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  1. I for one find it almost too distracting with the center channel being anywhere other than behind the screen (Got spoiled by micro-perf front projection screens), I couldn't even imagine how distracting it would be with the center channel being off to the side, it goes against the whole idea of it being the center channel. After all it isn't called an 'off to the left' channel speaker..
  2. I recently got a MonsterPower Reference HTS 3500MKII on ebay for $99 shipped and It's been great for my needs. Although I don't have as much equipment (Still have 6 inputs available) as you I think it would be a nice choice! I don't know much about the others but I figured I'd tell you what you what I thought about the HTS 3500MKII! -Dylan
  3. I paid for my C6 8 hours before that C5 was listed, the But it Now price was put up because I asked if he could (In case the C6 broke in shipping). I just got the C6 (Seller overnighted it to me for free) and I'm blown away, it's fantastic. A big thanks to Keith for leading me to it! Thank you all for replying and helping me out! [] -Dylan
  4. Would the C6 be overkill for my mains? I have an Onkyo TX-SR602 powering the 8.5's in a 13X15 foot room.
  5. Kriton, I'll keep you in mind about those surrounds, the SS-1's should be here early next week so I'll see how they fit my taste. Keith, thanks for your input, I would like to find a C5 but I think I may try the C6. Thanks for your replies folks!
  6. Hey everyone, I've been reading everything I can about my new pair of KSF 8.5's (Found a pair on craigslist for $100[6]) and have come to the solid conclusion I need to now get my hands on a KSF-C5 for my HT setup. I've searched high and low on every site mentioned on these forums to look for this discontinued speaker with no luck.. Can anyone give me any pointers or does anyone perhaps have one for sale? I must say I hate waiting for one to pop up on eBay but that's the dead end I've reached as of tonight. Also, I read that the SS-1's are a fair match with the 8.5/C5 combo, is this correct? I just bought a new pair on eBay for around 150 and I'm hoping I'm not making a mistake. Oh, and Keith (T2K), you seem to know loads about this particular Synergy line, I hope I get to hear from you![G] Thanks in advance everyone! -Dylan
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