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    Thx... I'm hoping for a local buyer, but at least I have the boxes if I have to ship. Are those RF-5's yours that are being listed? Those babys are real monsters!
  2. r2t2


    Just recently completed a major upgrade of my HT components and now have a pair of RB-81's and a RC-35 up for sale. I'm asking $400 OBO for the 2.1 setup. The speakers are registered with Klipsch and are in excellent condition. I still have the original boxes and the serial numbers. I'm in Boise and depending on the cost of shipping, I'm willing to negotiate pricing. Attached are photos of the speakers and serial numbers.
  3. Yeah... The TX-NR808 at the current pices is just too good to pass up... But... It start another downward spiral. My RB-25's are now being religated to the bedroom (along with the old TX-SR805) being replaced with aa new pair of RB-81's. And that requied a new remote. So, now the Harmony 880 got moved to the bedroom to be replaced with a Harmony One... Let's see... That now has taken care of my birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzee and any other holiday in which gifts are given! [:$] IMHO the Onk is a great match to the reference series. I'm really enjoying my new toys! [H]
  4. True, they may not be at the top of the heap, but they're no slouches either. With a little tweaking (foam, location and levels) one can get some pretty tight bass out of it. Of course, the larger the room, the larger sub will be neccessary, but for the average (12x20) listening room the Titanic 10 is an excellent choice.
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