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  1. Schu, Yes, it is the black fiberglass finish. BRK
  2. I took a look tonight, and the crossovers are HIE.
  3. Yes, they were yours. Yes, the have Solens in them I forgot until I reviewed your ad. BRK
  4. I will verify tonight. This pair have the K42 cast woofer, and that usually requires a different crossover than the E network.
  5. I purchased these from a forum member several years ago. AA crossovers recapped with Solens caps. They sound great. Neutrix connectors were installed by a previous owner. Text for more pictures. $600 OBO Bruce 760-954-3865
  6. Where are you located? BRK
  7. Loving it!! I am watching with interest, as I have 6 pairs of Heresies! BRK
  8. Yes, they are very nice, and are playing right now in my office. BRK
  9. Don't forget about the internal fuses. I know that is not the problem that you are describing, but worth mentioning anyway. There are two external fuses, and two fuses on the chassis that are easily identified with the cover off. All four fuses are rated at 3 amps. I replaced all 4 and have not had a problem since. BRK
  10. Walletectomy, oh, oh, oh I want one of those!!!! Uh, wait a minute, wheres my wallet[:$]? Aufwuchs, welcome to the forums. BRK
  11. Mike, I just PMed DeanG, Since you responded first, I will stand second in line if you decide that you don't want it. BRK
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