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  1. The Chorus II is big and heavy, but it would be my first choice. That said, the Forte I is a very capable speaker.
  2. This setup is BRAND NEW. I have been using the same type of device since 2013 to control my Comcast Xfinity box on first floor, from my second floor bedroom (1080P HDMI). I live in a 1950s wood house and am not in anyway trying to push its 100ft range. That said, for my situation, it works flawlessly. On December 31, 2018, the transmitter on the first floor had no lights. It turned out that the switching power supply gave out. Unfortunately, I did not come to that conclusion until AFTER purchasing a replacement setup. This is a brand new GWHDMS52 purchased from Amazon on Jan 7, 2019 for $239.99 + tax. I was hoping to recoup $175 + $10 shipping. I can include the receipt and you can register it as a gift for warranty purposes. I will try to accommodate requests for additional info. thanks for looking jim
  3. oh, sorry... there were used in KLF10s
  4. does anybody know the specs on this driver?? thanks jrm
  5. this is a VERY common problem for the K-25-K... Many times, it is just glue residue. Good Job!
  6. thanks guys ... I finally found this http://www.hpcfactor.com/support/cesd/h/0037.asp which I found to be the most coherent answer (MO). I actually found the Wiki explanation first last night, but is about worth what they charge. The computer is limited to 512M so is just about useless, BUT it has a parallel port and I plan on using it as a print server, and moving the laser printer to another room. Thanks j
  7. I have an old XP Vaio computer without wireless capabilities. I had a Linksys WCP11 which fit a Type II PCMCIA slot, that my daughter borrowed and can't find, so I need a new card... The problem is that I don't really understand the evolution cycle of PCMCIA since that time. Can I ASSUME CardBus cards (for example a Linksys W54g) IS NOT compatible with the older standard. I would LIKE to have 'G' functionality. Education/Suggestions appreciated. j
  8. for those caps, it should NOT matter ... just to be NEAT ... keep them all the same orientation. The stock cap on the low-pass is electrolytic ... that one matters...
  9. Absolutely shameful [8-)] self promotion, but still worthwhile ... enjoy ... or not j ...
  10. I suspect that there are MANY who 'might' mostly disagree ... the problem is that they are the exact 'fat, dumb and happy' Mac owners to be targeted. MS security issues have very little to do with bad decisions other than memory/execution speed was at a premium when the most susceptible code was written... the EXACT same issues that the UNIX folks faced... but believe what ya want....
  11. Their time is coming... Macs have ZERO superiority on security ... their market penetration has been so low, it hasn't been worth the hackers' time... and just for THIS overwhelming sense of complacency, when it comes, it is gonna hit hard.
  12. I have a Pronto remote and a Rotel amp that slaves off a Rotel preamp. I mute the preamp immediately after issuing the power On command, as part of a macro. I don't know if that would address your issue or not....
  13. I am still wondering why ANYONE would want to watch Andrea Mitchell in High Def.
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