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  1. Bro, You are a man after my own heart. I will drive my pair of mint cherry RF-63's out to you with the SUV you rented. We will go hiking on Mount Rainier before the heavy snows come. We will eat the freshest salmon in the lower 48. And you will pay me $5000.00 to do it so I can pick up the Klipsch Palladium P-37F's in Champaign, Illinois that are for sale on Audiogon. Bill Haha, that's awesome.
  2. I still want to hear a pair of these beasts.
  3. I want them badly. I'm scheming to get these things. I don't need them or have the room but that really doesn't matter.
  4. Somebody please buy these. Listed at $1,200 but taking offers: http://app.audiogon.com/listings/speakers-klipsch-original-cornwall-floor-speakers-original-zebrawood-klipsch-cornwall-speakers-2014-08-29-vintage-equipment-33334-oakland-park-fl
  5. Due to a move and the loss of my home theater, I am forced to sell my Carada fixed 92" projector screen from their Precision Series. I paid $650 for this screen several years ago. $200 plus actual shipping to forum members. Info here: http://www.carada.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=PROJECTION-SCREEN-H092P
  6. Thanks! You should buy them, I will do a nice deal for ya and take your La Scalas as trade/
  7. Well, this pains me to put up this ad. I had these speakers built by forum member Bluesboy,who at the time was a custom cabinet builder in Wilmington, NC. We met on the forum and Don did quite a bit of work for me building rock solid speaker cabinets and other small projects. I have been fighting off my wife on a move for 2+ years but she has finally beaten me down. So, I am losing my attic and corners so unfortunately, these have to go. The base bins are based off of Klipschorns and are built to spec. They are painted in a matte black with solid Padauk trim. The baffle is constructed from solid Padauk. The midhorn/driver combo is an Altec 902/511b and tweeter is a JBL 2404H. The crossovers are DeanG Super AA The speaker design originated when I wanted cornerhorns for my attic audio system but could not fit Klipschorns in the corners because my attic walls are clipped at 50". This was my solution and a really, really good one. I also had Don build me a center channel speaker based off a La Scala. It is a 2-way with 902/511b. I had it built as a two-way to keep it under a projector screen. It sounds fabulous. I wish Don was still on the east coast so he could build me another one and I would use these. Speakers are located in Raleigh, NC. Asking price: $2,500 for the cornerhorns and $750 for the center. I will consider trades for exceptional Klipsch and JBL speakers. Email keithmcg@nc.rr.com with any questions.
  8. Haha, funny post. I see your point Mike, but still hate auction listings. Cheers all.
  9. Thanks for the work guys. For the record, I agree with everything Youthman stated. I have never been a fan of the auction listing in a forum like this. This is why.
  10. Why didn't you get the big one? I wish I could come by and get this and stop by Oklahoma Joe's.
  11. Those look pretty nice from here. Mmm, legal reefer.
  12. I could not agree more. Buy the Scott 299D. Best of all, it won't lose any value and it's ready to go.
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