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  1. Whoa!! Dude that was awesome, tell me you don't smoke ganja
  2. They are very cool, I have set some up in some public rest... uuhhhhh... Never used them.
  3. When you say ugly, how many beers are we talking about? Heck look at me, I will tag em both and pay for dinner (@ Appleby's).
  4. yesteryear?? Peeshaw. I'm in Dude, Whoaa! Merv: How've you been? Spicoli: Outrageous, Merv. Nice to be here. I feel great! Merv: I was going to say... your eyes look a little red. Spicoli:I've been swimming, Merv. .. Seriously, Merv, everything is great. I was thinking about picking up some hash this weekend, maybe going up to the mountains.
  5. Oh, I hope so. Ohh yes they do, I highly recommend eating a mushroom and watching Smokey & The Bandit Part 3. Its the best. Then take a long walk outside.
  6. Spent most of my time split between the lumber yard and at my buddy's place eatin barbeque and doing other things.
  7. My father liked the orginal, Shaw and Matthua have it all over Travolta and Washington. No over acting in the 1974 version. Gesundheit.
  8. Whao!! He is my cousin.
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