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  1. Your description is accurate. I had my local dealer loan me both RF-83 and RF-63 w/ RC-64 center . He was really great about it, as he had to deliver to my second floor home theater, which I have nearly completed. I have all weekend to tweak and listen to both. So far I have only listened to the 83's. I am set up the speaker size on the preamp and need your opinion to set speakers at "Large" or " Small". I have two subs that seem to work so far, but could go full range on the L & R. After setting up and extensive listening to both sets of speakers I will give you my review and decision on which I choose. I listen to loud rock video, but also detailed movies, so the RF-63 are hopefully up to both. At any rate the dealer was so great and matched my internet pricing. He will pick up whichever I decide I don't want to keep.
  2. Leaning more toward the rf-83. Will demo at local dealer this week and see if I can get a deal for the package. I am wired and ready. Thanks for the input.
  3. Yes, I would be matching the center and surrounds to each package with the RC 64 center . I wonder if the RF 83s will be overkill for the size of the room. Probably no real way to know till set up and running in my room. The home theater room I have been working on for a year now and swear to have it done one more month! Or at least done for NOW.
  4. Am seriously ready to purchase a surround package. Either the RF 83 or RF 63. Please give me a clue as to what difference in sound I might hear between these two surround packages. I have two subs, plenty of power and a good prepro. My home theater room is 14x17 ( not totally enclosed), I listen to all types of movies and loud rock concert videos. After I get the speakers broke in I will come back with my review of their sound . This my first post.... hope be more active.
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