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  1. I will check it out Mark1101
  2. Cantilope, do you grow your own hops?
  3. Duders, thanks. There is a store that sell beer making stuff about 3 miles from the house. I will get some yeast there. TJlann it is a lager I believe. I guess your right. It turned a lot better than I thought it would. Mustang Guy, your pretty good at speaker building, try your hand at beer. It gives that warm feeling
  4. My beer is a little cloudy but not bad. Being winter time in a old farm house its hard to keep the room temps warm all the time and I bet thats a key because of the yeast. I'm going to keep brewing. Its alot of fun
  5. I got a beer kit for Christmas from my niece. It was a lot of fun. I like the taste of it. I will try to post a picture
  6. peshewah

    New Guy

    Welcome Shadco.
  7. Happy Birthday Tarheel. My first 4 beers will be in your honor
  8. I agree with the Oldtimer. Maybe give them a listen. Don't let the age fool you
  9. Good thoughts and healing prayers for my brother
  10. I built a home sub with a JL 12w1v3 with the help of some forum members . Big box, little power, it sounds great
  11. Titocyey you might post a new thread. You will get a better response. Good luck
  12. DIY is a lot of fun. There is some good people here to help along the way. Mustang Guy helped me and it turned out great.
  13. Maybe this might help. http://columbiamo.craigslist.org/ele/4837249041.html its in your price range
  14. I don't have the words. Good thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends
  15. I too would go for the refurb Marantz. And if thats not enough power I would save up for a amp
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