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  1. whamo2


    Xmas . These are worth the original asking price. But way to far away.
  2. Reminds me of the time I ventured out to buy a pair of Klipsch "Hersheys" Went with cash in hand to the hood. Address was an abandoned lot. Police everywhere , it was in the daytime. I got out of there went to little Italy and had a nice lunch. Probably a good thing for me.
  3. I wouldn't. It might degrade the sound lol
  4. I remember ordering the regular badges from Klipsch parts dept when they were only $2.22. I ordered extra for my Cornwalls so they could be badged naked and clothed. The prices nowadays are indeed crazy.
  5. whamo2


    Too far. Smoking deal.
  6. Sorry for your loss. I think this is the guy who sold me a Scott 299 last week. He sent it out before I even paid him for it. Who does that? Very trustworthy.
  7. Joshnich? From Orinda, Ca. ?
  8. I'll take the Scott if it's still available. PM shortly
  9. Damn, I thought this was another one of your facetious jokes. No thanks
  10. Nice score! I have been somewhat lucky in the last two weeks. I went to my local pawnshop and got a HK 330B for twenty dollars. I cleaned up all the pots with deoxit and blew out all of the dust. Cleaned up nice, almost museum quality. Disconnected the ole st-70 and am currently using it for the amp in my system. I'm using a mapletree audio 4a-se for a pre. Sounds really nice with my cornwalls. The other night a friend offered my another HK 330C and a Marantz 4230 for twenty bucks each so I grabbed them. They're both in pristine condition. Haven't tried those out yet and I don't think I'll be using either of those in my main system. He has a beautiful hammond b3 organ with the leslie speaker system at his house and a vintage twin reverb and loads of classic guitars. He also has some klipsch kg somethings in storage that he doesn't use I was thinking about making him an offer on those sometime. Also I scored a fistful of popular electronics magazines from the forties for a dollar at a yard sale. I can't resist grabbing up some of this stuff even though I don't need it I think I have like 7 receivers in storage now I have a problem! Mark
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