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  1. I haven't been following Palladium prices so I have no clue but isn't your asking price kind of low? Not that anyone would complain I just thought those sold for much more money. I wish I could have worked a trade with you. GLWTS!
  2. Too bad! I lived in Denver for 23 years. I have C3s that will be going on the market soon. But, now I'm in central Illinois. Timing is everything or in this case nothing I guess.
  3. Not to trash Bose, they have their place I guess, but yes I too would advise using your Klipsch in your home theater system. You will get more realistic and dynamic sound from your KGs. Give it a shot!
  4. I've bi-amped my CF3s using their internal crossovers. Honestly I don't feel it's worth the effort. Were I to do it again I'd use an active crossover. cubdog
  5. With all due respect to Alex and Moray I still believe any 2 channel system can benefit from distributed bass via multiple subs. There is a ton of information out there discussing these benefits. I'll simply say, from my experience, adding two subs to my system has benefited whatever speakers I've used including my CF3s. Again, the issue is not more bass, only better bass. cubdog
  6. Beautiful work! Please post what mods you do on your CF3s. I'll be watching! cubdog
  7. I am hoping its a delay, not a pass, the seller has limited availability, so I plan to try and jump when the next window opens. My living room is close to tolerance max already. I have Quad ESL63 in Arcici stands, a yard square dipole sub, Forte's, Heresy's, two sets of small two ways, Signets and Clements, and two large center channels, RC7 and I think its a clements. and much misc. The CF-4 would get squeezed in for a comparison, then some stuff would have to be sold or put in storage. Nice collection of speakers. I love Quads. cubdog
  8. I use two subs with my CF3s. I don't care about more bass but I do care about better bass. Two, or more, subs can help any two channel system. It's a shame you passed on those CF4s. cubdog
  9. I own 3 pair of CF3 so you can guess what I'll recommend. Surprisingly, to many, the Forte is my least favorite big Klipsch. I've also owned Cornwalls and RF7II and prefer the CF3 over those as well. cubdog
  10. $600 is a nice price for some very good speakers. I'm surprised they are still available. They are version1!!! cubdog
  11. My CF3s are oak too. Well my version 1s are oak my two pair of version 2 are cherry. I'm in the process of refinishing the oak pair. I'm going to re-stain them a bit darker and with a slight reddish cast. cubdog
  12. When I had my RF7IIs I used them for two channel only powered by Bel Canto M300 mono blocks. That probably doesn't help you much but they made a nice system. cubdog
  13. My CF3 version 1s just got demoted. Sad I, know, and I do love them. I also have two pair of version 2s. For the time being I will do some cabinet refinishing and decide if future upgrades are warranted. I have biamped them using my Bel Canto Mono Blocks and a Parasound amp as suggested. So, what has dethroned my Epic speakers? Believe it or not a pair of Sony speakers. SS-M7s to be exact. Eventually the Sony's may move to another system and the CF3s will move back to my main system but I'm not sure yet how this will all shake out. cubdog
  14. Check out Hank Crawford, Barbara Morrison, and Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson. cubdog
  15. I wish I could justify buying another amp and I just bought another DAC a couple weeks ago. I love class D amps! cubdog
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