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  1. What GS level did they post the job as?
  2. I am considering purchasing a pair of the Klipsch R-15PMs for a friend. I have heard these and they sound pretty good for what they are. I know they have a "subwoofer out" RCA on the back of the unit. Does anyone know what frequency(s) are sent to this connection? I see that the specifications for the 15PMs themselves say that the low end +- 3 db frequency is 62 HZ. Thanks for your assistance!
  3. Yes, they sound great and with a sub they are a very good system. However, the clicking or taping sound really annoys him when trying to sleep. He is 22 yrs old and has way better hearing than I do. His dorm room is rather small and the system is only 5 or 6 ft from his bed so I can understand the annoyance. pbphoto, you are correct it is a 1.0 product and there are probably a few bugs that need to be worked out. I'm going to call tech support on Tuesday and see if they have a fix. My initial thought was just to leave them in the "on" status but they automatically go into standby if there is no signal present. The "click" isn't present when the unit is powered on. Mayabe the Version II will have the bugs worked out. Thanks everyone for your comments. pbphoto special thanks to you since you verified the situation!
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! pbphoto has the same problem! We have tried these at two different locations 13 miles apart so it wasn't the AC power. Using a isobar ultrablok surge suppressor or not same problem. Using a sub or not same problem. Wavefile44K has the same thoughts as I do, a design flaw in the digital amp. And yes, my son has very keen hearing, we call him Rover! I always enforced hearing protection when he was growing up. i think he appreciates it now. Sending these back seems to be the thing to do.
  5. That would be a bothersome workaround. The speakers shouldn't be emitting that "click" in the first place. For $500. I want them to work the way that they should. Will probably have to return them and get something else. Though with Kornerhorns, a Belle, a pair of Cornwalls, a pair of Herseys, a pair of Forte IIs and an Academy I'd like to keep the newer R-15PMs. Maybe someone from Klipsch can chime in....
  6. We received a pair of the Klipsch R-15PMs for my son who is in college. These were in his room and were connected to a Klipsch sub. The setup sounded great!!! However, when it was time to hit the rack, he used the remote to turn off the speakers. This puts them in standby mode. When in standby the speaker with the amp module emits a faint but audible "click" from the horn every 8-10 seconds . In a very quiet room the sound is enough to keep you awake. I purchased these from the Klipsch website and called them to replace the speakers which they readily did. We got the new pair in and decided to do a test to see if all was good with the new pair. Nope!!!, the new set does the exact same thing!!!!! I even tried to run a separate ground wire from the grounding lug on the back of the plate amp to house ground. This did nothing to solve the problem. We were going to just use the On/Off switch on the back of the speakers to turn the units off but when doing this it sends a very loud THUMP to the sub at what appears to be full volume so that is a non starter. We'd like to keep these but really can't due to this situation. It appears that there is a design error with the plate amp that is causing this problem. Any suggestions?
  7. Well, it took a while..... My Epik Legend amps did not die but I did perform some preventive maintenance on them before they gave up the ghost. I removed the amps and replaced the seemingly failure prone FETS and the four large caps that make up the power supply. While reassembling the amp I also left off the large silicone covers for the FETS but I put sleeves over the leads so there wouldn't be any arcing to the heat sink. The amount and quality of the silicone grease used by the manufacturer for the individual FETs and other transistors plus the heat sink was a joke!!!!! When reassembling the electronic components to the heat sink I used Sil-Pads without any grease but for the heat sinks I used Artic MX-4. It seemed to have good reviews. I was able to scour thrift stores and found an old Onkyo receiver that had a massive heat sink inside. I was able to salvage it and cut it down to a size that would slightly overlap the internal heat sink. Getting as much heat outside of the sealed enclosure was my goal, not just recirculating it within. I was able to remove all of the exterior paint on the outside of the Legend amp and attached the external heat sink with thermal grease applied. I had to get some longer screws that would go thru the heat sink, the back panel of the amp and into the internal heat sink. My pre and post heat measurement using a 26 hz tone shows a significant heat reduction. hopefully this will result in longer life for the subs. They are in a college environment now so if that won't test them to the max I don't know what else would. July 13, 2017 UPDATE - Was able to post a picture of the heat sink addition. They have been working very well, no failures at this time.
  8. I believe the trick is to get the heat OUT of the box, not just circulating within the box. Attaching a large heat sink on the outside of the box, after proper preparation of the outside surface of the plate amp and adequate thermal paste should help more than an internal fan. That's going to be my direction.
  9. The Epik Legend amp has a 10db boost at 22hz. The freq graph was posted on a different web site. I can post it tomorrow.
  10. Has anyone put an external heat sink on the Epik Legend plate amp? It has a large internal heat sink but that is sort of stupid since it just wicks heat off into the interior of the sealed enclosure. I am thinking that I will need to scrape the plate amp area off to bare metal and use Artic MX-4 thermal compound to join the heat sink and the plate amp together. Has anyone done this to a Legend? These things are going to my son in college so I'd like to do a little preventive maintenance before they get torture tested. I do expect them to blow sometime in the future but would like to prolong the event.
  11. Istari

    Moving Sale!

    Mungkiman, I will ship any of these items to anywhere you are. They will be securely packaged and sent via UPS, Fed Ex or however you'd like. I hate to get rid of them, the shiny brass face plates are addicting....
  12. Evening Guys! Well, the day is fast approaching for my move out west! At the gentle urging of my sweet wife I am putting some of my vintage gear up on the block. (Sell this stuff or I'll put it on the street!) I have for sale: 2 H. H. Scott 99As that have been refurbed and ready to go - all new tubes come with the units. Both for $300 the Pair. 1 H. H. Scott LK-72A. This is the kit form of the H. H. Scott 299D. All tubes come with the unit. Tested on my Kornerhorns this evening. Not refurbed, but works very well. This was to replace my Scott 222A but I never got around to having it refurbed. $250 1 Harmon Kardon HK 630 Twin Powered Receiver. Works very well! All dial lights and the tuning meter work. Transistors have had new thermal compound applied. Tested today. $125. 1 Harmon Kardon HK 730 Twin Powered Receiver. Works very well! All dial lights and the tuning meter work. Slight ding on lower right hand corner, does not affect operation of the unit. Tested today. $150. 1 EICO 667 Tube & Transistor Tester. In Excellent shape!, comes with four manuals and the rolling Tube Chart in the unit is in great shape. The cabinet and face plate are all in top notch condition, no dings, dents or discoloration anywhere. I tested the unit this evening, it works very well. $100. Everything is out on Craig's list but i also wanted to give you guys a shot. i also have a non-refurbed Scott 222-C, a Pioneer QX-747 reciever and an EICO ST-70 that I will be posting. Craig's List Links: Scott 99A http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/ele/4487988986.html HK630 http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/ele/4488062336.html HK730 http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/ele/4488064978.html LK72A http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/ele/4488313228.html EICO http://martinsburg.craigslist.org/ele/4488314965.html Thanks!
  13. I have two of the Legends and they are working fine. I have some detailed repair information on the amp and was going to try and repair it. Chances are the FETs in the power supply were bad. A simple fix but it looks like it's too late now... Thanks Anyway!!!
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