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  1. I just my DNA results back.... 50% said unknown... and they wanted me to contact them right away...
  2. "Old Slowhand" is as good as ever, even if he's getting "old', LOL!!! "Slowhand"? Watch him, and regardless of the complexity of the song, hhe just makes it look simple!!! Take a listen to "Slunky" that he did back in the 70's. LOL!!! Supports the "God" accolade!!!
  3. I agree with Eldon's comments!!
  4. Florida... "Rec" fuel which is high octane and no ethanol additives.; "Stabil" every six months the motor is going to sit; Start all motors, engines, etc., every 30-60 days; run to operating temps. Run mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, etc., "dry", then refuel with fresh fuel. You can leave motors "dry", if the fuel you ran dry has a stabilizer that leaves the gaskets, and other parts "lubricated". I do this all the time with my lawn stuff and my generators. The easy way is once a month start everything, test, and let run for a few minutes. Generators are a "critical' component, so those are run for at least 30 minutes. Schedule the oil change every six months. drain, check and in this day and age, a good synthetic works fine. In Florida, all changed after hurricane season (end of October). Then in April-May as the rainy season starts. Filters... If any of your "stuff" has fuel filters... Change them in the spring cycle. My thoughts and experience from living in the "swamp" for 30 years.... LOL!!! Later,
  5. Thoughts and prayers. Ankle disasters are really dangerous and pose significant threats to the ability to walk, run etc, if not corrected as soon as possible. Hope the surgeons are "on this" and make sure that the ankle rehab is careful and does not force use of the ankle too soon. Best of luck, and if your daughter needs, take advantage of Bill's offer.
  6. H-1... As others suggested, it's time to replace the caps. For the H-1's you should avoid putting anything in the cabinet. The H-2 design was different and that's why they put the foam "arch" inside. The best way, after replacing the caps, to reduce resonance vibrations or "rattling", is to use a foam gasket tape on the rear panel seal, check, and recheck all screws. Note on the caps.. If they are not working correctly, they can let low end freqs through and cause the woofers to rattle. Very bad as it will cause a woofer failure. Also check your "bass" settings on your amp. Back it off a bit and play the same music that caused rattling. Hope this helps.
  7. Ah! the warm fuzzies! And I always thought that was confined to SWMBO when she got out the microwaved bowl of KY and the feather duster... Let's just not go there...
  8. 401's are still the same. It is possible that a new mold has been made, but otherwise, no change. The 401 eliminated most, if not all, of any subharmonic freq vibrations associated with the 400. I have three pairs of K's; two have the 701's; the other has the 700's with a hole drilled and a lead plug installed which killed any resonance issues.
  9. You are ready for the K'horns!!! LOL!!! You have learned the Force well!!! PS. Just don't put Klipsch Heritage speakers in the bathrooms... It's a distraction from the daily chore of the morning constitutional...
  10. Bad Gravity!!! Almost cost us that Bullock girl!!! Clooney can burn up for all I care; but at least he was not trying mes with an attic ladder.... LOL!!!
  11. thanks guys... i concur I suppose, I was just wondering out loud that perhaps there was something much better for not a lot of capital and drop right in The K-55 in it's iterations is great; You could go the Selenium route as referenced; but you would probably like to replace your K-77's with the CT-125 and change the crossover to the A-4500.
  12. I can't recall.... but this "PWK signature pair" sounds familiar from either a "garage sale", or a "two channel" post from several years ago (actually many years...). The take was that it was a scam; but, like I said, I just can't put my finger on it. Huhm? Due dilligence would be seriously be in order before even considering looking at this purchase.
  13. Icebreaker? I also vote for RRS Lagnaf!! Has a ring to it!! And... as an "icebreaker", it will surely be destined (if not fated) to find the "icebergs"... LOL!!!
  14. I will wear my affiliation shame like a badge of whatever... For the record, I intend to vote for Vermin Supreme!! Besides I want a free pony for my future grandchildren.
  15. For Jsee. As an owner of K'horns, you really should read the Klipsch Heritage Codes in Two Channel section. Since they are pre-86, they will not have four serial numbers. The bass bin sticker and the serial on the edge of the top should match, respectively. The first two digits in the serial, in your case, simply tells us that your speakers were #'s 17,543, etc. Hopefully the other speaker is #544 or #542; if not... it's a mismatched pair. Read the "Codex". There is no way, except researching the archived engineering books in Indianapolis, to determine week, day and original owner/ distributor to whom they were sold. That unfortunately, is a massive undertaking, and other than pinning down actual dates of completion, is not practical. I'm thinking about it, but not for at least a year. As far as the crossovers.... Unless the previous owner replaced the "caps" within the last 5-10 years, then that is certainly in order. You can do it yourself if you have some soldering skills. Otherwise, consult with Bob Crites, or others on the Forum. As for me? I recommend the crossovers be modded to the A-4500 configuration. You should also change the midrange gaskets and diaphragms, replace the mid & tweeter diaphragms (or replace them with the CT-125's, etc.). The idea is to bring the speakers back up to factory (or better...) specs. Hope that helps R/Marshall
  16. Ms Valerie was Paul's soulmate and the love of his life. She was his guardian, and tempered his persona in many significant ways. "Feisty" she was, but with that sense of humor, she was gracious and kind to all that had the unique privilege of meeting her. May she be at peace, and is certainly reunited with Mr. Paul.
