe that Klipsch skipped the letter "O'" for that very reason. In the code sheet above it goes from "N = 1975" to "P = 1976". James
  21. With the ser. number 8709809 that would be 1987. First two numbers are the year and the second two are the build weeks. Pictures would help confirm this but either way, sit back turn it up and enjoy..... James
  22. I say, since you have them try both of them. One might sound a lot better to you in your room. James
  23. laager, nice looking setup. just one question, what are your Cornwalls and center Heresy sitting on and did you make them are buy them? I just pulled up the carpet and will be putting the room back together and might need something like that.... James
  24. I don't know if you have this but it will tell you all the innards it should have. It was put together by Groomslake a while ago and is a historical time line of the Heritage speakers. If you don't know the seller ask to open them open and take a look to see if everything is original. As far as price, that's a tough one. I picked up two pairs of vertical Cornwalls over 2 years ago and didn't pay over $600 for either of them, both are Decorator versions. James KLIPSCH HERITAGE TYPES Codes Forum.pdf KLIPSCH HERITAGE TYPES Codes Forum.pdf
  25. Richard, Thanks for the write up and reminding me that I need to start looking again at cleaners. I just might pick this one up, nice a simple and cost effective. My LP collection has grown so I need to start taking care of them for continued listening enjoyment.... James
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