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  1. Well, I see this isn't going to be as cut and dry as I thought it might be. Here is a list of my existing equipment: Carver M500 amp. (250 rms per channel), Phase Linear 3000 Series II pre amp, Carver TX 8 tuner, HK EQ 8 graphic equalizer, Sony DVP-NC80V cd/dvd player, '73' Cornwalls, '75' Cornwalls with a K43 woofer instead of the original K33, '89' Fortes, all connected through a speaker selector switch. My room is aprox. 12-14 by 20-22 ft. I listen to 60's and 70's rock,soul,funk,love the blues,jazz of any era, and an occasional 80's,90's and yes, even this century's music, (although not to often). I like my music, for the most part, as loud as I and my neighbors can stand it. As long as it is distortion free. No clipping allowed. Do you think there is something out there that will suit me? Oh by the way I have a pair of KG5.5's and a pair of KG4's hooked up to a Sony receiver of moderate power for standby ( normally an HK3480, but oopsed it and am now waiting for replacement which HK has notified me, is in the mail). In my bedroom I have a Marantz classic 2275, an AkaiGXC-730D cassette deck, a pair if Klipsch SF1's and a pair of polk Monitor30, I almost forgot an Audio Control 10 band eq. Tom
  2. I have recently become interested in learning about tube amps,preamps,tuners,etc. I know absolutely nothing about them. I am hoping some of you good people can help. I have many questions. What makes a good tube amp? what kind of specs. should I be considering? Are there any particular makes to stay away from? what constitutes a good piece of tube equipment? Are there any articles or web sites that you could recommend that would give me some good info.? How do you shop for tube equip.? Please help. Thank you, Tom
  3. I was able to pick up the pair of Fotes that I told you guys about for $400.00. They weren't real happy about letting them go for that. They stalled out at $425.00 but I let them play themselves out before I reeled them in.They are damn near perfect. There is a chip of the walnut veneer missing off the front right edge where it must have seperated from the fiberboard (I attribute that to age), and broke off when the speakers were scooted on the carpet. The other speaker has the right top grill post broke off in the speaker, otherwise these things are perfect. I got home late last night so I didn't hook them up to old Bob Carver until this morning before work. I put on Jeff Beck Blow by Blow, wow these things sound fantastic. I don't think I'll be getting rid of them soon. You guys were right, they sound great. My room is small, they actually work better in this environment then the Cornwalls. Tom
  4. What is a good price to pay for a pair of one owner,reportedly excellent condition all around, Fortes. The asking price is $495.00. I have been trying to widdle away at them but they are standing firm. I see them go on ebay for 400 and up. I am thinking about purchase with possible resale in mind, although I have trouble parting with my speakers at times. There is a possibility of keeping these and getting rid of my KG5.5's, but I have become attached to those as well. It will hinge on performance. Give me some feedback if you could, guys. I value your input. Most of you are much more knowledgeable than me when it comes to these matters. All I know is I like damn near every Klipsch speaker I ever heard. Tom
  5. Rich, I don't know how much to ship. I live in University Place WA., which is right outside Tacoma WA.. If I had your zip code I could check on shipping. Tom
  6. Oldbuckster, you are right. Kg4's are wonderful sounding. I have a pair hooked up to my Sony, along with a pair of 5.5's, another wonderful speaker. I am stuck in the 70's I guess because I like natural wood grain as opposed to black. A large speaker appeals to me, hence the two sets of Cornwalls. Great furniture along with awesome sound. Tom
  7. I am offering up two pairs of speakers. Both black in color. The KG4's sound great. The passive radiator's dust caps are pushed in a little. I am going to try a vacuum cleaner on them to see if I can pull them back out. The KG4.2's bass is great but I am not happy with the highs. They sound muffled. I would like to sell both for $200.00 a pair. If interested pm me. Tom