  17. Let's not discuss "straying"... It's like when I told my ex-wives over the years, "Tanks for the Mammaries"... Current beloved of 30+ years, also known as SWMBO, has pulled me in, given me the proper instructions to survive, and has already implemented a "warning point" system...
  18. I liked Gus Holst's interpretation of Uranus, the Magician... Accoring to my ex-wives, it's "magical"... Current SWMBO is not amused...
  19. Any of you oldtimers remember Anarchist? LOL!!! In any event, just for S&G... Free MIL handgun and a MIL rifle for everyone (except felons, bug-crazies, and non-US Citizens); make it mandatory like Switzerland; and mandatory annual qualification Mandatory Identification document issued by each state in compliance with an "e-verify" system. Make weapon possession rights as an endorsement. Flat rate Income Tax, State level sales tax, and luxury item sales tax. Expensive boats, planes, and expensive autos should be hit hard... Term limits on all politicans; ONE TERM - NO EXEMPTIONS Nationalize breweries and guarantee Free Beer to all!!! Two "Purge" days per year; exempt public safety folks from being victims. Turn 'em loose; social Darwinism will prevail... Besides... I have a couple of targets... Decriminalize simple drug possession, but... mandatory public execution for drug sellers Ban dark colored SUV's with window tints and all vehicles with annoying loud speakers... Reinstate the death penalty, and make all executions public, by public hanging, and leave them hanging until they start smelling... Reinstate the draft. All able bodied men and women must attend basic training. Require all internet users to use their real name, addresses, etc., in all apps, etc. Ban all small small, terribly inbred "yip-yip" dogs from being carried in purses by the rich and famous. Ban pink collars too!!! Other than the whole carpet bomb thing, which has some merits!!, this is pretty much a great short list that I can live with. Given that I considered these things very late last night, what the hell! All in the spirit of humor, good fun, and an alternative to doing my taxes yet again...
  20. For those just feeling inadequate.... Just buy a Tap, spray paint it to just flat back, and.... put on top of your K'horn (left side...), LOL!!!! Then do the usual outlandish marketing claim to guests... PS... Don't forget to drag out your magic crystals and electron alignment speaker wire modules, etc....
  21. It's not really the homeless... It's the homeless Zombies preparing for the takeover and they are marking their territory. Look for the glowing eyes... It's just a matter of time!!!
  22. The S/N's are correct and are actually sequential. Reason - they are either the bass bin OR the top S/N's. What's missing are either the bin or top #'s which would be XXXXX45 and XXXXX47. The serial sticker usually had both, but not always; the top serial was stamped on the edge of the lower top board. Look at the "pinned" Codex doc in Two Channel.
  23. Ah yes... Some thoughts to all who posted, Robert Plant... When you still have a kid at home, SAT's on Saturday morning, and other AP stuff with Monday deadlines, you just don't stay past midnight to watch Plant and the others in the "jam". The "jam", or "pow-wow, as they billed it, was actually rehearsed in the Rosen's lodge house behind the stages. Poked my VIP Press Pass head in and said hello to all, grabbed a free icy water, and made myself scarce. As for Plant, he's getting old, and I'm happy for him, but they were busy fiddling around with "stuff", so my exit was in order. It still is a thriving counterculture, but things have changed. It's more of a participatory culture, not as extreme as the institutional rejection counter-culture that was the hallmark of those days long gone by. The "youth" of today have not really rejected much of anything, except the pot laws. Notwithstanding the "forever bunch" in YogaChobee and the ChobeeWobee village area, their is a new attitude. "Screw The Man", or the "Tune In, Turn on, Drop out" does not pay the cell phone bills, the car payments, or tuition... The modern young whippersnapper philosophy of "I want it all and I want it now" is not compatible with the old days. Values, even after consuming massive quantities of resin dripping "buds", is now focused on the material world. While Bernie Sanders, et.al., may appeal to their "weltanschauung", there is a different sense of reality. There is a touch of Thompson to my screeds, at least when it comes to this sort of stuff. It wasn't that Thompson's writings dictated a style. NO, no, no. There are basically two types of pen to paper. First is write what you know and leave your heart out of it. For 50 years, and with my "jobs", this has always been my "bread and butter", or what has successfully paid the bills... The second type, for me, is writing what I know, but at least behind the scenes, putting some heart and some relevant soul into the outcome I want my reader to experience. My previous fiction, my book, etc., comes to mind. Only in the latter instance do I connect to some "Fear and Loathing" channeling, LOL!!! Humor in writing is the art of combining self-deprecation with politically and socially outrageous anecdotal observations. Of course, in the Forum, when serious is required (the Codex, etc.), then we dispense with "funny"; but... in other cases, if i have something to offer, then some humor must be in order, LOL!!! Yes, I am a great fan of Conrad. I really don't think that Kurtz ever died in the figurative sense. That "diamond" from Apocalypse still provides a great figurative analogy to epiphanies that come down the "river". I will say that my life seems to have been a trip down the razor blade... LOL!! As for Hope, events such as my son's final semester, scheduling and tutoring for his next round of tests, including applying for the Navy's nuke program (yah.. he's that smart...) must take priority. Eldon and Christy (the Dtel Bunch) know what I must do. Hope is hope. Maybe next year; at least my beloved and I may have some free time!! LOL!!! Family comes first!!! Maybe, as i said, I'll see some of you here next year. Stay here at the "Swamp", feed the horses, live in the pool when you can't stand the 140 dB's any longer, and have some fine b'cue. Later, Marshall
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