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  1. IMHO, it's certainly not a bad investment, @MacWorks... Well, only 10Watts RMS coming from a pair of EL34 in a Dynaco MKII amp is somewhat curious... That said, I drive my HERESY I HBR with a pair of compact 10Watts DIY OTL monoblocks, and it is way enough to reach an unbearable loudness level ! So with your "reputedly" MKII 10W Dynacos, it should work fine... Maybe the power tubes are connected in triode mode ? Cheers,
  2. Today afternoon, being alone at home, I could test my "fully stuffed" HERESY I at high loudness - relative to my small auditorium, of course - using the amplifiers that I designed among others for them : These are OTL (Output Transformer Less) mono block amplifiers, able to give continuous 10W RMS @16R, with a 1Hz-200KHz bandwith @10W. I can confirm that - considering the means implemented here - the result with "full stuffing" is rather satisfactory, in terms of box resonances cancellation in the low-mid / mid region, which tended to be "ahead" of the rest of the sound spectrum, overshadowing notably the bass extension offered by the OTL circuit. Another benefit provided by the full stuffing is the lowering of the Qtc of the enclosure, which improve the bass extension (not the level) and the transient response. That said, I'll have to make some measurements to check that effective Qtc lowering... I remember that in 2005, I measured a Qtc at circa 0.8 , the enclosure being factory stock, but I am unsure of the value, since I did not retrieved my notes... One of you knows the Qtc value of the Heresy I, by chance ? Cheers,
  3. Thanks @yamahaSHO ! Well, seen at distance, they look good... But when you come close... Cheers,
  4. @billybob: On the web, I found this document below, called KLIPSCH HERITAGE REFERENCE DATA - (V.3 - 23 Aug 2013) https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/Codex_V3_130823_635128700889860000.pdf Where there is many useful informations about codes used by Klipsch. Well - you may already know it, I guess, but anyway it's not bad to share it... Cheers,
  5. OK - I see @ClaudeJ1 and @MookieStl ! In fact, "Bass-Reflex-ing" my Heresy I was just an experimentation I did in the mid-2000s... Today, I consider letting them in Sealed enclosure operation definetly. For a Bass-Reflex, I would go differently. By the way, I have read somewhere that Klipsch "recommends the K-24-E as the replacement woofer for the K-22-K" that I have in my Heresy I. Is that a true statement ? To your knowledge, Is there other alternatives ? Cheers,
  6. Ah, OK @ClaudeJ1 - I see,... Thanks ! Cheers,
  7. Ah... Maybe one day I'll have a pair of Chorus I... An follow this path too ! Cheers,
  8. Last update - after another coat of tint... ... Far from being premium, indeed, but considering the original damages, it's not worse... So let's say that's enough and "acceptable by default". End of the affair ! Cheers,
  9. @TexDrone : It seems that it is Fir plywood, covered with a thin Birch veneer, according to the answer of members in your dedicated topic on the subject. @yamahaSHO : Unlike your nice work, my attempt for a refinish of the edges of my Heresy I HBR ends to be very far from remarkable... - The hardwood sealant is not so hard, and doesn't absorb the tint as expected... - The poor wood itself reacts unevenly in absorbing the tint... OK... I will pass a second - and maybe a third - coat of color locally, hoping that the result will improve and be more tint-even between edges and faces, and... Basta ! It's useless to waste my time to go further with those cabinets, IMHO. If I want a nice finish, I just have to build a pair of cabs from Beech glued-laminated timber, like my small "Cubes" below : Cheers,
  10. @ClaudeJ1 : I attempted to search on the forum but found no traces of those Super Heresy 3.0 by Fido... Can you point me to the link ? Thanks & Cheers,
  11. Ah, OK - I see... Thank you Guys for all your informations & tips - I record them ! Cheers,
  12. Guys : the letter designation in Klipsch enclosure names, labelled "type" : what does it means ? I saw Klispsch Cornwall type CWO, CBR, CDBR and Heresy HWO, HDBR, my Heresy I are type HBR... Any of you have the key to this code, or is willing to direct me to the matching information source ? Thanks in advance & Cheers,
  13. OK - I see. Thanks @Klipschguy ! Cheers,
  14. Here's my contribution to the Vintage Stereo Receivers thread : Marantz 2015 and 2250b, bought 2nd hand cheap at a time where the Digital was focusing all the attention... Marantz 4240 - Even if it was profitable, I should NEVER have sold it... Again my 2250b and a Sony STR-6055 : OK - these ones are not Stereo, but they are nonetheless great sounding AM-FM receivers : Blaupunkt Riviera and Milano... Cheers,
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