  8. Finally, here's some pictures! 73' Cornwalls, Conradial horns, and KG4's. Next picture 75' Cornwalls and KG5.5's.
  9. I wanted to put some pics. up of these things, but I have not been able to get my daughter over here with her camera. I have really been enjoying listening, and I got to admit, looking at these speakers. They are in great shape. One thing though, The grille cloth seems to be attached to the cabinet. I tried to remove the front cover but I believe that it is not removable. I felt around and it seems that the grille cloth is stapled or glued to the motorboard. Is this typical of this year of Cornwall? I really wanted to take a peek at the components just for curiosity's sake. Tom
  10. Well, its kind of late. I had a very busy day, and as it turned out I didn't get down to pick up the Cornwalls until 3:00PM Pacific time. By the time I got done shootin' the breeze and listening to the speakers with the seller, it was after 5:00. On the way back of course the traffic sucked and it seemed to take forever to drive 30 miles. I got home and had to do some running around with my daughter. That also seemed to take forever. By the time I got back to the apartment and attacked the hookup and placement of the Conwalls it was after 9:00. I hooked the speakers up to my Harmon Kardon HK3480 and they didn't sound right. I checked connections and everything was fine. I turned the HK on again and it seemed like I had to crank the volume to get any kind of decent listening level out of the damn things. I walked over to the receiver after listening for just a couple of minutes, knowing something was wrong, and about the time I was going to reach down to turn the volume down and shut the damn thing off, the SOB blew up on me. A spark was seen at the rear of the receiver and then that was it. The display said protect and the thing shut it self off. I thought holy crap my speakers somehow caused the HK to fry. Well I grabbed my trusty Sony and hooked the Cornwalls up and they are doing just fine. Evidently whatever caused the HK to fry wasn't the speakers. What a trip. Anyhow, the Cornwalls look beautiful and they sound awesome. I will post some pictures tomorrow. Oh, by the way the Conradial horns that came with them does enhance the high end a little, but, they sound fantastic without them hooked up too. Don't worry about the HK, its under warranty. I will be taking it to an authorized service center tomorrow. You can count on that. Tom
  11. Well as fate would have it, I must wait one more day to take possession of my new acquisition. The seller called me and asked if we could do the deal tomorrow sometime after noon. I guess when they agreed to tonight, they had forgotten about something that had already been planned for the evening. So, reluctantly, I agreed to wait until tomorrow. After thinking about it, I realized that tomorrow might be a better day after all. Being Friday and all. My neighbors are not going to like me tomorrow. I guess this will be a good way to kick off the weekend. Tom
  12. Yee Haw! The '73s' are mine. I have arranged to pick them up after 7:00PM Pacific. Now I can deal with the anticipation. I will certainly update you guys on my thoughts and feelings surrounding this purchase tonight. Feel like a junkie waiting for that fix I know is coming. I believe I'm exagerating a little. But, you know what I mean. Tom
  13. Model CW015, They have consecutive serial #'s. I only have a picture of one of the tags and the # is, 3L383. So the other one will be either 3L384 or 3L382. Tom
  14. You guys have reinforced my gut feelings on this matter. I will call him at 7:00 AM Pacific Standard Time and hope to heck he hasn't sold them or promised them to someone else. He works during the day so I hope to arrange a time after he gets off work for pick-up. Send positive vibes my way. I doubt I will get much sleep tonight, or should I say, this morning. I'll keep you guys posted. Thanks for the input. I think these speakers will go good with my '75' Cornwalls that have the K43 woofers. I have been very happy with them. Tom
  15. I have an opportunity to purchase a pair of '73' Cornwalls. They have the vertical horns and are all original components. One owner. The owner worked for a company here in Tacoma back in the '70's' that designed and manufactured their own line of speakers. In fact, I bought my Marantz 2275 from the store where he worked back in '75'. Anyway, he wants $800 for the pair. The cabinets look like they are in good shape. I offered $700 for them and he said he wanted to wait a week or so to see if he can get what he wants for them. My dilemma is, when will I get the opportunity to grab a pair of these vertical horn speakers in this shape again. I was just wondering what you guys think. Should I jump on them and pay the $800 or sit it out for a week and take a chance. How good of a deal is this? I will pick up. He is omly about 30 miles away. I am attempting to put some pictures up. I have limited computer skills, but I think I can do this. My gut is telling me to jump on them, but, my brain is saying,"where the hell you going to put them?" I think I got Klipschitus. You guys know what I mean? Oh, I forgot to mention, he has a couple of external peizoelectric tweeters encased in cabinets that sit on top of the Cornwalls and can be hooked up externally to the back of the Cornwalls to enhance the highs. He explained to me that when he was designing speakers he noticed that the Cornwalls had some holes in the high end and designed a crossover with the peizoelectric tweeters to fill the voids. He says it helped a great deal. The cymbals and such have a more realistic presence. So he says. I have no reason to doubt him. I am familiar with some of the speakers they designed way back then and some were pretty impressive. Well I was unsuccessful getting the pictures added I may try later.
