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  1. The sub sounds great. Thanks Mustang Guy. My boy loves it. At first it was rather weak, but after an hour or so it got louder. Then we turned the sub towards the corner and it sounds great. I tried to apply a primer but it turned out poorly, just too cold. I sanded it off. I am going to have to wait until Spring weather. Thanks to all who gave me some input.
  2. I noticed a difference on my 62's by adding emo xpa 3.
  3. does this take up too much volume? Need to add alitte more. Dry fit
  4. Mustang Guy, you are showing me a curve for a 12w3 and I have a 12w1. If I built a box for a 12w3 please let me know. I can try to exchange it tomorrow. For know I will stop on the build until I hear from you. Thank you for your time brother
  5. I went with the Dayton amp. It arrived today. It's a lot bigger than I thought. Thats good
  6. Nice work. Bet it will sound great
  7. I too hope it sounds good Mustang Guy. I went with the Dayton amp. I can't cut braces until weekend. I will post questions tonight when I have more time
  8. inside of box. Sorry pictures are up side down.
  9. this is the front with out the lid on. I need some bracing
  10. Thanks Anotherforumname. Thats the one Jason recommended. I have not decided yet. I still need to put together the box.
  11. Too cool Mustang Guy. Thats what I was thinking. Your a good man. I have the PL, wood clamps, screws, scrap MDF for bracing. Now I need the time
  12. I too like Charlie Brown Christmas
  13. Heck Mustang Guy I got it downloaded and opened up and it looks just like the jpeg drawing. If you say it is recessed 1" then thats what I will go by. Thanks again
  14. Chiptaker I have no clue. Sorry I couldn't help you
  15. Got my MDF bought and cut at OP Hardwood for $50. OP is a little ma and pa specialty store in Springfield. I'm excited
  16. Mustang Guy I need to know how deep is the motorboard recessed? Going to try to get wood cut up today. Thinking about going to Harbor Freight and getting, well, getting a bunch of stuff. LOL
  17. Scrappy, So I can set it for 300 watts and not have to worry about blow the driver. Also would I hook it up to only one channel
  18. Thanks so much for the response. I don't want to mount a plate amp in the cabinet but still undecided. I could build something and mount it on the back. Thanks for the response curve. One thing for sure is my wife will kill me when my boy starts kicking out some tunes. Thanks again guys and have a good Thanksgiving
  19. I bought a jl 12 inch subwoofer driver model 12w1v3-4 ohms and its going in a 5 cubit ft ported box. Its a 300 watt, 600 watt peak driver. Do I need a 300 watt or 600 watt amp?
  20. Mustang Guy, I can't thank you enough. Maybe this weekend I will get the wood cut up. Thanks again
  21. I'm in. God bless you Joe and your family
  22. Thank you Mustang Guy. Your a good man. The drawing looks great. A cut sheet would be great. Figure out what I owe you for your time. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was at a 3 hour movie. Do you think the sub will sound good? Will the JL driver work ok?
  23. Jjptdk, JayL, Mustang Guy, thanks for the response and the info. This is going to be alot of fun. I hope it turns out well. I want to sqeeze all I can out of the driver without distortion. I don't have a table saw and I don't trust Lowes to properly cut the mdf so I will try to come up with something. I will have a lot more questions so please bare with me.
  24. Gosh, I couldn't find that. Thank so much. Now I need a ported box. I was kind wanting a flatpack so my son and I can build it together. I can have one built for $200, no paint, just plain wood. Seems alittle steap. Any idea on that?
  25. I bought a JL 12w1v3-4 from a car audio store. I don't think it goes below 30 hz but not for sure. Going to try a home build. Wanting to go down to some were in the 20's. It will go in my sons room. He watches movies and he likes music 50/50. What is your thoughts
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