  16. Those mug shots helped. I think they're the culprits. Thanks for the heads-up. Tom
  17. When I cut power to my system by depressing the power button on my preamp, I sometimes get a loud popping or snap coming over my speakers. This seems to happen usually when I have listened to my system for a long period of time, lets say, a couple of hours or more. I'm thinking it's a build-up of electricity for some reason. What could be some possible reasons why this is happening? All connections seem to be good. Is this a grounding issue? Help! I am concerned about damaging my Cornwalls. Tom
  18. I am refurbishing a pair of Cornwall replica cabinets and I need a pair of K600 horns. Anyone out there have a pair they would cut loose of? Tom
  19. I purchased the Carver M500 amp, Phase Linear 3000 preamp and hooked them to my Cornwalls. Threw a cd in the cd player and could not believe the difference in the sound, from using the Harmon Kardon HK3480 receiver I just bought a week ago. Better than I imagined it would be. I think I'm in love. Happy Camper!!!!! amp $175.00, preamp $200.00 best money I've spent since the Cornwalls
  20. I'm pretty sure I will get it. Any suggestions on a preamp. Stay with Carver or does it matter? Tom
  21. I have the opportunity to pick up a Carver M500 amplifier. I have listened to it hooked up to a Sansui preamp, a Sony cd player, and a pair of KEF speakers. It sounded great and I am really interested in getting it. Dude only wants $175.00 for it. I checked around a little on the internet and seen that most of the M500's are going for an average of $250.00. It is in very good condition, appearance wise and like I said sounded really good to me . I am inexperienced when it comes to separate components. I have a pair of Cornwalls and a pair of KG4's that I will be running off this amp. What do you guys think yea or nay? Tom
  22. I'm hoping for a noticable quality in the sound. I don't know if there will be or not. I know the quality of receiver itself will be a beautiful thing. I'm hoping for a cleaner tighter sound. Maybe a pipe dream, I don't know. Tom
  23. I recently picked up a pair of Cornwalls to go with my kg4's. I have been powering them with a fairly inexpensive sony str-de197 receiver (100 watts per). They sound great ,but I know that a better receiver will make them even more enjoyable, so I found a new Harmon Kardon HK3480 (120 watts per) on Amazon for a killer price. I saved $130.00 buying it through Amazon. I checked the specs. and compared to my sony. Seems that I'll probably get a cleaner sound along with some more power. What do you guys think? Good choice or not ? input apreciated. P.S. I'm not quite able to do seperates yet, thats why the new receiver. Tom
  24. Thank you all for your input and advice. I believe I will leave them like they are for now. They sound great and I have to admit I'm still a litle giddy about finally having some Cornwalls. Back in the 80's I had a pair of speakers built by a small company called Audio Tech, and they were Cornwall look alikes. They sounded great, but these seem to sound a little cleaner, If my memory is doing me justice. I can't wait until I can afford some K-horns, one of my life dreams. My family think I'm nuts. Do you guys get that feeling from your families? Thanks again, Tom
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